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7/5/13 12:33 P

I can't speak for everyone else, but in my case doesn't matter to me what it weighs in the end. If I'm having a strip of sirloin steak for dinner. I weigh it (in this case after grilled) so I can add it to my food tracker. No waste ever. Same as hamburger...I eat one. I know about how big to make the patty...but weigh it after grilled, so I know how much I consumed.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/5/13 10:21 A

So how would you determine a serving? Cook up a random amount, and throw out the excess?

Seems wasteful. If you don't measure it dry, then you are just going to have a certain amount after cooking, and measure a 1/2 a cup.You could have 3/8. or 5/8. I think most people want to get their full serving, and not be throwing any away.

So if a serving is 1/2 cup cooked, how much is it dry, so their is no waste?

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7/4/13 2:00 P

I finally took time out to search whether to weigh meat before or after grilling/cooking. Found my answer here, thank you! I'm pleased, because past month or so, since I bought food scale, I've been weighing meat BEFORE grilling/cooking. So that means I have not consumed as many calories as I had tracked. Ohh happy day! grin

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5/7/13 1:55 P

I agree that the info on the box of pasta is a dry measure and most of what you'll find on SparkPeople is the dry measure - unless otherwise stated.

I have read that the meats listed in the nutrition tracker are cooked.

You are very smart to make sure the portions you are using are correct. That is a major key to success. Best wishes!!

5/7/13 1:53 P

Check out

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5/7/13 1:49 P

If you're going by what the nutrition info on the box is, then it is dry, and most of the entries in the tracker reflect that. So you weigh out 2oz of dry pasta, cook it, that is your "serving", and is usually 200-220 calories. Like Becky mentioned, many nutritionists etc consider the proper serving of pasta to be less than what is listed on the box, but for a pasta lover like me, I take my whole 2oz.

If you're trying to figure out how much pasta to take out of the pot if you're cooking more than one serving, this probably will help you... helps you figure out pasta yields for different shapes/sizes:
It also links to the Barilla site which lists all of their yields for every shape pasta they make.

Meats are a bit different... many of the entries in the tracker are for cooked. The entries will specify that though. After you do it awhile you start to get a feel of raw vs cooked... like I know chicken breast will usually cook down to about 1-2oz less than where it started, depending on where I bought it, but beef doesn't have as large of a difference.

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5/7/13 1:31 P

And that 1 cup of cooked pasta is actually "2 servings" when it comes to the number of servings for each food group.

A 1/2 cup cooked pasta is considered the standard serving size (nutritionally speaking).

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/7/13 1:06 P

Pasta should be measured when dry - 2 oz. This comes to about 1 cup when it's cooked, and will weigh more, because it's sucked up all that (calorie-free) water!

Meat should be weighed after cooking, as it loses a lot of moisture. Many items in the tracker should note whether it's cooked or not. (i.e. "Spinach, cooked")

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/7/13 12:49 P

if using SP, i believe the weights are after cooking unless noted otherwise.

LBEITZ Posts: 2
5/7/13 12:48 P

Does anyone know if the portion sizes by weight on pasta are before or after cooking, because 2 oz. cooked is sure a lot more than it looks when it is dry. Same question on meat, only after cooking seems less than before cooking.


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