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SKABELS2 Posts: 77
5/1/14 11:26 A

How about cans of soup? The Progresso Light options aren't bad, and the classic Campbell's flavors (vegetable beef, chicken noodle, tomato) are relatively low in calories. Pair the soup with a slice of bread, cheese, and fresh fruit/veggies.

Also, the brand Sabra has a great snack pack of hummus and pretzels.

4/30/14 10:55 P

My go-to is raw almonds, a banana, whole grain crackers, and turkey jerky.

1BOSSMOMMY SparkPoints: (9,040)
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Posts: 439
4/28/14 6:46 P

I'm planning a family car trip and was searching for something I could make that we could eat in the car while traveling and found a Ham and Cheese Calizone. I make my own bread so this will be easy for me to prepare the day before we leave. It's the raw bread dough (you could buy the frozen dough if you don't make your own) rolled out in to a large round like a flat bun and then ham, shredded cheese, diced onion and green peppers are enclosed in the center of the bun, pinching the top and lightly buttering the calizone before baking. Just before finishing they dusted the outside of the bun with a Parmesan cheese and finish till the Parmesan cheese is golden.

SUSIEC1302 Posts: 30
4/28/14 3:32 P

One of my favorite 'working through lunch' lunches is I take 3 Wasa Light & Crispy wafers, then I take a schmear of hummus, cucumber, tomato and a piece of turkey. sometimes I will add a slice of avocado too. Very tasty. Add a fruit salad or a banana for "dessert" and you are set.

SLIMCRUISER Posts: 1,044
4/27/14 8:14 P

Shrimp cocktail was always a favorite packed lunch. I bought frozen COOKED shrimp. Put a handful in a baggie, or plastic container. A small container of cocktail sauce for dipping. Shrimp is chilled and defrosted by lunch! An apple or orange....something juicy and/or crunchy. And a drink. (my son loved this lunch at school too)

ALLTHEBEST4ME SparkPoints: (2,703)
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Posts: 4
4/27/14 4:21 P

These are great! I'm lucky enough to have a full kitchen at work, but I'm pulling both my old bicycle and my kayak out of the spiderwebs in the garage, and all of these no-fridge lunch/snack ideas will be PERFECT to travel!

TIMEHASCOME56 SparkPoints: (112,323)
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4/27/14 8:24 A


CATNURSE1 Posts: 3,439
4/27/14 4:28 A

Flaxseed is a great source of Omega's and fiber. I have pre-hypertension and am willing to try anything to get it back down and not have to get on a lifelong prescription. I put it in everything, and even use it at an egg substitute. The easiest is with baking -- we make our own pizza and add it to the crust and the sauce. I add it to Bisquick biscuits as well. When I make cornbread or muffins, I use it instead of eggs. During the summer I will add it to milkshakes. I bought a huge bulk bag of ground flaxseed from CostCo and it's lasted quite a while. I came home from errands one day and found the bag had been duct taped. I asked my husband what happened to it, and he said one of the cats had chewed a hole in it. I guess he liked it, too!

LONESTARLESA SparkPoints: (3,296)
Fitness Minutes: (1,375)
Posts: 30
4/26/14 6:18 P

These are great suggestions. Can anyone tell me what the benefit is from flaxseed? I see it all the time, but I don't know why everyone is eating so much of it.


NOCARS_GO Posts: 8
4/26/14 5:30 P

My favorite on the go meal is a salad with quinoa, which tastes good hot or cold. I usually make mine with spinach, walnuts, blueberries, tofu or mushrooms (i am vegetarian) and some olive oil. Put it in a container and pack an apple and you are good to go! Hope your ankle is feeling better!

TIMEHASCOME56 SparkPoints: (112,323)
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Posts: 7,741
4/26/14 5:21 P

that's good, I forget about peanut butter

CHERYLKULP SparkPoints: (2,188)
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Posts: 4
4/26/14 9:35 A

One of my favorite meals when I go hiking is one banana, two tablespoons of peanut butter and one of my favorite granola bars. You can spread the peanut butter on top of the granola and it is delicious. Sometimes I add raisins on top.

4/25/14 8:54 P

You can always find one of those small freezer packs that have that gel in them -- they stay frozen all day long and can fit inside a purse. Add a little paper toweling (or a cloth washcloth) around it to prevent condensation on your other belongings. It will certainly be effective for the four to six hours before you eat your lunch.

TIMEHASCOME56 SparkPoints: (112,323)
Fitness Minutes: (46,330)
Posts: 7,741
4/25/14 10:30 A

sometimes I just put a banana in my bag, with smoothie in a thermo pouch

AGENTMNA Posts: 1,607
4/24/14 4:26 P

Awesome suggestions! emoticon

AVOGLI Posts: 2
4/24/14 11:43 A

great suggestions and insight

HADAMIREYA SparkPoints: (3,228)
Fitness Minutes: (1,506)
Posts: 26
4/23/14 7:37 P

For the morning: oatmeal (raw) with skim milk, almonds, coconut, dates, chia seeds, flaxseeds and sesame seeds. that is a morning superfood you can leave ready to go the night before and just grab and will still be cold and good, after a couple hours for a breakfast at work.

For lunch: any pita bread sandwich (i love tuna with cellery and spinach, or home made falafel)

those are my go to's when I won't make it home for lunch or I have to leave earlier in the morning

TIMEHASCOME56 SparkPoints: (112,323)
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Posts: 7,741
4/23/14 1:48 P

emoticon suggestions

SENSORYFOODIE SparkPoints: (8,980)
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Posts: 244
4/23/14 11:19 A

Excellent suggestions. I have some great books by vegan cooks, like Seventh Day Adventists, that have excellent recipes and animal food substitutes. I don't eat chicken or eggs and lean toward soft cheeses only. I too need to watch nuts and nut butters (i.e. almond). I find I really need some good protein choices in order to make sure I'm getting enough nutrients. So I will go to these cookbooks and start making some food. My husband is going to start working again (we recently relocated) and I want to make sure he has good lunches at the plant. I will start working too and need to get used to being up and gone from the house. The best advice I've read here is to combine protein and carbohydrates for a filling meal. What definitely fills me up is cheddar cheese and toasted Ezekiel whole wheat bread (I like the sesame variety). I need to find something other than high fat cheese though (the low cal stuff doesn't taste real to me). Cottage cheese + grape nuts + pineapple + sunflower seeds and/or salad is a nice protein choice with a cold pack for lunch or breakfast.

JENNA3 SparkPoints: (74,985)
Fitness Minutes: (53,654)
Posts: 2,704
4/23/14 8:52 A

Jo- Yes, I keep bowls in my office for eating my lunch. So I tip the salad into the bowl and the dressing comes out with it and spreads nicely.

CLAYARTIST Posts: 3,277
4/22/14 9:47 P


MAYBER SparkPoints: (120,147)
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Posts: 9,764
4/22/14 8:20 P

what great ideas posted here
even though am retired looking forward to trying some of them
one day at a time

CATNURSE1 Posts: 3,439
4/22/14 4:34 P

I usually buy in bulk and make up single serving size portions for my daughter's lunch. I looked at Lunchables to see what's in them and then made our own. We got a container for salad that had a smaller container for dressing -- I freeze the dressing which helps keep the salad cold since she can't refrigerate anything. I also freeze her drink (usually shelf-stable milk) which helps as an ice pack. She is big on yogurt raisins and Ritz crackers, and likes the individual tuna cans (I've seen chicken also). We freeze pudding cups and yogurt as well which are ready to eat by lunchtime. Apples, grapes, tangerines, carrots, green peppers, celery, even radishes, have been on her list to eat. I've even seen single-servings of pickles and olives. My daughter is a big salad eater -- she's not a fan of hot food. She also likes to take water and add a True lemon packet and freeze it so she has a drink after running around at recess. Hope this helps!

JO-DOUGH Posts: 9,076
4/22/14 3:41 P

Jenna-- what do you do when you eat the salad in the jar? Tip it upside down to spread the dressing in the bottom, to the top ingredients?

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
Fitness Minutes: (13,947)
Posts: 2,072
4/22/14 12:52 P

I have been following this and most of these ideas are definitely something that I would do if I need to!

PENELOPESUE1961 Posts: 1
4/22/14 12:39 P

That is a great idea!

4/22/14 10:43 A

My mom used to freeze our sandwiches. They would thaw out by lunchtime.

MIAMEOWS SparkPoints: (5,524)
Fitness Minutes: (11,553)
Posts: 187
4/22/14 10:28 A


My super amazing roommate bought me a little insulated lunchbox and brought it to me at work (along with a case of bottled water - she's seriously the best!)

So, I am keeping the lunchbox in my desk and bringing my lunch and icepack back and forth from home. Totally doable.

Today I have: turkey breast deli meat (2 oz.), 2% RF Sharp Cheddar Cheese, FF greek yogurt, one cup of dry cheerios, granny smith apple, cucumber with salt, pepper & garlic rice vinegar and a kiwi. I probably won't eat it all, but I like to graze. I have the cold stuff in the lunchbox with the icepack and the rest in my drawer.

Very exciting! I also got individual hummus cups, tiny cans of tuna, little V8 cans, etc. I eat a couple pieces of fruit a day too.


Thank you all for your suggestions. I really appreciate it!

JENNA3 SparkPoints: (74,985)
Fitness Minutes: (53,654)
Posts: 2,704
4/22/14 10:01 A

Salad in a jar worked well for me when I was on them. Put your dressing on the bottom, cover with carrots or other crisp item that won't mangle in the moist. Then the rest of the salad on top. Take an ounce of cheese (I eat goat cheese) and sunflower or chia seeds to add to it. As it warms up, you can add gazpacho soup, too (served cold). Either one all you need is an ice pack and you can carry it in your bag.


ACHANSO Posts: 1,074
4/22/14 9:25 A

Baby Carrots, cereal, cereal bars or granola bars, apples, oranges, hummus/pretzels (they sell individual packs of hummus now), tuna salad in pouches, (also at the grocery store, even includes crackers), dried fruit pieces, dehydrated fruit (if you don't have a dehydrator you can buy them)--beef jerky, dried bananas, dried apple chips, small boxes of prunes or raisins.

TIMEHASCOME56 SparkPoints: (112,323)
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Posts: 7,741
4/22/14 7:01 A


SHOOPETTE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,151
4/22/14 3:53 A

all great ideas!

BRE321 SparkPoints: (3,732)
Fitness Minutes: (5,542)
Posts: 47
4/19/14 11:43 P

I love celery (used to hate it) with crunchy peanut butter and raisins. The raisins give it a different taste and texture.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (197,038)
Fitness Minutes: (256,182)
Posts: 2,243
4/19/14 1:04 P


BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
4/18/14 8:06 A

Peanut butter sandwich (I do not like jelly)
celery and carrot sticks with peanut butter or without
crackers with cheese

JANEY102482 Posts: 393
4/17/14 1:39 P

I love making wraps with hummus, veggies and sprouts.

ALIHIKES Posts: 4,392
4/16/14 8:02 P

I am occasionally in the same situation (carrying lunch in my purse, no microwave available, no fridge). I like: sliced cheese and whole grain crackers (or low fat laughing cow cheese); brown rice cakes with almond butter (I bring a dab of the almond butter in a small container and spread it at lunchtime so the rice cakes don't turn to mush); low fat yogurt; and always I add fresh fruit (or dried fruit) and veggies (carrot, celery, or sugar snap peas). Also nuts. I add a low calorie treat occasionally (ginger snaps, hard candy, etc). I ALSO make a favorite sandwich (tuna fish on whole grain) the night before and freeze it; it is defrosted and cool by lunch time.

SERDECZNA Posts: 2,919
4/15/14 6:04 P

I like and use the suggestions of the others. The SparkPeople menu has given me some new favorites:
* celery with peanut butter or light cream cheese in the "well"
* baked potato with broccoli, pinto beans, and cheese (I don't mind this at room temp! I bake it the night before.)
* veggie burgers (I don't mind these room temp... I just make sure they are warm when I pack them and will sometimes insulated with foil and then napkin around it
* room-temp salad of beans, celery, onion, avocado (not a lot!), tomatoes, with a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic salt, freshly ground pepper (I like pinto beans in this and jalageno pepper slices!)
* Edamame (great at room temp) with some sea salt. Get it frozen, it will thaw by lunchtime. Or combine in a salad with mandarin oranges, green onion, rice wine vinegar, some hot pepper flakes, cucumber chunks (seeds scooped out), and just a little bit of sesame or veg oil.
* low cal, high fiber English muffin (such as Thomas's) toasted, then with lower fat cheese and veggie sausage inside. Ah-mazing. You could slip in a slice of tomato.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
Fitness Minutes: (5,920)
Posts: 3,780
4/15/14 5:57 P

I am cautious to recommend things like fruit leather, nuts, and granola to anyone trying to lose because they are very calorically dense. As long as you are aware and staying within your limits, I think raw nuts are beneficial.

YANKEEGIRL6 Posts: 1,183
4/15/14 2:31 P

I makes me sad that there's no one there to heat up a lunch for you. If I worked with you, I would help.

MIAMEOWS SparkPoints: (5,524)
Fitness Minutes: (11,553)
Posts: 187
4/15/14 2:25 P

These are all awesome ideas, thank you so much! I have to rely on my roommate who is still doing all of the shopping, but there are definitely things she can get me - the pre-made tuna salad and crackers, hummus and veggies, salads with chickpeas, hard boiled eggs. Also nuts I had thought of but dry cereal or low fat granola sounds really good too. Once I got all of your ideas my brain started going: the little cans of V8, little tupperwares of pickles, fruit leather...

Great! I am hoping in another 2 weeks or so I will be down to one crutch - then I will have a hand free to carry things (which opens up using the company fridge and microwave). Thank goodness a very nice woman at work has been grabbing me a cup of coffee every morning!

FANNYMANSON SparkPoints: (20,213)
Fitness Minutes: (6,372)
Posts: 475
4/15/14 2:13 P

You could do a pasta salad with Italian dressing, veggies, pepperoni, and cheese chunks. Hard boiled eggs make you feel fuller longer. Yogurt, string cheese, cornbread, apples, and mixed nuts are good snacks. Or you could bring a thermos of soup.

FIREFLY0032 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,314)
Posts: 108
4/15/14 1:59 P

bing the tuna packs and make a tuna sandwich or have it on crackers. hummus with sliced veggies is good, maybe stuff pita bread with something you like that can handle not being refrigerated? hard boiled eggs, larabars are good sometimes.

BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,210
4/15/14 1:48 P

salads are always a good choice you could use beans as protein or tuna in a packet

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
4/15/14 11:41 A

I just saw a hint (can't remember where online) to freeze a wet sponge and put it in a ziploc baggie - you can make a sponge into any shape or size to fit your lunch bag - to keep food cold . Needless to say, zip that bag shut well! Advantage: you can wring out the sponge if it gets thawed and soggy!

There are lots of little cups filled with dehydrated foods that you can find in the supermarket. I haven't looked lately but I'm sure there are plenty in the 'health food section' of the supermarket as well as in the regular food shelves - wherever they sell ramen, pasta, rice, vegetables, soups, for example.

You can just add boiling water to a cup of couscous that is seasoned already in a cup and add in the contents of a small can of vegetables. Or bring a packaged tuna salad or plain tuna in a package. It's great that tuna doesn't only come in cans! I hang on to mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard packets that we don't use, just for occasions like packing food to go.

Dressings are the toughest things to pack and keep fresh.

If you ever see canned tuna, salmon, couscous, etc., made by St. Dalfour, on the supermarket shelf, check the price and try one if it's not too pricey. I've bought mine on amazon. They can little meals that are very tasty - and I do mean little - and I do mean tasty. Things like salmon and vegetables seasoned with a dressing. Or tuna, or couscous.

Edited by: ALGEBRAGIRL at: 4/15/2014 (11:57)
4/15/14 11:22 A

I bring a salad with sliced chicken and dressing to work often. I don't bother to put it in the fridge. I only have about 4 hours between getting to work and lunch. Also a hard boiled egg for snack and 2 whole pieces of fruit.

PSAPPEN Posts: 242
4/15/14 10:17 A

Raw Nuts/Seeds
High fiber cereal (I like the crunch)

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
Fitness Minutes: (5,920)
Posts: 3,780
4/15/14 9:34 A

string cheese
tuna packets
salad (mine lasts 6 hours out of the frig)
raw veggies
organic jerky
green bean cups
quiche muffins

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
4/15/14 8:53 A

Avocado on toast is good and doesn't need refridgeration

MIAMEOWS SparkPoints: (5,524)
Fitness Minutes: (11,553)
Posts: 187
4/15/14 8:30 A

Hey guys, I need some ideas for lunches. I broke my ankle about 5 weeks ago. I am on the mend but I still cannot carry much - so my normal leftovers that I would heat up are out of the question. I am on crutches, so anything I carry is in my bag.

Anything I take has to fit in my backpack that I am carrying to work. For the last month I have been eating peanut butter and jelly (high fiber, light bread, light peanut butter, high fiber jam). I also bring fruit, crackers, etc. for snacks. I have been satisfied feeling full and having energy, however after 4 weeks I never want to see a pb&j again! lol

Any ideas of food I can fit in my purse that does not have to be refrigerated or heated up? My lunch cooler thingie does not fit. I am not a picky eater, so any suggestions would be welcomed! :)

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