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7/26/09 12:19 P

Found this on a search and have the same problem.

I am cooking pork spare rib pieces (no Bone) and the package originally weighed 1379 grams.

After cutting into smaller pieces and trimming fat (216gm), I have 1163gms left to cook.

My serving size will be appx.4oz or 113 gm. I now have a leaner serving. (fat for this serving size before was 18gm)

It seems like this is really a decent amount of fat gone from each serving.

Does anyone have any other advice about how to log this into my favorites? I will be freezing portions and eating them all myself so would like to be more accurate if possible.

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
4/27/09 6:51 A

Hey - we just had the same thing for dinner!

Leave it as is. You may have consumed a bit less than you logged;you may have consumed a little more. Stuff like that is determined by averaging samples. It's close enough for our puposes and probably a lot closer to the truth than you think. Even if it's off by 25%, one meal with a big statisitical variance here and there isn't going to impact your nutrition.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/27/09 2:29 A

I would leave it as is.

Unless you weigh and measure the actual food you've eaten, putting the fat and the bone back on the plate to weigh the difference, you'll never know for sure. Even then, you couldn't possibly correctly estimate how much fat you'd eaten.

Better to over-estimate food than under-estimate it.

GOALWEIGHT140 Posts: 29
4/26/09 6:53 P

I am using SP nutritional info for the pork ribs I ate for dinner. I had started off with about 5 oz of ribs (country style), and SP says it has 30 grams of fat. I pulled off alot (probly most of it) of the fat, I do not believe I just consumed 30 grams of fat. What would you do?

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