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12/30/12 8:42 A

Go to YouTube and watch RICHARD JOHNSON MD talk on "THE SUGAR FIX" and learn so much. I've read his book "THE SUGAR FIX" and understand why eating sugar is so bad for me. I listen to DR. Mercola, also on his website. He has a LOT of good videos on Youtube.

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12/29/12 1:56 P

Keep smiling and take it one day at a time. It is hard to live with a chronic illness but you are not alone. Remember God does not give us more than we can handle. Having good friends are priceless and I hope you have some.

Have a great day!

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12/28/12 11:09 P

I have type 2 diabetes which is effecting my eyes,feet, and hands with the worst case of Neuropathy I've seen! Last year I had a triple by-pass and my pulse is still going well over 110. I have readings of 500 in the morning and sometimes as low as 40 in the evening on my blood sugars. I am terribly obese. And with all of this I SMILE!!!!

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