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5/29/14 1:03 P

I have a YMCA membership and I go to Water Aerobics M-F from 8-10am for two classes and sometimes in the evening for a class I love it! One of the thing is we use water bar bells to help with building water resistance in our arms you can find these for sale on Amazon and other places if you have a pool at home. We also do jumping jacks, joggin in place, running in place, jump ups, lunges, squats just to give you and idea of things you can do at home

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5/29/14 10:23 A

I use a workout dvd for the pool...or I put on a movie and jog and kick for an hour or so and swim laps a few times (laps are just not my thing) and hold on to the side of the pool and kick and use pool noodles to work my legs with lifts and things.

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5/29/14 10:13 A

I always swim laps, sometimes I'll just do pulls or kicks if I want to work on part of my body harder. If you have bad knees, sitting on the edge of the pool and kicking, will help those teeny tiny knee muscles. When I swam competitively we used to do pull ups on the side of the pool. Hands on the deck in the deep end and pull yourself up and down, very good on the upper body. Just walking in water will provide some resistance to burn some calories.

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5/28/14 6:20 P

I would just go to the pool and play. When you feel like it, do some laps. Maybe over time, you will like doing laps, and slowly build it into an exercise routine. I would not try to force yourself to do laps. You may take something you love, and turn it into a chore, if you take a fun activity and associate it with work.

Even wading around in the pool is more exercise than sitting in front of your TV, so take it easy, and build up to laps, and then if you like it, increase the intensity. If you don't like swimming laps, just be active in the pool. I like pool volleyball. Even just running in place burns calories, and improves cardiovascular function. I used to do a lot more pool work, when I was over 300, because it helped with joint pain, but never did laps much, because it was crowded, and I didn't like it. Better to play pool volleyball, with all that jumping around than to try to swim laps, and quit because I hated it.

Whatever you decide, just get down to the pool, and move. That will be enough, and as you get fitter, you will do so with more energy.

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5/28/14 5:35 P

Laps are good!

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5/28/14 4:37 P

Can anyone provide any information about how to best use a pool for daily exercise?

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