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MELLOMEL01 Posts: 27
3/17/10 5:29 P

thanks for the help!!

KATSMEYOW Posts: 146
3/17/10 4:02 P

Go to your sparkpage and click on the See All Awards link under your profile picture and current trophies. From there click on Manage My Trophies, then click on the Add Weight Lost and Event is where you will find the Weight Lost Trophies. I thought the events trophies were on the same page, but mine isn't loading any. Sorry for the partial information.

MELLOMEL01 Posts: 27
3/17/10 2:59 P

Does anyone know where i'd go to add icon, "i've lost 5 lbs" and "ran a marathon"?? is there such a place on SP?

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,467
3/16/10 10:38 P

Karly - If you look at your SparkPoints page next to each of those tasks, you will see that you have already received your points for both of those.

Coach Denise

KARLY47 Posts: 4,702
3/16/10 10:33 P

Hi I have had my beek for about 2 weeks and I never recived my 500 points as yet,also I put Spark on Facebook and no points for that eather,Can you seee what happen.

FRIENDOFBACH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (92,313)
Posts: 4,239
3/7/10 11:35 P

Thanks for the information. I was reading the book in order and wouldn't have found it for a while. emoticon

JUNEAU2010 SparkPoints: (244,013)
Fitness Minutes: (37,917)
Posts: 12,228
2/15/10 4:54 P

Ditto! My book should have arrived Saturday, but it's still "on the truck for delivery"...I am SOOOOO excited!

SANDIELD Posts: 2,418
2/15/10 4:39 P

My book is on the way and I am looking forward to a good read and the DVD.

JUNEAU2010 SparkPoints: (244,013)
Fitness Minutes: (37,917)
Posts: 12,228
2/13/10 3:44 P

Thanks, Coach Denise!
I had followed all the steps except the first link....

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,467
2/13/10 3:39 P

This page has info on how to get your points for purchasing the book, along with access to the bonus materials:

To receive your free dvd, you have to purchase The Spark (online or in stores) between February 1st and February 14, and send us a copy of your receipt (by February 28) in one of three ways:
By email to
By fax to (888) 317-6518 (include your email address)
By postal mail to this address (include your email; must be postmarked by 2/28)
SparkPeople DVD Offer
4392 Marburg Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45209 (must be postmarked by Feb. 28 and must include your email address)
Once we receive your receipt, we'll send you an email with a unique code and instructions to provide us your mailing address so we can mail your free DVD. You will receive your DVD in 4-6 weeks after completing that online form.

To view full terms and conditions of this offer and more about this offer, visit the link below:

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

JUNEAU2010 SparkPoints: (244,013)
Fitness Minutes: (37,917)
Posts: 12,228
2/13/10 1:44 P

With some trepidation, I ordered the book with the free dvd incentive. I had read on other boards that some people had not received the dvd, so we shall see.

The other thing I don't quite get is that, while my book should arrive today, I guess I won't get the SparkPoints because I didn't pay full price via the link on the points page, but bought it from Amazon at a lower price with free shipping.

Since SparkPeople is about doing more than managing weight, there is at least one team that has cost cutting as a goal, I should be able to get some points for getting the book (and promoting it on my page and via facebook) even if the number is below what they offer for the full purchase on this site...

I am just saying...

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