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3/5/13 5:00 A

What a talented poet you are!

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3/5/13 1:21 A

Love cannot Live when it’s hidden within,
Nor can it Live, without a friend!
Love that is harbored away, deep down inside,
can only disillusion the heart and the mind!
For Love that is hidden, and tucked away,
is only a dream, whose purpose is in vain!
Selfish Love seeks, only for it’s own,
stealing Love from another, to take what cannot be owned!
Selfless Love, excludes a place for Love to return,
for it leaves the sender, cold and alone!
Love cannot be given, to one who fails to believe,
That the reason it was sent, was for them to receive!
Love cannot heal, the broken heart of one,
who fears that it was Love, which hurt and left them alone.
Love is sacred, to those who rarely experience it’s warmth!
Or by those who are more accustomed, to wrath than to Grace!
So those who don't have Love, need it from any who will,
allow Love to be the way, to melt away the chill,
For Love can only Live, If it is allowed to be shared,
It lives in the place, that removes the gap and eliminates the fear!
Those who live in the presence of Love, eat of the fruit that it bears.
Those who do not, Hunger for it!
Can you help feed,
those who hunger for Love?
If you know Love and know where it Lives,
Let it live among us!
Don't just let Love exist,
Let Love Live!
For if Love were to truly be allowed to Live among us,
None would have need to stand against us!

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3/5/13 1:20 A

I meet a person and how do I judge?
Are they like candy that I can try or just pass on by?
Should I consider them as a physical thing that I can use or abuse?
Is it a question of what do they have that I can exploit?
Do I consider trusting them or what I might loose?
Maybe I could measure their goodness and wit?
If I am entertained can they stay by my side?
Are they going to be a burden and drag me into a pit?
Why are they different or why don't they value me?
If they stroke me just right, can I keep them around?
If I think they are stupid should I call them a clown?
If they point out my weakness should I get up and run?
Are they beautiful enough to tickle my eyes?
Is their persona intimidating to me?
Shall I fear for my safety because who could they be?
Do I feel warmth that will draw me in?
Do they share my values so I can call them a friend?
From where do they come and to where will they go?
Will they push me down or pick me up?
Who are they and why should I care?
The bible calls us all sinners so in what way will that manifest?
I've been given an example that is what I think is best.
Jesus took on himself the burden of who we’d become and laid down his life.
God has given you life and now you exist.
We get up each day and try or best.
Without judging, but knowing from where you do come.
I will accept you and love you the best I that I can.
I'll try not hurt you, Please try not to hurt me!
In the end, what will be, will be!
If you’re good enough for him,
You’re good enough for me!

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3/5/13 1:19 A

I look up to the sky and what do I see?
Light that is shinning down here on me.
Is this light given, by God that does shine?
That provides light through the darkness of time.
I look around, and what else do I see?
A system of life, that is all around me!
What whirlwind can claim, that this is its work.
What nonsense and confusion has given us birth?
How can I believe, that this all just came about!
Without a reason or even a plan?
From nothing came something and for this shall I dance?
Not for a moment, no there is not a chance!
Not for a second will I understand, a person who believes.
That it all has just happened,
And in the end we are condemned.
Does death bring forth life so to dust it can return?
Does spirit exist so each other we can burn?
Who is my enemy, and then who is yours?
Do we have a choice or is an enemy
Our curse!
If we have a choice, what would you choose?
Must you win so another can loose?
I choose to Love and to be your friend!
I don’t need an enemy so that in the end.
We are all equal and live under God,
He created all of us because he is good!
He gave us all life and even this world.
That we would not be alone
And share a place and live in His home.
I believe He is everywhere and He has shown Himself to me!
Yes I do see Him, He is in You and in Me!
I shall bow down and serve You by choice!
I will recognize your goodness and I will rejoice.
God gave me you,
I hope you will accept me!

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3/4/13 9:26 P

The poem of a loser,

I will start this journey, so that I might lose,
Is there real basis for this decision to choose?
If I am a loser, will I get what I need,
what shall I lose if I do succeed?
Or better yet, what will I gain,
If I learn to love me an become healthy again?
Brand new clothes with a larger selection in which I may fit,
Is this the real bonus even though I must pay for it?
Are there other benefits I will earn along the way?
What new habits and knowledge shall I find to guide me each day?
When people look at me now as I wonder why they stare,
if I reach my goals, will those same people care?
What goes thru their minds now and what will it be then,
will my appearance scare them away or draw them in come close to be my friend?
Who I am inside, might that change too,
for then my new found confidence and charisma will shine through!
If I don’t care about myself, then why should they?
If a remain fat, will they stay away?
Does my obesity say that I care of what my health may be,
or that I’m not worth the effort, not even for me!
If I truly love myself, will I learn better to love them?
Will I become equipped to love another as my friend?
What ways in how I treat them, may I learn along the way?
My kids I can take care of, with the loving ways I learn to care for my body too.
Then they can know better, what it means when I say "I Love You!"
So I will start so that my past, I shall also lose
To correct the neglect, the abuse that I have done to myself is what I chose!
This is a challenge that I shall attack,
To become a big loser and never look back!
Then the sun shall come up and I'll see things in a new way,
for it shall be a bright and happy new day!

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3/4/13 9:15 P

Their are many aspects to personal health,
we are people who need to be valued for our personal wealth!
Not for money or things that are handled in this world,
but for our personal traits that show who we are when they are unfurled!
With pressures and fears as though we were in the wild,
We can become scared and withdraw to safety and hide!
Take this opportunity to share some of the things that are within,
To receive a chance to be appreciated and win!
Others can relate and comment as well,
until you open up, you never can tell!
Maybe there are others with the same perspective too,
who can join in, to lift you up to keep you from feeling blue!
Your Spark page is a place to meet face to face,
comments to an individuals requires time for this isn't a race.
This magical place is meant to help lift you up,
not place for abuse, no one will tell you to shut-up.
This isn't the critics corner so give it a try,
then others can share what they think and tell you why!
You are unique and special too,
with kind words others shall reply, saying you are special because you are you!
So take a chance and share what you can do,
know that you matter to others, not just to you!
This place was created so that in the end,
you will know that you matter, and find that you are a friend!

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