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8/25/13 11:23 A

Ditto, ditto, ditto on all previous comments. It is totally frustrating. Last month, or so, I saw an article about how bra fitting will change the way we shop for bras. With one company, you will have a number of measurements that will be put in your data base. They will send you samples of the bras and you will choose the best cup that suits you, and then you will always be able to go back and order additional bras that fit you perfectly. No more A, B, C...cup measurements, etc. Well, that's innovative and may solve that pesky "good fit" bra problem many of us have, but you are right about plus-sized clothing. When is there going to be a designer out there that asks us what we want and need, and design for those preferences. And NO, we shouldn't be penalized because we are big having to pay twice the price for our clothes. The field is open for any designer or company to capitalize on this needed market.


Off my soapbox!


LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
8/25/13 11:10 A

The vast majority of clothing available for women (of any size) to buy doesn't look good on most of us. The quality is also shockingly low (thin material, many things don't look good after the first few washes and a lot of things become deformed after the first wash or shrink so much they don't fit anymore). I am convinced that the clothing manufacturers also save money by making the sleeves as short as possible and the neck opening as huge as possible (use as little material as they can) and by making the clothing to fit as tight as possible. Because...I cannot imagine that most women who aren't teenagers want clothes so tight they conform to every little bump and tiny little sleeves. I'm not sure very many women at all want neck gaps that prevent them from leaning over without everyone being able to see well down their shirt.

I don't even know what to think about the material they choose--ugly colors, ugly patterns...just ugly. I cannot even imagine why fabric manufacturers make it. I can only assume that clothing manufacturers are getting a great deal on a lot of it because it's so ugly that it doesn't sell to anyone else.

Speaking of clothing, is anyone happy with their underwear? I shouldn't even get started on this, but...thin, thin, thin material, packs of underwear with inconsistent sizing of the underwear in them (some pairs will fit right, others won't fit at all), poor quality elastic, etc. Also, it be nice to be able to buy a bra with an elastic band that is high enough quality and wide enough (you know, an actual piece of elastic and not a tiny, thin strip of elastic-like material) that it doesn't roll up?

The trend with clothing is the same as with everything else...don't make anything quality, make everything to last only a short time, make it as cheap as possible and charge as much as possible. I just wish that we, as consumers, would all make a huge issue of this and insist that manufacturers (of everything) do things differently. Until we do, they are going to continue doing this to us.

I also agree that the fashion industry hates women...all women.

Personally, I want shirts with a collar and a small enough neck opening that I can bend over without worrying. I want shirts that don't cling and are reasonably fitted (not so tight and not tents, either). I would like my sleeves to come at least halfway down my upper arms. I would actually like pants that come up to my waist as I don't like them to sit at my hips. Pants at my hips are uncomfortable and they fall down as my hips are the widest part of my body. I would like some cute fabric used--no huge prints and certainly no horizontal stripes, definitely no lime green, orange or any other color that makes my skin look like I should visit a doctor and get some bloodwork.

I keep saying that I am going to start sewing my own clothes. Maybe it's time to actually do it.

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8/25/13 10:46 A

ok, the point is that the manufacturers cant possibly create clothes for all body shapes. i gave up wearing pants!!! all shorts, skirts and dresses for me. if i am backed into a corner and must buy pants i get them to fit around my legs and (as taught to me by TV show What Not To Wear) i have the rest fitted by a seamstress.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
8/25/13 10:28 A

Aaaw!!! Try a fitted sports bra, parks!!! :( You want some of mine? I'd be happy with a D or even a full C. DD is a lot. I can only imagine how women with even larger breasts feel.

PARKSCANADA Posts: 4,802
8/25/13 9:34 A

Try finding a bra if your a fat flattie! Apparently if your a plus sized gal that means your boobs are humungous! No 40 A's, so I have to wear bras that flap at the cups to get it to fit around lol

50YEARSAWIFE Posts: 7,827
8/25/13 9:15 A

I agree with another poster. Some of the large prints and flowers designers put on plus sizes are ridiculous. I think they want us to look even bigger.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
8/25/13 8:23 A

Hahahaha!!!! The visual, Elaine! Hahahaha! I cannot picture someone with a weight as low as yours in an AMERICAN 2X...My daughter is about 10lbs more than you and she swims in most of them!

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
8/25/13 5:55 A

Manufacturers really skimp on material here. I'm not technically fat but even I wear an XXL sometimes. This is becoz in Malaysia, clothes manufacturers assume that the majority are slim like sticks. And don't get me start on the 'free' sizes! Free size here means, you must have a figure of a 12 year old ballerina!!!!

I mean, hello!!!! What about the rest of us with medium and large frames. I mean not everyone is born with a figure like a 12 year old!!!!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,573
8/24/13 6:52 P

I just remembered there is a website called eshakti. You can buy stuff off the rack or have it custom made to your size. And its affordable. Their items are usually well under $100, usually under $50

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FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
8/24/13 6:39 P

I agree with the original poster it's so difficult to find attractive plus size clothing and OMG lets not even talk about the sizing!!!!! I was in Dress Barn for women and what they had labeled as a 1 x looked more like a medium in the misses department!!!!!!!!!!
I said to my husband look at this!!!!!!!!! Does this look like 1 x to you? hahahahaha he says no it looks like a medium I said exactly!
I went into Lane Bryant and omg the graphics they have on the shirts is nothing I'd wear even if I was a teen never mind a mature woman.... Huge flowers don't look nice on a woman of size I don't care how beautiful the flower hahaha I don't want to look like a full garden walking. And the colors are hideous!!!!!!!!!!
I know sometimes I find beautiful things true to size at woman within or roamans sometimes I think I'm better off shopping there because the stores don't seem like they are true to size anymore.
I mean you'd think that some designer would want to make flattering AFFORDABLE clothing for a plus gal since there are many more plus sized people out an about. I don't get it I don't want horizontal stripes, I don't want big bold prints as I don't want to be a walking garden and I sure don't want a hideous bright neon colored orange top so I look like a big pumpkin walking around.
It seems when you do find something nice it over priced they need to make things affordable and classic just my 2 cents

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
8/24/13 6:22 P

This is something that is incredibly frustrating for me. I am 6' tall with very broad shoulders, but not an overly large chest. I don't mind a little cleavage, however I work with children and families so I'm always wearing a cami underneath just in case.
When I find pants that are long enough it's almost routinely because the crotch is very close to my knees. Apparently when sizes are big enough around, you must have a huge inseam and stomach. Sleeves are rarely long enough so I end up with 3/4 length or 2 inches above my wrist which look funny. Shirts aren't always long enough. It's not that I don't care how I look, it's just that I've spent so much time trying to find clothes that I have given up to a certain extent. I keep hoping that things will get better, but it doesn't.
Every now and then I find a gem. The perfect piece of clothing. For that gem of a piece of clothing I am willing to pay almost any price. However, considering how often I'm settling for clothes that are "good enough" I'm not willing to pay top dollar for junk. I usually find these clothes randomly. When I do find them, I buy one in multiple colors and wear them all the time happily. Recently I've lost enough weight that I'm down about 3 sizes pretty quickly. I've replaced a few pieces of clothes with smaller sizes (some "regular sized" which are larger but which fit MUCH better than the plus size options!), but right now I'm wearing a lot of tent sized shirts until I'm down enough sizes to make it worth buying enough to get through the time.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,573
8/24/13 4:42 P

My beef is that dress makers assume that all women are an hour glass. I am not so dresses that fit my middle are often way to big in the shoulders and waist.

Just wait pleated pants are coming back in style. Those don't look good unless your a size two and weigh 100 lbs. And to keep them from riding up you must have a thigh gap.

I seriously think the clothing industry hates all women. Not just plus sized women. Although it is harder to find nice looking plus sized clothes.

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GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
8/24/13 3:19 P

OH my gosh! I am totally pear shaped. 39" waist...53" hips. Yyyyeah.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,506
8/24/13 3:16 P

As someone who sews I think there are far more exagerated figure flaws with plus size women than in missy sizes, the basic shapes (apples, pears, and hourglass figures) may be a Couple of sizes difference, and the arms can be too tight or too loose, or the shoulders can be too big if you are top heavy in the bust area or the waist. Or a waist 2 sizes smaller than hips on a pear shape. So plus sizes are not just petite, average and tall....they are also apple, pear or hourglass in each category.

Then you have the patterns and fabric they use in the material. I'm convinced they get rid of remnants they can't sell anywhere else. And since they sell to a smaller target market, there is less of a they've got us.

I learned a lot of good tips watching WHAT NOT TO WEAR...
I wish some of the buyers for Plus size stores would take note...

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GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
8/24/13 2:50 P

LadyCJM said EVERYTHING that I would have said!!! LMAO! *high fives*

I have the same issues. It's HARD to find NICE clothes for bigger sizes!!!

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8/24/13 1:49 P

This is one of soap box topics! emoticon And it's your fault that you got me started! emoticon

I agree with you about how hard it is to find nice, size and age appropriate clothing for women. Men do not have this hard of a time!

I think a lot of women have such a hard time finding clothing that both looks good, fits the body and fits the price range that many times they settle for whatever they can find. There's a difference between wearing what you like even if no one else likes it and having to settle.

I am an adult woman. I look like an adult woman. I'm fine with looking like an adult woman.

I do not want to wear clothing with "Juicy" on the butt. I do not want writing across my chest. I do not want to advertise any product, group or idea on my chest.

Unless I'm bike riding, I do not want to wear neon colors.
I do not want sparkles, sequins and ruffles on everything.
Lime and avocado green do not look good on everyone.
Stripes are not universally loved and desired.
I do not want to HAVE to layer everything because it's cut too low or is too sheer.

I have worn sizes from 4 to 20. Designers seem to think that if you are a larger size that you want to dress like a smaller size. And the smaller size styles don't look good on plus sizes. And if you are a smaller size you must be a teeny bopper who wants to show off all assets.

Ohhh...perfect segue into my rant about women's sizes! Why can't our clothing have universal sizes? Like men's clothing? I can buy clothes for my men. A pair of jeans size 29/36? Check! Medium size t shirt? Got it.

Can he buy clothes for me? Not easily. Let's see, in one brand of slacks I wear a 4, in another brand I wear a 6. Old Navy t shirts? An extra small. In Liz Claiborne a medium. So my closet has XS to Med and 4 to 6 and let's not forget Chico's 0-3. Jeans? Who knows? Target has skinny fit, curvy fit, loose fit, straight fit.

Women are a prime market. And we are NOT being well served.

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8/24/13 1:44 P

EXOTEC: I do understand your frustration ............ Unfortunately, I do think it is a matter of "big business" and the people designing and marketing ........ and the store buyers are concerned about WHO is spending the money. As you said, there are fashionable stores that cater to the *plus* sized women and some are very attractive. But most of the time, unless there is a great sale ........ you pay the price in cost.

I just came home from shopping for Sports clothes .......... Our University FB team is gearing up again ........... something our city gets super excited about ......... But I wear a size XL in most of those tops, and I am able to find some, but I do notice the trend is providing the cutest styles for the smaller figure person. I understand this is the crowd that perhaps spends the most money .............. so I have to buy early in the season before the cool stuff is gone for my size. It just seems to be the 'way it is.' ............... This was frankly *one more reason* for me to shed the weight and set goals where I could wear smaller clothes that are more attractive.

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8/24/13 1:41 P

You are so right, I could not have stated it better. My Daughter always complains that I were everything plain, this is the reason, Awful Colors, Loud Prints, Horrible Stripes. I am only 5 feet, and I am always walking on the bottoms, of my Petite Pants. Also, a Sleeve length closer to the Elbow would be awesome. I have a few but they are hard to find.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
8/24/13 1:16 P

While I agree with you that there really needs to be less "trendy" clothing out there and more styles designed specifically for different body types, I don't necessarily agree that the folks you see out in the world are wearing less-than-flattering styles because they just "don't know". I suspect that more often it's because they just don't care --- they aren't concerned about what opinion others have about their clothing choices.

I frequently wear less-than-flattering styles in public, even though I have a work wardrobe that is all very well fitted and suited to my figure. When I'm not at work, I choose clothing that:

a- makes me smile (eg. dark olive green makes me look like I'm dying of jaundice, but it's a colour that I like, so I wear it anyways)

b- is comfortable (I prefer things to be either stretchy or loose if I'm out and about; and I wear tank tops frequently even with my flabby arms)

c- is suitable for the primary activity (if I'm in hiking boots, stretch jeans, and multiple layers for an afternoon in the back-country, I really couldn't care less that it looks unflattering when I stop at the grocery store for snacks on the way out)

d- has lots of layers (surgically induced menopause has graced me with an ever-changing personal climate that requires the ability to adapt at a moment's notice)

I have to admit that I giggled when you say that you can't find "wide" clothes for a shorter woman --- I have trouble finding them tall enough for me, and I'm not even that tall (5'8"). I feel ya, though, since I've gone shopping enough with my Mom (5'0"), and it's hard to find anything for either of us. Apparently all "plus-size" women are 5'4"... whether it's labelled petite or not!

You are right on the money (pun intended) that there is a major market that is just not being exploited by designers. I'm less than talented in that arena myself, but anyone reading this who has a flair for design might want to do some thinking on this...

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
8/24/13 12:29 P

Whatever happened to intelligent design in clothing? At one time - perhaps too long ago for most to remember such things now - designers knew how to design clothing for differing body types.

Tall skinny sorts were never limited to patterns that drew the eye upwards, accentuating their height.
We short and wide sorts had options for clothing that downplayed our physical characteristics too. No horizontal lines. No tight-fitting garments. Patterns or drapes which broke the "round" outline. Where are they now?

I see many people wearing clothing which is SO unsuitable for their body types! Do they just not know?

I thought for a while perhaps things were just not being produced in styles I remembered... but I see that's not really true. You CAN find designs which would be attractive for any body type... but they're never in the stores intended for those individuals! Plenty of nicely patterned fabrics in normal-size stores. Horizontal stripes in skinny clothing. But for us? many drab fabrics, close-fitting, no patterns that break up the outline, few asymmetrical designs to draw the eye away from body contours... stretchy fabrics that actually embed themselves into body folds!!! and why would anybody actually buy such things? straight-line designs which only fit one part of our bodies... it's incredibly frustrating.

In my case (as seems to also be the case for others in plus sizes), I am "short and wide." If I can find anything to fit the "wide," it's invariably too long. Short dresses are mid-length on me. Long (standard, below-knee) dresses are ankle-length. Sometimes I can find a *really* long tunic top which will suffice for a "normal" length dress... but many of those are sleeveless, which isn't very good for someone with large upper arms. At least they're something close to the right length; most tunics are just a couple inches too short, though. I can't buy even petite slacks, because they drag the ground. The only ones which fit are capris, and those fit me like standard slacks for "normal"-sized folks. Oh, I could buy things which might fit length better... and have them shortened after-the-fact... but many designs now have embellishments and details at the hem. If you shorten a thing, you're left with no details at all! And tailoring of that nature pretty much doubles the cost of the original purchase anyway.

Yes, there are some designers selling fashions which are more suitable to large sizes. Some of them are very nice, and do follow basic guidelines for how-to-dress! Thankfully. But many of these are much pricier than standard fashions (and I'm not talking about the simple difference of having to pay the price for additional fabric - I expect that!).

When I go to typical public venues and see the things people my size are wearing, it makes me so sad - first, it makes them look so much worse than they need to! and it also suggests to me that they either have never been educated in how to dress for their body type, or are simply influenced by what friends/family or "public personages" are wearing. Clueless.

It's just one more frustrating humiliation for those of us not in the preferred mainstream body range. I wish designers would open their eyes and see how many of us are actually out here, prime for the market! If cash truly is king, you'd think some of them would jump on that wagon, at least!

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