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1/19/13 11:48 P

I wonder if you are actually eating enough during the first part of the day. A lot of people don't, or they don't eat foods that last very long. By that I mean they might eat the calories, but eat cheap white bread instead of filling whole-grain bread - cakes instead of snacking on fruit/vegies, nuts etc.

I suggest that if you aren't already, use the Nutrition Tracker. Weigh all of your food if possible because that is far more accurate than relying on guess work. Then you will be able to see just what is happening. The Nutrition Tracker gives you the ability to diarize, so make use of it. If you are hungry not that long after eating a meal, then make a note of it. If you notice that a certain food fills you for a much longer time make a note of that, too! It all helps to see if there is a pattern. With knowledge comes power - the power to tweak and win the war on binging.

I eat EVERY night before going to bed. It might be only 100 caloies, but it may be 250 or so. The thing is, I actually allow for it during the course of my day. Without this snack (or small meal) I WILL wake in the middle of the night because I am absolutely starving.

Seeing your Dr is a very good move. Good luck on that front!


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Try to tell yourself that you will not eat after 6pm (or 8 if you go to sleep late). The first week or two may be hard, but once you do, your body will accept that and not be hungry at night. If you keep it up, you won't physically feel like eating after that time (unless you miss the meal altogether). The habit of not eating at night will help not overindulge during dinner.
Another idea would be to try eating a snack an hour or two before dinner. That way, by the time dinner rolls around, the snack will make you feel fuller and less likely to shoot cravings at you.

1/19/13 5:49 P

I had a terrible time with that, until I realized I REALLY needed to get more protein in my diet. Once I found a good source of protein and started eating it (nearly) every day, the cravings stopped. The binging stopped. When I have a day of low protein, the cravings come right back!

There might be something missing from your diet. Look at your numbers here on SP and see if there's something obvious that you're lacking (like protein). I had a friend who lacked B vitamins and started binging like crazy, until she got enough B's.

Your body and mind are sending you a message. Stop and listen to them!

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1/19/13 1:17 P


Identifying the cause of the binge can be one of the biggest steps to changing our behavior. Steps such as pre-planning your meals, keeping healthy foods ready to go, identifying whether you are eating out of habit, hunger, stress, etc.

Below is an article I located that may help you as well.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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1/19/13 10:35 A

So i have read a lot of articles about binging but non seem to help me stop binging!
I will eat healthy meals all day long in proportions and filling, But as soon as dinner rolls around I just can't stop eating! It's like something inside in side of me takes over and I just want to eat! It doesn't even have to be junk food I will binge on anything cabbage rolls, rice, chilie anything that is food, even if I'm not stressed out or bored. I am going to the doctors next week to see about anti depresses, I am a very social person and I think maybe now being a stay at home mom is getting to me. I have tryed painting my nails, drawing, cleaning all to avoid eating but nothing works!!
Please helps me!! I feel as through if I never stop binging I will never be healthy!

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