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10/12/10 2:53 P

Our pediatrician warned against forcing foods at a younger age since it usually nets a negative result. Our son didn't gain weight at his 9 mo appt and in fact lost quite a bit for a little guy, but has steadily maintained his weight gain at the bottom of the CDC chart. He eats about 5 things and all of them are low fat (turkey meatballs, white meat chicken nuggets, yogurt, apples, bananas). He does like some junk food, but we limit that to focus on making sure that he eats a good amount of the items that he will eat. Calories matter more than variety right now. When he's another year older, we'll be able to rationalize with him better to at least try new things, but still not force him to eat new things. This has worked for a friend of mine. If we try to force him now, he'll go an entire day without eating, which is far worse. It's a stuggle compared to my daughter who will eat everything and anything and she's only 5.

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9/29/10 8:03 P

I have found that for nutrition, I can add lots to a yogurt smoothie. Take the stems off spinach and add some pureed squash (i use butternut mainly), add a frozen banana and berries (blueberries keep it a nice purple shade) plus a good helping of a high fat, quality yogurt and blend. All 3 of mine eat it up.

I have to agree WRT pediasure. It does seem to be almost a baby drug. I'd be more inclined to give whole milk with added cream and carnation instant breakfast. Good luck! I have a tube fed 3 year old who is picky (but gets her needs met) and she's taught her younger brother all her bad habits about food.

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9/29/10 5:32 P

I am in the same boat with my 2 year old. I tell you one thing that is NOT working is the PediaSure. I thought it would help with his weight gain, but its just a sugar milk and now that is all he wants. He cries all though dinner pointing at the fridge trying to get it.

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9/29/10 11:50 A

Try fruit smoothies with some veggies mixed in. That works for my 16 month old. My son is a picky eater, too, but I can sneak in some veggies jere and there. I was just reading up about it and I read to put a variety of foods on a tray and let them just graze on that for a few hours. I'm going to try that, but my son likes to dump plates all over.

Does he eat anything at all? If he does, try to add a small amount of something healthy to it. I read that kids like zuchini pancakes. I'm sure there's other ways to sneak veggies and fruits into foods.

Don't worry too much if he is not gaining weight. That is, unless your doctor is worried. Growth tends to taper off at that age. If he doesn't look like he is losing weight, he should be ok.

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9/28/10 10:10 P

Okay. I have 5 children ages 17, 13, 11, 7, and 1 1/2. But I almost feel like a new mom with my youngest. He is so different from my others. But the main issue is that he doesn't seem to like anything to eat. Took him for his 18mth check up and he hasn't gained any weight. I feel like a horrible mother! Please give me your advice or ideas. All he wants to do is drink milk which them makes it hard to get him to eat or

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