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10/24/13 8:53 A

I can have all nuts, not sure how to use the flours though, I guess I better start googling :-)
As for eggs, no I can't eat eggs, I could at one time, but not any longer...Also never heard of the lupin bean??? Going to check that out...

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10/23/13 11:08 P

How about some of the nut flours like almond. You didn't mention egg, can you eat it? or white substitute? also coconut flour. There is the lupin bean that is not actually a bean. If you can use the flours you can make many things.

THOLMES Posts: 63
10/23/13 8:03 A

I know I can eat quinoa, and thank you for that link...As for quorn, I am not sure if I can eat it as I have never heard of it before, will check into it, I know it said it was made from a fungus, and if that is like a mushroom, then no I won't be able to eat it, but I will email the company and ask..
Once again thank you...

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10/23/13 4:25 A

I am not vegan but I did a bit of googling...Can you eat quinoa or quorn??? If so:

I hope you find something somewhere that you like!

THOLMES Posts: 63
10/22/13 10:21 P

Hi there
I need to eat vegan for health reasons, I am learning to do that slowly, but I also can not eat any soy/tofu. and no lentils or beans, so my question is this, does any one have some vegan recipes that do not use beans/lentils, soy/tofu and is also wheat/yeast free?? (in other words no seitan please) I know I am asking a lot, but there must be other vegans out there, that does not eat these things right? :-)

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