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6/28/13 9:45 A

What are you trying to gain by losing more weight at this point? What is it you are looking to further change about yourself? Knowing that can help us help you in more meaningful ways.

6/28/13 9:32 A

Honestly your weight and measurements look really, really good for your height.

If you feel you still could improve your shape I would cut back on the cardio workouts and strength train more. Pick up a copy of The New Rules of Lifting for Women at the library and lift some heavy weights! You may or may not lose lbs with lifting but you will definitely improve your body composition which will make you appear slimmer even at the same weight. Sprinting once a week is really great at burning body fat as well.

Eat Real Whole Foods as much as possible and stay away from manufactured food products as much as possible. Try getting most of your starches from foods like sweet potatoes and potatoes. I find the less I eat sweets the less I crave them and the more I eat them the more I crave them. Cutting sweets at first can be hard but it's so worth it!

Good luck and lift heavy!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
6/28/13 8:51 A

1. your ranges.
1650-1750 isn't a spark range. or rather, if it is your spark range it's a spark range you manually set up [accidentally or not]. if you think that this range is what spark spit out for you, then you need to go back to your start page, make sure that your goals are accurate [height, weight, loss per week -which should be no more than about 1/4lb per week, 1/2 tops since you're already at a healthy weight, and calories burned] and see what that give you.
if that 1650-1750 range wasn't a spark range, where did you get it from? a doctor? a website? in other words, how and why are you there? and if you don't know where it came from, why are you using it?
and finally, you mention you have a new range that isn't 1650-1750, but you don't mention what it is.
2. you're contradicting yourself a little. you say you have fast food or a candy bar twice a week and in the next sentence say you only have fast food once or twice a month. assuming that each month has four weeks, that's 4-8 cheats a month. are you really only going for fast food once or twice a month [and having 1-7 candy bars a month] or are you just not tracking as accurately as you could and having it more often? most of us think we eat pretty well overall, and it can be hard to look at actual data that tells us we aren't quite where we want to be or thought we would be. a few weeks ago i knew i was slacking a little, but it took me realizing that i was only getting a combined 4 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to acknowledge that i was slacking more than a little bit.
also, what kind of candy bars? what size? what are you ordering at the drive thru? is it the sort of cheat that's totally above your ranges or in your ranges? these things are important. a fin size candy bar is a different deal than regular sized which is not a king sized candy bar, which is entirely different than those giant ones you can buy for $15 now. sort of like having a kid's cone and a plain burger is different that having a specialty burger with the largest size fries, largest size drink and the biggest size of whatever frozen sweet thing that they have for dessert. and whether those are mostly in or out of your ranges makes a big deal.
3. slow and fast are entirely relative terms. a 15 minute mile would be considered fast by a person who can only walk a 30 minute mile, but it would be considered quite slow by someone who can do a five minute mile. how many minutes does it take you to go a mile? it's fine if you don't want to count your warm up in there, but fast and slow aren't going to get you much in the way of helpful suggestions.
4. you are at a healthy weight right now [right in the middle for 5'6" in fact]. bodyfat percentage [and an accurate one] is going to be the best way to determine if you have any excess fat to lose.
5. if you want better suggestions on what you can do with your diet [yes, i use the primary definition of the word] then sharing your tracker or a few sample days will help. and if you choose to share a few sample days, include measurements. oatmeal could be 1/4 cup dry made with water or it could be 2/3 cup dry made with a cup of whole milk, 1/4 cup dry fruit, 1 large egg, 2 Tablespoons nut butter, or a Tablespoon of sweeteners. we won't know if you don't tell us.

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6/28/13 8:14 A

I think Kiwi is right

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6/28/13 6:01 A

At your height, your current weight is quite healthy, so it is probably why it won't budge - that is where your body NEEDS it to be, rather than what you WANT it to be. There is a big difference. For me, "NEED" takes precedence over "want", any day.

I would be very happy with where you are now! I am just a smidgin under you height - look at my weight ticker. My Dr wanted me to stop a couple kg (roughly 4.5lb) ago - my BMI is JUST over the 25.

Given the exercise you do, I would be inclined to think that you have muscle rather than excess fat! You could always go to a gym and ask if they have someone qualified to do a 9 point skin caliper test for body fat.

As far as your nutrition is concerned, do you use SP's Nutrition Tracker? If not, you will find that it will give you the range to eat between and also the ranges for fats/protein and carbs. I would be inclined to set if for maintenance and make sure that you have the exercise you do put into it accurately so that it will be accurate with the ranges.


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NINA-AKANE Posts: 72
6/27/13 11:39 P

Greetings, (In a nutshell, I'm trying to figure out my new recommended caloric range. Any other tips or advice / recommendations are always accepted.)

I need some help...I've been stuck at the same weight for about a few months now and I change up my workouts and I eat healthy the majority of the time (I cheat once or twice a week with a fast food meal or a candy bar. I don't eat fast food too often (1 or 2x per month) but sweets are my weakness --If it's not a serving of candy, then it's toast and jam or toast with half of a serving of peanut butter and half of a sliced banana.

Regardless of what I end up eating, I always eat proper portion sizes and I'd like to keep everything that I eat within a new calorie / protein / fat / carbs, etc. range..Because I'm sure that it is different now that I've been working out longer and harder..And because of my "new" weight.

Currently, I'm still consuming the previously suggested calories (perhaps not from this site)..which is between the range of 1650 - 1750 cals. (sometimes a little higher..) but I'm not sure if I should continue following that..And for the carbs / fat, etc.. I don't know how much I should be having. I think I am consuming too many carbs..Daily, I'll eat either 1/2 servings of "Orowheat Simply" bread, or 2 corn tortillas, or a serving of tortilla chips, along with plain tuna or lunchmeat, etc. Lunch and dinner vary..But breakfast is always the same: 1 svg. oatmeal, some fruit and 2 mugs of black coffee.

I would greatly appreciate any help from someone / others who know about fitness and nutrition. Thank you.

Here are my stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5'6 (168 cm.)
Weight: 136 lbs.
Waist: 29 in.
Arms: 10.5 in.
Breast: 36 in.
Chest: 33 in.
Hips: 36 in.
Legs: Widest part of thigh: 21 in. / Mid-thigh: 18 in.

I wish I could say my fat percentage but unfortunately, I don't know what it is. Feel free to look at my recent photos if that may help with anything at all.

My workout: For 5 weeks now, I have been running every other day. Lately, I've been working out 7 days per week for at least an hour..Sometimes I work out for 2 hours (I like to dance a lot but I'm an amateur).

Most of the time (on the days that I do something "hard-core") I run on the treadmill and I have it at an angle for more of a challenge. My pace varies between slow for my warm-up / cool down, and fast for the rest of my workout. According to the meter on the treadmill..I am borderline "fat-burning" and "aerobic" at my fastest speed.

If I decide not to run, then I do various workouts such as jumping jacks, high knees, running in place, etc. Additionally, I do a series of ab workouts, stretches and I use either free weights, a medicine ball, or resistance bands. On the days that are not "hard-core", I dance, go hiking, walking, do ab workouts, pilates, etc.

I know this is a lot to write and I apologize..But thanks for reading.

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