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1/10/13 12:39 A

The problem may be that part of the first week is being cut off because it's not included in 2013 for your yearly total. I noticed that last week when my fitness minutes for the week were actually higher than my fitness minutes for the year, thanks to a longer run on December 30.

So, you should have:

Week 1: Dec 30 - Jan 5
Week 2: Jan 6 - 12

Yearly total: January 1 - today

If you take off your fitness minutes for Sunday and Monday of your first week (what I'm assuming was December 30 and 31), does the math work?

ETA: I had a look at your shared tracker. You logged 49 minutes of exercise on December 31st, so that could be what's throwing off your total. That session would be included in your weekly total, but not in the total for 2013.

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1/9/13 7:33 P

This has been logged as a bug--hang in there. It may take some time as we have thousands of members, but know that the problem has been sent in.


Coach Nancy

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,540
1/9/13 7:27 P

I deleted and added it back and there is still a discrepancy. I find this really irritating. I have been working my butt off literally and I want to be given proper credit

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,540
1/9/13 7:19 P

I have been adding from the video, then when I delete and add it another way it shows up

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1/9/13 5:39 P

This happens to me sometimes - if I do one of the 10-minute Pilates or Yoga videos, it'll show up in my Fitness Tracker, but not on the start page where it says how many fitness minutes I have/how many calories I have left to burn for the week. I think this only happens when I'm at the video and click on "track calories burned"...for some reason it's accounted for in my fitness tracker but not on the start page.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,540
1/9/13 5:25 P

Thank you so much, I just want credit for all the hard work I have been doing

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1/9/13 5:13 P


I sent this to our team to look into. Thanks for your patience.

Coach Nancy

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,540
1/9/13 5:12 P

This is my breakdown taken from my fitness tracker;

Tuesday Jan 1-Friday Jan 4, 49 minutes each day
Sat Jan 5, 37
Total 233 minutes

Sun Jan 6, 10 min
Mon 59 min
Tues 49
Wed 55
Total 173 so far this week

I have added it up fifteen ways to Sunday and I consistently get 406. So I don't know why my tracker says 376.

I have noticed that for the past week the tracker has been adding things up wrong.
For instance if I track 15 minutes of bicycle and 15 minutes of kettle bell with five minutes of stretching. Instead of saying I did 35 minutes of exercise, it would come up with some odd ball number like 23 minutes.

When I deleted everything and added it back it would be correct. I am tired of deleting and adding back every day. (I checked to make sure that I didn't accidently leave anything out)

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1/9/13 4:54 P

I used the fitness tracker that comes up when you select, my trackers.

I went back through all the day and made sure that all activities were counted

I even went back and made sure all the days added up.

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1/9/13 4:48 P


Did you make any changes in your Fitness Tracker (removed any activities)? Did you track all your activities via your My Fitness Tracker? Or did you track in your SparkAmerica Tracker? Or using the SparkPeople App? Or the Quick Tracker?


Coach Nancy

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,540
1/9/13 4:19 P

Last week Jan 1-5, I had 233 fitness minutes
This week, so far, I have 173 fitness minutes

Every time I add these two numbers up I get a total of 406 and yet Spark says I have a total of 376 fitness minutes

I notice there was a problem when this morning I had 118 fitness minutes total for the week. And then when I added in today's (55 minutes) it only added up to 154.

It is not my browser.

I am not good at math, but this is seriously confusing me.

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