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11/19/11 1:24 P


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11/19/11 1:20 P

Thank You! I did finally figure it out!

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11/19/11 1:16 P

Click on "MY TRACKERS"
Click on "START"
Top of Start Page on Left side , Click on "HELP/FAO'S"
If from what is listed you can't find your question, go to bottom of page and click on "Didn't Find What You were Looking for"
Scan all Frequently asked Questions & Answers Here. Browse all Questions and if you can't find one that applies go to the bottom of the page and Check "E-mail Customer Support Team/or/Search FAQ"
I hope this helps you find out what to do to correct the problem.

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MWOODS21 Posts: 505
11/19/11 12:59 P

Yesterday and today I have logged in to Spark People and the spin wheels are not showing up at all is there anyone out there that can help me or tell me what to do I wont have to start over will I? emoticon

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