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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/16/13 2:03 P

The good news is, you only have 20 to lose. Just make a few small changes. You know the weekends are an issue, so plan to have snacks. A HB egg, or carrot sticks, or if possible, an actual extra meal. Better than cookies. It may be that a reaction you have to sweets is that your cravings become noticeable. Sometimes you eat something sugary, starchy, and even if it is just 150 calories, it makes you feel hungry, so that you overeat what you planned for the whole afternoon. These cravings are a bigger issue than the food you eat when you suffer those cravings. You remove the cravings through eliminating trigger foods, and you don't overeat.

Try cutting out these foods, and see what happens, pay attention to whether you feel less cravings.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/16/13 10:40 A

When I read the title, I figured you were actually using the "real" stuff - not pills.

I'm not sure how pills would work, really

ETA: As Becky said - there are no magic bullet pills.
As others have said - your menu needs adjustment.

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SAMZA83 Posts: 241
7/16/13 10:11 A

Hi everyone,

I am humbled and thank you for all the responses to my post!

I think I am getting my just desserts (pun!) for posting this on a weekend. I go a bit crazy with the bready-sweet stuff on the weekend but ease up during the week---especially on those 12 hour days that I am essentially tethered to my work cube. Which I think is the *real* problem.
That being said, reading all of your responses that say ’give up the sugar’ inspires me to let it be completely for a couple of weeks or until I arrive in Germany.

The reality is that I am super sensitive to sugar. No, thankfully I am not diabetic or pre-diabetic but all the older people in my family have it or at risk. I am Native American so we all know what that does to my risk… .

Someone asked did I lose all my weight over the last three years eating this way: yes, I did. I’ve never considered alternating my diet in a super strict way because my work and living environment is ever changing since I’ve been on Sparkpeople I’ve lived in Australia, United States, Russia and soon Germany. That being said I turn 30 in October and it might be time to let these things go.

As for digestive issues. I think it’s fair to mention that breads/whole grains make me feel bloated  For instance last week I had to ‘get rid of’ some pita and even one serving made me feel ‘heavy.’ The one thing that I really love is gluten free oatmeal but at 5.00 a box I don’t buy it often as I should.

Thank you for warning me about cinnamon toxicity, I am researching me at the moment.

I invite you to check back on my nutrition tracker at the end of this week, I am trying to clean it up.

The good news is that I have switched up my workout routine so much that for once I am sore! It’s been awhile.

Thanks again everyone,

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
7/15/13 1:05 P

I have to agree that your best bet for breaking the plateau is by improving your nutrition. Most days you're getting about 25% of your calories from very-low-nutrient foods like chips and sweets.

Rather than thinking of those foods as "bad things I shouldn't eat," try thinking of them as "foods I can eat with my leftover calories AFTER I've hit my nutrient targets." The most likely reason you're having bathroom issues is lack of fiber, so make that a priority. Since you eat yogurt most days, you don't need to pay extra for more probiotics, and probiotics need dietary fiber to work effectively anyway. Eat your five (or better yet, seven) fruits and veggies and enough whole grains to hit your fiber target; enough legumes, nuts, dairy and lean meats to reach you protein goals; and *then* if you have calories left, you can have a little junk food. It's like budgeting time-- watching cute cat videos isn't necessarily "bad," but you have to make sure you've done your homework and cleaned the house first.

Honestly, the optimal way to take those supplements is to take them back to the store for a refund, and use the money for some beautiful fruit that you don't normally get because it's "too expensive."

Also, Google "cinnamon toxicity." There's a level at which cinnamon is suspected to cause liver damage and other problems, but I don't remember what that level is. Those of us who have been obese are already at slightly higher risk for liver issues, so it's best not to play with supplements that can worsen it. Cinnamon on your fruit is fine, but when it's concentrated in a capsule, it could be too much.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/15/13 12:16 P

You say you are sensitive to sugar, and your page also says you've had to give up white flour - but both of these appear to be daily occurrences on your tracker. If these create health problems for you (i.e. are you saying you're sensitive/had to give it up because a dr said that?), I would highly suggest REALLY giving them up, or at least limiting them significantly. Eating something that could cause a reaction would absolutely cause bloating/weight gain/water retention - and it doesn't help that you're getting quite a few calories from nutritionally void foods.

I'm not saying you can never enjoy these things again (I strongly advocate "everything in moderation"), but limiting these foods so that they aren't a daily/multiple times a day occurrence will likely break your plateau, regulate your bowels, and make it so you don't have to take pills everyday.

SHAKESALOT Posts: 1,334
7/15/13 5:02 A

emoticon eat healthier; go visit your doc

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,466)
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7/15/13 4:29 A

I, too, had a wee peek at your Nutrition Tracker. I totally agree with RUSSELL_39 - it is one thing to eat the calories, but if those calories are derived from Chocolates, cake, doughnuts etc., then you aren't going to do your body any good even if you are within your calorie range. Also, you may not be constipated, but I would be inclined to think that the lack of fruit and veges would be why your bowels only work every 3 or so days. The fruit/veges along with whole-grains, have the fibre needed to push waste out more quickly.

As far as the supplements are concerned, Dietitian Becky has answered, so the only comment I will make is that perhaps if you eat a little 'cleaner' then you may not need them.

Good luck,

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/15/13 3:16 A

When I look at your tracker, I see a lot of sweets. Doughnuts, cake, cookies, custard etc.

You obviously went from 235? to the 160's. Did you eat those foods when you were losing that weight?

I would suggest cleaning up the types of carbs you eat. Maybe more beans, brown rice, fruits, and vegetables, and less hoping that some powder or tea will be the answer to losing weight.

Good news is that you are stalled while eating cookies, and It means you can fix it easily ( as easy as quitting these delicious foods can be anyways ). Make them less rare, and I think you will see some weight loss. It may just be that you are so close to goal, and now you just need to be more strict.

Green tea, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon may be of some benefit, but I wouldn't rely on them to fix the problem. I am diabetic, so the sensitive to sugar comment sent off warning bells. However your diet is loaded with sugar..?? I would get tested for diabetes if you are concerned. You don't want high blood sugars, but also do not want low blood sugars. If you are diabetic, having a low blood sugar is not that hard, which may sound surprising, but it will make you feel horrible, and can be dangerous.

As for constipation, it happens. Part of growing old it seems. As long as it isn't constant, I wouldn't worry about it.

7/14/13 1:02 P

This may help:
1. Green tea extract supplements have "not" been found to be beneficial to weight loss.
2. They Cayenne supplement may benefit weight loss. See the link below for more info. Basically when used regularly, you can burn 50 more calories daily. So you may see benefit in 1-2 years---but it is slow and the supplement is no magic bullet.
3. Not sure what you mean by "sensitive to sugar" but, a medicinal amount of cinnamon can help with blood sugar control with diabetes. I always suggest working with one's doctor, since I am not aware of medication you may already be using for blood sugar control, diabetes, etc. You do not want to end up with low blood sugar.
4. Constipation is diagnosed as difficulty passing stool, having a hard, painful stool, Some people can have a normal bowel movement of every three days. So I would first talk to your doctor about the probiotic supplement need.


SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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SAMZA83 Posts: 241
7/14/13 12:09 P

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to break a 1.5 month plateau. I have alternated my exercise routine, changed my work schedule (12 hours a day 3x a week,) plan to get more sleep.

I also want to jump start my metabolism via natural supplements so I bought:
Green tea extract: 300 mg in a 2 pill serving
Cinnamon: 1000 mg in a 1 pill serving
Cayenne 40.000 STU in a 1 pill serving.

A bit about me: I love spicy food (Ghost peppers included) but don't eat it too much so I have no reactions to Cayenne, am not too jittery with caffeine and very sensitive to sugar.

What do you suggest would be an optimal way to take these supplements? I was thinking of only taking the green tea on my crazy work days. Would it be ok to take an additional cayenne supplement…once at night/morning?

Very interested to hear your feedback.

ps. Is it ok to take a probiotic everyday? While I don't feel constipated most of the time I don't go as often I as I think I should. Maybe once every 3 days. I do eat plain Greek yogurt everyday but that doesn't seem to make a bit of difference whereas the occasional probiotic pill does.

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