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If you have started eating more calories with the bad snacks and have not gained or lost, then you are not really plateau-ing. You are maintaining. A plateau is when you continue to stay on plan yet do not lose. But if you are eating more, then you cannot be expecting to lose.

Get back on plan and see what happens to the weight.

Having said that, more activity is always a good thing as well....

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11/4/12 4:29 P

Do you track your food? weigh/measure it? That is THE single most valuable thing you can do--move from guesstimating "1 cup" or "2 oz" and actually knowing what you are eating.

Exercise can assist weight loss, but, as the saying goes, "no one can out-exercise a poor diet."

Weight loss is 80% what you eat--portion size and the actual content of those calories.

Taking real control is, for me, the best way to remotivate. And it is the only way I've found that works, every time, to lose weight.

You ask if having reached your previous weight may affect your body's willingness to lose more? Possible: everyone is different. We are complex critters: you may have some deep ideal of a body that is 156. Your body may be comfortable there. It's hard to say--and it really doesn't matter for weight loss.

Make sure you know what you are eating (portion control is what most people fail at, once they get the idea of what a "health" diet looks like), and find a level of exercise you can keep on doing....all this isn't about 'dietING;' it's about your diet and a healthy lifestyle. You need to find what works from now, when you are 22 till you are oh, 62 or 72.

Wishing you good success.

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Hi! I hope someone here can help me and give me a little advice, especially if you have experienced the same thing in your weight loss journey.

I am female, 22 years old and 5'7 tall (169 cm). I started my weight loss journey in late June 2012 with my highest weight being 184lbs (83.4 kg). I am now down to 156 lbs (71 kg). I have done this with healthy eating, drinking lots of water, doing the 30 day shred + other workouts occassionally, LOTS of walking and working many hours in my job over the whole summer (I work in a grocery store-I spend most day on my feet). Usually I ate anything from 1000 to 1500 calories per day.

My problem is that I as I have reached my current weight I have hit a plateau and I have to admit I got a little too comfortable and started to eat bad and exercise less. I haven't gained any weight but I also haven't lost any for almost a month now. My main meals are still very healthy, but I started with the bad snacks again (chocolate and cookies). I still walk a lot but I guess it's simply not enough anymore. Now my questions are:

1. How to get motivated again and get back the determination to say no to unhealthy snack?

2. Do you think doing the 30 day shred once again will help me lose weight?

3. Do you think this plateau has anything to do with the fact that I was 156lbs almost my whole adult life before I gained those 30 lbs I have lost since June?

4. Do you have any other useful tips?

Please answer my questions and thank you for your help.

Lots of love and support :)

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