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3/31/14 9:34 A

The comment about the frozen ball reminds me, freeze a water bottle, like the .5 liter size, and roll the sole of your foot over it. It feels wonderful, and you can just toss the bottle back in the freezer again to refreeze when it is thawed out.

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3/31/14 9:21 A

I got mine from standing all day in flip flops and other shoes with no support. I went to a shoe store and purchased new shoes for work so I can stand all day in them. I also purchased insoles for my gym shoes, I use Green Super Feet.
To help with the immediate pain I would massage my feet. I even went to a massage therapist to help out. I also spoke with my chiropractor who made sure everything was aligned properly. Then I purchased a ball to keep in the freezer. When I'm sore, I pull my ball out of the freezer and roll my foot over it.
Using everything together I'm not pain free. I do however make sure any shoes I buy have proper insoles so I can wear them all day.

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3/27/14 1:07 P


I didn't get it from working out but I did get it from standing on concrete at work for 7-8 hrs. a day. You could try icing it at 1st to see if that helps and although orthotics might help some a more cushioning shoe would help you too. New Balance makes shoes specific for this, one I think in 954 or 964 which is a work shoe and then they make walking and running shoes specific for Plantar Fascitis. Call their 800# and they can give you the right info. Like others have said it's not something to mess with and as painful as the steroid injections are that would be a last resort. Try icing and if that doesn't help contact your Dr. who with get you with a podiatrist.

The only other info is don't walk around the house barefoot or take a shower without flip flops as I don't anymore and it really has helped.

Good luck

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LOUIE-LILY Posts: 5,657
3/27/14 12:59 P

I've had it 2x and each time it took over 6 months to heal. I went the route of physical therapy, cortizone treatments and orthotics. Ultimatly, the only thing that really "cured" it was staying off it for the most part and doing my exercises/stretching given to me by the physical therapist. If you do decide to walk, be sure to stretch somewhat before . . . but even more important - stretch and cool down afterwards and ice it. Good luck!

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3/27/14 12:53 P

For those of you just getting familiar with this topic...I suggest reading the "Health Topics A-Z" here on Spark for Plantar Fasciitis...and then contacting your doctor! Good Luck, and work to get it healed up the best the first time!

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3/27/14 2:33 A

I'm dealing with Planters Fascistic as we speak. I'm going to get me custom made insoles for my shoes. In the past I was getting heat treatments, and Cortisone injections and foot taping. However, I've tried various insoles and it's just temporary relief. I will be calling the Podiatrist in the morning.

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3/26/14 7:18 P

I developed it training for the 3-day breast cancer walk about 10 years ago, and ended up having to get Cortisone injections in the bottom of my food---amazingly painful! Do not mess around with it. I would suggest talking to your doctor about custom orthotics. They are not cheap, but they made a huge difference for me.

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3/26/14 4:03 P

I'm with Dragonchilde on this! Let your Doctor or a Podiatrist advise in the safest way to heal this up.

If you don't, you risk what might take 3-4 weeks (if you caught it early enough...) turning into more than 3 months!! Even though mine was caught relatively early... because I needed to be on my feet a lot (!)... it STILL took almost 4 months working with a good podiatrist!!

All the best,

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3/26/14 1:26 P

Are you under the guidance of a doctor on this? Plantar Fascitis is not something to play around with; I wouldn't do anything until you've been properly treated and advised by a medical professional.

3/26/14 12:38 P

Seemingly out of the blue, I was struck with planters fascitis a month ago. I can only assume it was my sneakers and repeated (new use) on a treadmill. I was completely derailed because I had no idea what was wrong.

Now that I know what the problem is and I have been doing constant stretching exercises, I'm trying to determine if I can go back to walking-outside, not on a treadmill.

Has anyone had experience with Planters Fascitis and working out?

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