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8/2/11 10:30 A

First, most folks do not need a protein supplement because they can easily meet need through foods. For those that do need a little additional protein, the whey protein you describe is a perfect option and affordably priced.

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8/2/11 10:05 A

Thx for your thoughts.

I purchased a 'true' meal replacement product from him. I was curious about the other protein supp he was selling. It has bcaa's, etc added to it. As I said, the nutritional info was similar to my usual whey,,,,but some essentials were more in the plant one, and some were less.

Wanted some opinions because it is substantially more expensive than my usual whey....otherwise I probably would have tried it.

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8/1/11 9:45 P

Since I read that ingesting to much protein can damage kidneys and other organs, I stopped using the "shakes" and began eating more unprocessed food sources.

8/1/11 8:34 P

Whey is a very usable form of protein for the body, so the salesrep was not well informed.
I assume this meal replacement was in a shake/drink form.

Realize that there is a big difference in a whey protein shake (which is used to increase protein intake) and a true meal replacement shake like a Slimfast shake (which is used to replace the calories, carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals of a typical meal). So your comparison may not be appropriate, since the products have different purposes.

You can share product information on this siote and ask questions about a food product. You can not use this site to be a salesrep for a product.

Dietitian Becky

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8/1/11 8:19 P

Couldn't say for sure but everything I've read about whey protein says its one of the best absorbed proteins, particularly when paired with a fast digesting carb like fruit.

Also to my limited nutritional knowledge, whey protein being an animal source is a complete protein, meaning they contain all the essential amino acids, whereas plant proteins with the exception of soy are incomplete, meaning they have to be paired very carefully to make up a complete set of amino acids. (For example, rice paired with beans makes a complete protein, or oatmeal with nuts). I'm guessing in a mixture of plant proteins it probably is paired properly and contains a complete set of amino acids but if it was a standalone single ingredient protein - such as pea protein powder I've seen - possibly not.

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8/1/11 8:00 P

I think it'd be safe to say that there isn't a whole of solid information to back up his claim. If you're lactose intolerant, then yeah... you're going to have some problems digesting whey protein. But there really isn't a great way to figure out how much of what you're eating is digested, and how much of it is passing on through. And even if there was a way to conclusively measure that, there probably wouldn't be a big difference anyways.

I wouldn't worry about how much of the PP your body is actually using. I just like to use the kind that doesn't have a lot of crap in it, because I find that it doesn't upset my stomach as much.

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8/1/11 7:30 P

First off...I am not vegetarian, let alone vegan...I have come to crave meat.

But, I stopped into my local nutrition place the other day and there was a couple there with samples(yay!). It is vegan, organic, blah, blah. And a GREAT saleman. I did actually buy a meal replacement product and pre-workout product...not necessarily because its 'vegan' but because there is no crash or crazy crap in it, and the meal replacement has 100% of all vit/minerals...nice.

Anyways, he had mentioned that plant based protein was 'more' absorbed by us humans than whey. Any truth to this? Because if i'm drinkin 120cals worth of whey to, ahem, excrete most of it, that sucks!

If anyone is quite knowledgable about this and wants the website(don't want to peddle anything here) I can send it to ya. I compared the bcaa's etc of this plant protein vs. my whey and it 'seems' similar...some more bcaa, some less.

thx for stopping by....

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