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1/29/12 7:44 P

Good question, i just added it under cardio as circuit training, then entered 30 minutes!

1/19/12 7:49 P

I love planet fitness 30 minute circuit training. I do it 3 times a week. Under cardio, I manually add it because I know how many calories I burn. I use a heart rate monitor at planet fitness.

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1/19/12 7:27 P

Thank you. I will try your suggestions. I am totally new at this and visited PF today for the first time and enrolled. I have lost 25 lbs just dieting and now have the ability and desire to move and exercise. I think the circuit combines cardio with strength.

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1/19/12 7:21 P


You have several options depending on your program. If it is a cardio based circuit training--meaning you move rapidly from one exercise to the other with little or no rest between exercises and your heart rate remains elevated, you can search for circuit training in the cardio tracker and track it there.

However, if it is a strength based program, you can create your own workouts (see link below on how to do just that) OR you can just use the Quick Tracker and plug in full body circuit and the time. Since SparkPeople does not recommend tracking strength training exercises in your cardio tracker (unless it meets the above criteria), by using the Quick Tracker option, you don't have to go to the hassle of plugging in the exercises individually, HOWEVER, you can still get fitness point credit.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

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1/19/12 7:15 P

How do I add the PF 30 minute full body circuit to my fitness tracker?

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