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1/12/08 10:25 P

I haven't done Pilates in several years and I am 65 but I would go back in a heart beat if my schedule and $$ would match up for classes. I was in tip top shape with all the stretching and my body was in the best shape ever. My body doesn't like the treadmill but slow, resistance works for me well. I would encourage you to go forth...I personally like the allergro which is a machine you lay on. Doing mat work was not for me. Let me know how Pilates work for you when you try it. emoticon

1/12/08 7:00 P

I have just started to try Pilates. A few years ago the dvd's were freebies with a boxed cereal (can't remember which one - Kellog's I think). Anyhow, I am going to try and work out 3x a week. I find it difficult to get my breathing right though. Some of the moves (rolling backwards, etc) I find too difficult at the moment but I am sure I will improve. I will be 66 this year too. I do use the elliptical trainer, stationary bike and treadmill in between days.

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1/9/08 3:29 P

You might want to rent the "Pilates Workout for Dummies" DVD, and try that. It has a basics and an intermediate workout. emoticon

PEEPEYE333 Posts: 34
12/31/07 8:24 P

It is a good thing.As yoga is too. Less stress on joints and gets your body to be more flexible.

SMILEEJAN Posts: 814
12/31/07 9:37 A

In my pilates classes there are many people over 60 that do pilates. I do pilates 6 times a week and nearly 60 .

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
12/30/07 4:00 P

I bought a DENISE AUSTIN video for Pilates at a yardsale for $1 and brought it home thinking I might try it, as I like YOGA. My dd, Maggie, who is 17 did the workout and she said to me later "WOW, Mom, Denise really made that hard. I almost didn't get through it." This is from a 17 yo who is 5'8" and 133# and can run 2 miles. To say the least, I didn't bother trying it at the present time.
I suggest getting a YOGA video from PRISCILLA PATRICK who is 65 yo and taught on PBS.

12/29/07 5:53 P

Does anyone over 60 do Pilates. I try to workout with weights at the gym 3x week and walk but am thinking of adding Pilates. I'm 66 and just not sure if it is a good thing for seniors. Let me know if any of you do pilates.

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