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N16351D Posts: 2,349
12/19/12 10:59 A

Instead of the doctor, get yourself to a physical therapist. I could write a long story about whiplash from a car accident in 1978, and how it continued to affect me for 15 years, until I saw a PT.

The combination of PT, chiropractic care, regular prescribed and other exercises (swimming!) got me from daily, horrible headaches, to being pain-free and good mobility. I wish I could go to a fitness club with you and show you what the PT showed me, to save you the money, but that is not practical (do you live anywhere near Seattle, WA?

You need to see the doctor to get an order prescribed to see the PT. That way your medical insurance will pay for it.

The easiest, simplest exercise which helped me enormously was to stand and sit straight, (posture!) with your ears over your shoulders over your hips...always. Pull your shoulder blades back together and put them down to get into your hip pocket. That simple start you can do without professional guidance.

I have a twenty minute routine for my neck that I do most days. All were from the PT, and few exercises are done in any of my classes.

Pilates was prescribed to me by the PT, and I had not heard of it before that appointment. It is to strengthen the core to make it easier to stand up straight and it works.

Run, don't walk to your PT to get help. It saved me. I have a life, now and didn't before that kind of help.

Also, try the chiropacter as it might help (and it might not in your situation!)

The PT is better at exercises for problem injuries than the surgeon/physician. Get going!
Good luck!

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,946
12/19/12 10:25 A

Please consult your doctor. No one on Spark is qualified to advise you about your whiplash.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,916
12/19/12 10:25 A

Hi Carla

Your best bet is to ask your doctor what exercises are safe, and what you should avoid.

Hope it heals quickly!

Coach Jen

12/19/12 9:23 A

Hi fellow Sparkers,

Last week a car hit mine from behind so I'm home with a mild whiplash (had one 12 years ago which was worse).
I started Pilates lessons last September and was going to weekly mat class. I was planning on doing excercises at home during the holiday season since there aren't any mat classes until January. Any ideas on how I can keep on doing the excercises without straining my neck muscles too much ?
I would hate to lose the strength I built up over the weeks by not doing anything for a few weeks :o(

Any suggestion is welcome !

Cheers, Carla

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