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3/24/13 6:05 P

The food shouldn't be the focus. The focus should be having a wonderful outing with your family. If you don't eat what they want then bring your own version (turkey burger, chicken/turkey dogs/brat). Offer to bring veggies or fruit sides. Just don't let food be a negative energy. Plan other things to make it fun like cards, horseshoes, etc

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3/24/13 4:23 P

I also think turkey burgers are a great idea! My husband and I have actually served them at cookouts and had people not even notice the difference. They were still able to load them up with the not so healthy toppings they like, such as mayo and extra cheese and we didn't have to buy and cook seperate food for ourselves so we didn't feel deprived.

I've also tried some really yummy "healthy" chicken salad recipes that I'm sure anyone would love if you don't have a grill available.

Happy Picnicing :)

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 951
3/24/13 4:04 P

Kabobs are a great idea, thanks!

The problem is that they don't eat healthy, so if I suggest something they don't feel comfortable with they will suggest an alternative, usually something I'd rather not eat. (I never did like pasta salad, anyway) Plus, they have very specific ideas of what a picnic means and are not big "outside the box" thinkers.

I just had another conversation with my mom and I think I may just have to "take the bull by the horns" and do all the buying, preparing, and cooking myself. I am okay with that, though it would be nice to have help and all that.

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3/24/13 4:03 P

I like grilled chicken breasts and the turkey burgers are a good idea too. Or you could get some chicken sausages or brats if they do those. I buy a brand called Al Fresco that are really good. For salad would they go for a simple tomatoes cucumbers and onion??
I find family to be the most difficult when I am watching what I eat. My DH is not a problem but his Mom still puts a whole stick of Blue Bonnet in the mashed potatoes!

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3/24/13 4:00 P

Kabobs are a great idea, or what about chicken sausage instead of a hot dog? Sides could be a fruit salad, and/or find a healthier version of macaroni salad.

3/24/13 3:58 P

Based on what you said I take it be an outdoor picnic area with a grill? If that's the case have you thought about kabobs? You can prepare them ahead of time and make them with a variety of meats and vegies. I even like pineapple on them.

As far as sides any fruits or vegies. If you want a salad (pasta, etc) sparkpeople has tons of light recipes. You can also tweak recipes to make them how you like (I combined a few tuna salad recipes and came up with my perfect combination).

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 951
3/24/13 3:42 P

I am going back to Texas to visit my mom and sister and we are planning a picnic as a state park. I try to suggest healthier options and salad- Mom says- Well, we could do a maraconi salad! I say, turkey burger for me, regular burgers for them, and they say, hot dogs or brats! I rarely eat red meat, though maybe we could find neutral ground with pork... I dunno.

It is not insurmountable, but it is still frustrating, especially since they both know and commend me on my healthy lifestyle.

What sort of things might you suggest for healthier alternatives that would appeal to those who don't eat as healthy?

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