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LISSIE88 Posts: 635
8/19/10 11:42 A

I'm having the same problem with my 15 month old. My pediatrician said calories are calories at this age, regardless of the source and to feed him whatever he'll eat. She said her son lived off of chicken nuggets for the second year of his life. It struck me as odd, and I don't exactly trust that mentality as far as it being healthy. Every book tells you try everything and keep trying. I've been giving him whatever we eat and some quick things when my MIL looks after him during the day.

I find that he refuses to eat in his high chair, but will eat much better off of a plate on the coffee table. He also prefers chunks of food to mushy stuff. Its odd, but it seems to work with feeding him.

Let me know if you find some thing that works.

8/16/10 11:58 A

My 24 month old is similar... there are days she simply won't eat. BUT.. ketchup is our secret weapon. And ignoring her at the table. She won't try new foods (or eat at all sometimes) if we're watching her. Last night we gave her some ketchup and she ate a ton of green beans dipped in them while we were "ignoring" her. Just keep trying. My pedi told me to keep introducing foods because she may refuse it 10 times and then all of a sudden love it.

AMYNELSON07 Posts: 35
8/15/10 5:59 P

I think as long she is getting enough calcium and Vitamin D, you should be good. Just like pp's said, it's a stage. Going through the same thing with my 20 month old.

NORDAKOTA Posts: 696
8/15/10 10:16 A

Maybe add a little chocolate syrup in the milk?

8/13/10 5:27 P

Good or not, when my son doesn't eat something it's usually because he sees us using condiments. He'll eat anything with small dots of BBQ sauce or ranch dressing.

PBB1961 Posts: 70
8/13/10 3:53 P

Don't worry too much. They all go through this. Sounds like he's getting the nutrition he needs. My kids were both picky and they are the healthiest kids in thier classes.

8/13/10 10:36 A

Have you tried ketchup? I have been blessed with 2 children that are not picky eaters and 1 that is. I discovered that if a child can dip the item in a sauce they are more likely to eat something they don't think they like. Ketchup, BBQ, low fat ranch dressing etc. Also, try changing the presentation and names. Broccoli becomes baby trees, cauliflower is clouds, cut carrots with a crinkle cutter. Serve cherry tomatoes as ketchup berries. My little one loves to eat frozen green beans. At this age your best bet is to just keep introducing it.

I have also become the queen at hiding veggies. Spinach in the meatloaf and manicotti, cauliflower steamed and mashed into the mashed potatoes, V-8 fusion juice or Healthy harvest juicy juice has vegetable juice in it as well but still tastes fruity.

LUVCHE Posts: 60
8/13/10 10:22 A

I think I got one, on sale, at walmart. You might go on-line and comparison shop on wal-mart, target, and/or other local stores. Just to get an estimate. You probably don't need all the fancy bells and whistles on it, either. I even have a mini food chopper/processor that I can use to make single serving sizes of food (I used it to make my homemade baby food) and I have a 12 oz mini-blender for single/double serving size shakes and smoothies (way easier than cleaning a big blender, and it'll always be used in my house)

CHINES706 Posts: 88
8/12/10 11:53 A

Thank you. I will give all of these a try. Yes, she drinks juice. Where can I find an inexpensive juicer from? I will try the corn in the potatoes tonight and make her a smoothie for a snack to get in extra fruit and will try to sneak some veggies in it.

LUVCHE Posts: 60
8/12/10 11:50 A

You might see if she will take pediasure, because the flavors may be like a milkshake to her. Maybe some fruit smoothies. Will she drink juice? An inexpensive juicer can make getting a variety of foods in her easy. I take golden apples, raw spinach leaves, orange and baby carrots. Sounds weird, but it makes a very fruity tasting juice. The spinach offers iron. (Also, will she eat corn if mixed up in her mashed potatoes? PB will give her good protein too)

Other than that, the vitamin supplement is fine. Let her eat what she wants. She will eventually get out of this stage. My pediatrician always said that!

CHINES706 Posts: 88
8/12/10 8:39 A

I have a picky 18 month old who's favorite food is now peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was oatmeal for the longest and now she won't eat it. She won't eat veggies or meat. She loves fruits, PB&J, yogurt, and mashed potatoes. She take vitamins because she won't drink milk. What are some good food ideas I can try to get her to eat that includes all the nutrition that she needs? I will try anything.

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