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3/12/13 7:10 A

that has been a struggle for me too. do you track? knowing i have to record it helps me somewhat. it is really hard for me not to graze when i am making my kids' lunches. (last night it was cheese its) If i didn't track it, i might eat three servings of chips standing at the counter.

archeimdedes has a great idea about downsizing your son's portions. my mom is from the depression era-so she always served us small portions. we could always get more. she would rather us take 3 small servings than a huge plate we didn't finish.

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3/10/13 3:29 P


If you find that you're grazing on food your son hasn't eaten, then don't give him too much food. Start him with a smaller portion. If he finishes that portion and would like more, that's fine. give him more. But, don't put more food on the plate than he can eat or you will end up eating his left overs.

Example, if he can only eat 4 chicken nuggets, don't put 7 on the plate or you'll be eating 3 chicken nuggets.

My family always taught me to clean my plate because there were starving children in other parts of the world and I should be grateful. True, we need to be grateful for the food on our plate. but you can try to keep those portion sizes down so that the family isn't overeating.

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3/10/13 2:46 P

I keep a plastic container in the fridge, full of cut-up raw, low starch vegetables. Right now I've got green peppers, carrots, celery, and cabbage in there. Depends on what's in season/cheap. Sometimes there's grape tomatoes or whatever. When I'm in the kitchen and tempted to pick at stuff, I get the container out and pick just from there. I figure, if I can't stop picking, the least I can do is change what I'm picking at!

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My sons were tired of eating healthy food until they found out it tasted good- I watch how much they eat and don't make excessive amounts. There isn't any left overs and nothing is left to pick at unless to my work lunch box- if I eat this I have to start from scratch so I don't get hungry at work...

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3/10/13 8:37 A

I never eat my son's food, although my husband tries to force me to sometimes. It is not "my" food. As for grazing, if you have readily available healthy foods, it is not such a terrible habit. Or try establishing set mealtimes and do not allow yourself to eat if it is not mealtime.

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3/10/13 8:10 A

I have this bad part of me that picks at food when I am home on the weekends and getting things to eat for my 3 kids. I know it is a stress reaction. I have tried to talk myself out of picking but I have not been able too. Yesterday went well over a cheat day. Any suggestions?

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