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KAYAHSLOANE1 Posts: 10,551
6/10/11 2:57 A

I see bouquets all the time and say to myself that is just stunning. My method for the flowers is going to be find a florist the day before the wedding and say put together a small yet tasteful bouquet with no sunflowers please. I like wildflowers, roses, magnolias, tulips, peonies so I'm pretty easy with whatever happens. I think I'm quite laid back about it all since I find weddings and details not exactly on my radar. Strangely enough I am super organized and a planner to the ninth degree but I find weddings minute details to be more silliness than I can handle personally. Funny because I've been to weddings where I marvel over how lovely they were and I know the planning and expense was right there. I'm thinking red and deep purple for the bouquet though. I like deep dark colours and it will be winter like in January.

5/27/11 6:42 P

Oooooo which flowers are you having? That bouquet must be huge!

TANGO5617 Posts: 1,342
5/27/11 2:51 P

Very cool!!! I just got married last September, and had all yellow flowers in my bouquet. Cool thing now? Every time my husband wants to melt my heart, all he has to do is bring home flowers that are that particular color. It doesn't matter which flower, it's all about the color, since I had so many different types of flowers in my bouquet.

So, yeah, enjoy!!!! :D

5/27/11 8:02 A

So excited to see my bouquet. I have over a year and it's killing me but I have complete faith in my florist and I love that she got my ideas and was excited when I told her I wanted to think outside the box. 11 different flowers, branches and grasses are going in my bouquet. I can't wait to see what the final result is. Eeeekkk SOO excited.....

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