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11/18/11 12:01 A

Engawa is pretty good, a few places here have it on the menu; but as an Ouran fan I have a tiny bit of favoritism for otoro....

You can easily make sushi at home! It also fits really well into the dietary requirements as far as carb-fat-protein ratios, even the veggie ones. On the rare occasion tuna is on sale at the store, I will buy a 3-5 oz steak and stretch it as far as I can over some rice to have a fun night of nigiri.

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11/17/11 2:11 P

I LOVE sushi! But it's expensive. :^(

Last summer I spent some time in Japan and a friend turned me on to engawa (
nu/halibut_sushi.html). If you've never had any before, you've gotta try it!

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11/17/11 11:08 A

My boyfriend tried the whole "I'm hungry so it MUST be working!!" mentality last year when he was really bogged down in classwork and it only served to make him kinda grouchy and lethargic; then it nearly backfired when he stopped!

Greek yogurt's one of those love-it-or-leave-it foods but it's pretty versatile. I like putting Torani syrups in it or just a bit of honey.

Also, a tack-on to my post about food: if you're not averse to it and VERY CAREFUL, raw fish like tuna is great! Just avoid otoro (fatty tuna) in excess and make sure if you're buying it from the store that it's listed as sashimi grade and you store it below 40F as much as possible.

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11/16/11 11:28 P

Awesome. Thanks for the info. I've been trying to do a better job of eating a little something if I feel hungry during the day. Earlier in the year I would just try to ignore it and I would say, "Being hungry is part of dieting," but since joining this amazing site, I now know that is not really right.

Right now my go-to snack is popcorn... but as you suggested in my other thread, I might try adding in some Greek yogurt.

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11/16/11 11:12 P

Your body doesn't know "when" it's eating, it's just a matter of making sure you're not hungry throughout the day. As long as it's working for you and you're within your goal ranges you should be fine.

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11/16/11 10:28 P

I'm wondering if it's best to have a fairly even number of calories per meal, or if it really doesn't matter?

The low end of my calorie goal every day is about 1700 calories. I like to save up a few extra calories for a very satisfying dinner (e.g., 650-800 calories), so my breakfasts, lunches, and snacks are usually pretty light.

Is that alright or do I need to strike more balance?


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