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8/6/09 2:41 P

Hi Cutie,

Your question seems to be whether or not burning 1000 calories will *slow* your weight loss. My sister has found it does just that. She was working out extensively and hit a plateau that she couldn't break. She read about too much exercising affecting weight loss adversely so she cut back on her workouts and sure enough the plateau broke.

I'm no expert but it seems to me that extreme exercise and calorie burn might signal to the body that it is in danger and needs to save energy or burn more efficiently to allow us to run away from sabertooth tigers or something.

Whether or not that is how it works, at least one other person has seen the effect.

SERENE_ME Posts: 606
8/6/09 12:38 P

I think people who say they are burning 1000 cal EVERY day are either obese and potentially overdoing it, professional athletes, prone to exaggeration or using faulty measuring equipment.

The smaller you are, the faster/stronger you are, the more efficient you become at burning calories. Thus, really heavy people can burn 1000 doing an intensive workout but I burn all of 1400 running 20km in just under 2 hours. And I certainly couldn't do that everyday - most days I manage 300-700.

It's the most frustrating thing about being small and super-fit but I am sucking it up and learning to live with it!

Calories in need to equal calories out. Creating a calorie deficit will help you lose weight whether you're burning 200 or 800!

Good luck getting rid of that 10 lbs Cutieful!

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8/6/09 12:27 P

I am not quite sure how people accomplish 1000 unless they live at the gym. Personally, my treadmill has the age/weight options so I can see what I am losing for my specific body. I, however, do not exceed 300 for the 30 minutes I am on the machine during cardio. I don't quite go for speed, but I have quite an incline and switch it up that way. Between that and what I eat I have burned about 12 lbs in two weeks, and that is good enough for me.

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DACIUS Posts: 1,917
8/6/09 11:58 A

I read something about that as well cutie.... Anything over a certain percentage of your daily calories causes your body to start eating muscle mass as well as fat.

I do not remember the %, but i am sure it is not based on a specific calorie burned limit or a certain amount of time. I am a big guy, so me running at 10 minute mile causes me to burn calories very, very fast. Most guys my size cannot run 3 miles in 30 minutes so they normally do not burn as many calories as me. But for a lighter person I woudl imagine hitting the 1000 calorie mark would be hard to hit.

If you are worried about losing muscle mass, I would suggest increasing your protien in your diet and making sure you spend a good amount of time strength training. Your body will be less inclined to eat your muscle if you use them every week.

Good luck.

8/6/09 11:11 A

its all calories in vs calories out. I can burn 1000+ on a long bike ride, but that also means I"m riding for probably 90mins-2.5hours sometimes so its a time commitment too. However, for those that are training for marathons or such and are burning more you don't tend to lose weight faster because your appetite ramps up also. Excessive exercising isn't always the best way to lose weight fast and having a goal of fitting exercise in to your life consistently is better in the long run.

UNCLEJON Posts: 489
8/6/09 9:26 A

Depends on the person. I do 90 minutes or more everytime I hit the gym, I vary the routine, sometimes 30 minutes on the treadmill and 60 miutes aquaaerobics in the pool. Sometimes 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes strength circuit and 30 more on treadmill. Change it up helps me.

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8/4/09 4:53 P

I think if you do an hour and 45 mins like 2 times a week thats fine, but you dont want to do it every day. Also make sure your fulling your body for that

MOJO1967 Posts: 59
8/4/09 4:11 P

Burning 1,000 calories in a workout is not something you should put a lot of stock in. I used to do cardio 7x / week with 4 of those being about 90 minute sessions. According to my HRM, I burned between 950 and 1050 during each of those 4 sessions. However, I was so hungry ALL THE TIME, so I ate, which essentially cancelled out most of my cardio efforts. What matters is creating a caloric deficit. You can do that on 30 minutes of exercise and be a much happier, healthier person. I'd rather do less cardio and not be so ravenous and better able to control my hunger than to spend all that time on the treadmill. And let's face it, do you REALLY want to spend an hour and 45 minutes doing cardio? What's next? 2 hours? 3 hours?

RUNNER1976 Posts: 537
8/4/09 12:45 P

I split my workouts into before and after work... and often take walks on my lunch break. My long days I go all out and burn over 1,000 calories in a sitting... but I find that I need to rest my legs up to avoid injury. That is why my workout routines vary greatly.
I run in the AM
and swim and lift weights, or do the shred and yoga in the pm. I completely rest 1 day a week.
Good luck to you!

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8/4/09 12:27 P

By riding my bike to work and the return home I burn almost 1600 calories. It's a ride with some hills and they kick my butt but I'm rewarded with a downhill ride where I change my gears for resistance... wooohooo! My quads get a great workout and my heart too. I do push-ups and tricep and bicep strengthing, ab work and lunges. This change from Metro to bike riding to work allows me to get a great workout and not worry how I'll fit it in once I get home. I can actually relax as I do chores around the house. Being active helps me eat better as well. My last activity before bed is walking my three dogs in two separate walks. If it storms badly I don't get my bike ride in and do extra strenth work. This routine makes me feel happy and better about myself.

UNCLEJON Posts: 489
8/4/09 11:37 A

I am now using interval training on cardio. Plus I start with cardio for 30 minutes, then go to strength training circuit, then return to cardio for another 20 to 30 minutes depending on how I feel. It definetly gets you sweating and pulse pounding!

UNCLEJON Posts: 489
8/4/09 11:35 A

Well most exercise machines only estimate calories burned by some formula. If you don't enter your weight they assume 150 pounds. The more you weigh the more calories you will burn as you exercise. This is just physics... Work (Energy used) equals force over a distance. More weight, more force, more calories burned.

LUV2LOPE Posts: 393
8/4/09 10:40 A

It all depends on your body. I like to challenge myself .. and I split my workouts in 2 .. one in the morning and one in the afternoon/ evening. Only because of my time limits and I need to release Stress at the end of the day.
Burning that many calories isn't for everyone.. believe me it isn't. If you are happy and comfortable doing what you are doing... stay with it.
But every once in awhile challenge your body... it will help you lose.

CUTIEFUL024 Posts: 478
8/4/09 10:30 A

Well, the biggest question is how much is "too much" when it comes to cardio. I'd like to be able to burn 1000 calories every workout, but I dont want it to be counter productive. It would take me a good 1hr45min to complete it, but I have heard it is counter productive to do that much at once. I dont really have time to split my workouts into am and pm though...

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8/3/09 2:24 P

I sometimes burn 1000 calories in a day, but I also outweigh the OP by almost 90 pounds. It just takes a lot more energy to move my weight around.

My daily calorie burn is usually more in the 600-800 range these days, but that's often split up over 2 cardio sessions. I've also learned that I need to introduce a new cardio activity every 4-6 weeks - otherwise, my body becomes too efficient at my workouts and the rate of calorie burn goes down.

8/3/09 2:18 P

I would find it really hard to burn that many calories. Using a Heart Rate Monitor on the exercycle, I only burn just over 100 calories for 30 minutes doing 28-30 km per hour as my heart rate is low.

I find that uphill running and biking gets my heart rate up as well as sprints. Unfortunately, due to a recent illness diagnosis, I have been advised not to run or even walk uphill any more.

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8/3/09 1:00 P

In my spinning class I burn about 400 or so Calories in 45 minutes. If I run, I burn about 350 Calories in a half hour. So, in a way I agree that it can be frustrating to see people burning lots of Calories. But, everyone is different... don't let it bother you too much.

ADAVIS19 Posts: 180
8/3/09 12:58 P

I'm with you cutieful. The most I can burn is maybe 550 in an hour, and that's keeping my heart rate between 165-175. I always scratch my head at the people who burn 1000+ unless they're working out 3 hours a day or are significantly heavier.

CUTIEFUL024 Posts: 478
8/3/09 12:48 P

I use a heart rate monitor, and usually i burn about 500 calories in 50 minutes working at almost 85% of my max. There is another thread where many people are burning intense amounts of calories so i was just wondering if that hinders results. I know the less you weigh, the less you burn, but most of them look to be towards the more "fit" side

EXERTIGER Posts: 971
8/3/09 12:46 P

Your body burns some of it just staying alive. Check out your calorie differential in reports. You may be burning more than you think.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
8/3/09 12:42 P

Body weight has a lot to do with it. When I was at my heaviest, I could burn 1000 pretty easily.

I still do it occasionally, by doing lots of different activities on the same day. On weekends I start the day with a 5-mile walk with a friend, then usually go for a moderately long bike ride and/or do some heavy-duty gardening. If I also run 10K that evening, I'm well over 1000 calories. (But it's also about 3-5 hours of exercise.)

8/3/09 12:31 P

I have no problem getting close to 1,000 calories burned on my long run days. But I definitely wouldn't want to burn that much every day. I feel as though I could eat everything in sight on those big calorie burn days.


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8/3/09 12:15 P

I weigh 190, so I burn more calories than someone that ways less doing the same exercise. I try to break up my exercise sessions, especially on the weekends. Yesterday for example, I went to an intense 75-minute yoga class in the morning and then went on a 3.5 mile walk/jog in the evening. I burned about 1100 calories total for the day.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (202,306)
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8/3/09 11:48 A

I burn well in excess of 1500 calories on my long run days, but weight loss/fat loss is not one of my goals.

JBMT08 Posts: 2,219
8/3/09 11:38 A

When I started using my heart hate monitor, I was clocking well over 1000 calories burned. But I noticed that when I lost some weight, and I moved my weight down on my HRM, I was not burning 1000+ calories anymore. BUT, I weigh more than you do. It would be harder for someone lighter to burn 1000+ cals unless they are exercising excessively in my opinion...

CUTIEFUL024 Posts: 478
8/3/09 11:27 A

Really curious as to how everyone is burning 1,000+ calories a day..this is obviously over an hour of exercise. I have heard from pretty much everywhere that anything over an hour of hard cardio is counter productive and starts burning your muscles instead. How is everybody doing this?

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