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1/13/14 6:08 P

I agree, try to find another placement of the pedometer. Otherwise use the treadmill or you can find a local track. I use the track at my local high school and always feels safe because there are typically other walkers and joggers, plus I get a little fresh air.

KELKER Posts: 204
1/13/14 5:22 P

I'd give experimenting with placement a try. Try it on your shoe instead of your waistband, for instance. I noticed that my Spark Activity Tracker works better on my shoe.

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1/13/14 1:27 P

Pedometers work by impact; you have to take a step. On an elliptical, there are no steps; you aren't taking steps, you're doing a zero-impact sliding thing. Pedometers are designed to track walking, and you're not walking.

Pedometers simply aren't going to work well on ellipticals. Try a treadmill, maybe?

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1/13/14 8:25 A

The thing with a pedometer is that you actually have to walk in order for the device to register the step. So using it with something like an elliptical where you aren't actually walking would cause the readings to be inaccurate.

CJOFATL Posts: 2
1/13/14 8:22 A

Hi: My insurance company (Humana) gave me a free pedometer and let's me earn points for workouts. The problem is that I use an elliptical every day and it seems to not work very well on it. It does not register most of the steps (more than half are missed).

Does anyone else have this problem?

Any tips for getting it to work correctly?


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