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5/22/13 12:44 A

Only jeans that have ever looked good on me (Julie 1150):

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5/15/13 2:41 P

Ugh, I also feel your pain! I'm also pear-shaped & have a very hard time finding jeans/pants that fit well. I'm also getting very annoyed with LB-their prices keep going up & the quality seems to be declining. Right now I will only shop at their outlet stores, & even then the "deals" aren't always that great.

I have a great pair of Levi's that fit awesome-"Women's" size 18 I got at Kohl's about 5 years ago, but I don't know if they carry them anymore. It's good to know JCP is, I'll have to check there.

Fashion Bug was a place I could usually find jeans at-I know it's part of the LB family but they were always cheaper. All the stores have closed where I live, so I don't know if they are online-only now.

Of course I know one place to not bother-Abercrombie & Fitch! Ha! I've never been in one of their stores, & now I know I probably would've been denied entry.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
5/14/13 7:18 P

I like the Lucky Brand and you can get them at Costco for $24.99 or $29.99 can't remember how much. You can also sometimes find them at Marshalls for like $34.99. Also I shop Goodwill, thrift stores, and consignment shops. I never usually buy brand new anymore unless it's a super good deal. I also like Kut from the Kloth jeans for curvy figures.

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5/14/13 4:18 P

I also read that Old Navy has a curvier cut now, but all of the reviews say to order a couple sizes up. I'm definitely going to try those since they have free return shipping. ON doesn't charge for returns on plus sizes because they don't carry plus sizes in stores. I think it's nice that they realize we can't try stuff on and might have to ship a bunch of stuff back. Yay for ON. :)

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5/14/13 4:16 P

I think the "make your own" would be cool once I got down to maintenance weight, but I worry about the cost. Still, if it's close to what I'd pay in the store, it could be pretty awesome. Although, it might be cheaper to take jeans to a tailor if they just need a tuck at the waist or something. Right now, I can hem mine pretty easily (while keeping the original colored seam at the bottom of the leg), so that saves $10-20 in tailoring. I'm between a petite and regular.

Anyway, I did some research, and I did find some that are promising. Levi makes a couple of cuts that are good for curvy women, and they're sold through Macy's and JC Penney. I think Kohl's has them too. I'm not sure if they'd have my size in the store itself, so I'll have to go shopping this weekend and report back.

I also found some by Lee, but I didn't see that they had that cut in stores. I might order them online and see if they fit. I just hate to pay $15-18 in shipping if they don't. I really wish more stores carried plus-size jeans all the way up to 26/28. I wear a 20 or 22 at LB and a 24 or 26 in other brands. The Lee and Levi size charts have me in a 24, which sounds about right. LB has been into some crazy vanity sizing lately. I wear a 20 in their T3 jeans, and I was in a size 18 Right Fit before they discontinued them. An 18 in any other store barely makes it past my knees. ;)

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
5/14/13 1:04 P

That "start at" is what gets me!

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
5/14/13 12:47 P

I've thought about it, but haven't done it...yet. I'm tempted, though. Jeans start at $49.

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GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
5/14/13 8:32 A

Girl you are preaching to the choir. I get low rise jeans for that reason. My waist is now 39.5 and my hips are 54"...So, size 18 waist. Size 24 badonk. Awesome. And my kids' dad wonders why I love yoga pants so much? I buy my jeans at Walmart. They sell Levis for under $30. There's no way I'm paying more than that.

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5/14/13 6:30 A

I don't wear jeans at all

5/14/13 6:07 A

i am an a-line or full skirt kind of gal myself

-SHAWN- Posts: 25,252
5/14/13 4:53 A


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5/13/13 11:29 P

I only wear Levi's Curvy cut jeans now. I have always had the issue with my waist being so much smaller than my hips. These are the ONLY jeans that fit me properly. They're comfortable and look great and I love them! I found them at JCPenney.

5/13/13 11:12 P

I don't wear jeans but Blair, Jessica London and Roamans (online lg. women stores) have selections of jeans in different shape categories.

Hope you can find something. I know how frustrating clothes shopping can be.

ANGHARAD3 Posts: 966
5/13/13 10:59 P

My friends swear by PZI jeans.

5/13/13 9:10 P

I get most of my jeans from Urban Planet they have a descent selection and I am a pear shape as well... And their prices are fair as well.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,779
5/13/13 9:04 P

I like dresses from Avenue, and enjoy the styles from Woman Within catalog that comes in the mail, those are cheaper clothes to me than Lane Bryant. Target and Burlington's Coat Factory has lots of modern tops and regular pants and good prices. I quit wearing jeans, don't like the way denim feels, doesn't matter how it fits, it is not comfortable. I'm 66 and have been up and down in weight my whole life, tip is, no matter how much weight you lose and you are "sure" you won't gain the weight back, Do Not Get Rid of ALL of your clothes, and you can take that to the bank, friends. Sorry, but I've been around the block several times already, trust me on this one.

5/13/13 6:44 P

I have the same concerns re: spending money on clothes right now. The thought that keeps me going is that in a few short months I should able to buy all my clothes at "normal" stores, and a few short months after that, I will be able to stop buying clothes due to shrinking sizes and start building a more permanent clothing collection.

LB is such a frustrating place for me. I hate spending that kind of money on clothing that I don't like to buy -- big clothes -- and you spend A LOT on clothes at LB. It is frustrating that there aren't more shops out there to make the shopping experience better for those who wear a bigger size, especially considering all of those crazy statistics that more than half the country is of a bigger size.

LB is outrageous though. The prices do not match the quality of the clothing. Plus, I don't know anyone who wears LB because it is "designer" brand, so they can't add that "value" into their pricing structure. I think they get away with it because there aren't very many options out there.

Kohl's is okay. I think they are hit or miss. Some of their women's section clothing is seriously dated and unattractive. You can find cute stuff there, though. And, more importantly, you can find good deals there, too.

You might want to try Target or Walmart. Target jeans are $30 ish, and while they aren't the best quality, they aren't really much of an investment -- which makes them perfect for transition clothing.

Have you tried online shops? You might be more experimental in that way -- not knowing the fits and styles as well as you would if you were trying them on, but you'd have more options.

SP should maybe consider a clothing swap or something. There have to be a lot of members here who are going through transition clothing. It would be kind of cool to be able to post saying -- hey, I've got a pair of size 16 jeans that are too big for me, does someone want them?

I hope this helps! Stay positive!

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5/13/13 6:07 P

The last time I went to Kohl's (many years ago), nothing fit right, but they might be worth another try. I'm getting desperate. ;)

I'd really like to be able to buy jeans at some of the "regular" stores since they tend to be cheaper. LB charges $70-80 for a pair of jeans. My friend has the same waist-to-hip ratio and looooves Lucky jeans, but those are $100. :( I just really, really hate to spend so much money on jeans when I'm changing sizes every couple months.

Another friend with the same build likes Lee jeans. A quick check of their website says Kohl's carries them, so maybe that's the way to go. Thanks!

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5/13/13 4:50 P

I noticed they change their jean style, too! I tried on a few pairs, and I kept thinking -- man, am I picking up skinny jeans? Their jeans have been low waisted and tight through the leg.

I can't remember the style, but I had been on a pretty good role with jeans from them for a while.

Glad to know it isn't just me!

I found some jeans at Kohl's that I like. Have you tried looking there?

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5/13/13 4:42 P

LB changed their jeans again!!! Nothing fits right.

I'm a super-curvy pear shape - 44" waist, 56" hips - and have trouble finding jeans that not only cover my butt but don't gap in the back. I used to wear their blue circle Right Fit back in the day, and their T3s were fabulous and looked *awesome* on me, but they've changed to a new style that doesn't fit right. The legs are way too tight. Pear shapes tend to have heavy thighs and calves, so I don't get it. I'm so annoyed right now.

Catherine's has "mom" jeans. Old Navy's are apple-shaped and way too big in the waist. How about Avenue? Any other recommendations? I heard Lee is good too.

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