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7/22/13 5:44 P

Use natural peanut butter, it's stronger tasting. I only use a tablespoon at a time but will sometimes have it a couple times a day. I love peanut butter.

I put a tablespoon of crunchy natural PB on my Greek yogurt parfait.
Lately I've been making a red cabbage and chicken salad with peanut sauce.

But one of my favourite ways to eat it and spread it out further without all the added calories is to mix it with pumpkin puree, cinnamon and nutmeg. I use the spread for French toast, on top of my yogurt parfait, in whole wheat crepes and even turn it into a pudding or mousse for dessert. Makes a great dip for apples, my kids love it.

You can also mix it with a 1/3 of a ripe mashed banana and unsweetened cocoa powder for a peanut butter and chocolate spread.

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7/22/13 3:52 P

good tip

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7/22/13 2:32 P

Great tip! My real problem is the extra I eat off the spoon while making the rest of the sandwich..haha.

7/22/13 12:03 P

I, too, love peanut butter and used to use a lot more than one serving. Of course, the same could be said for things like cream cheese, dipping sauces, salad dressings, sandwich toppers, etc. I find that I'm now satisfied with LESS than even a full serving, depending on what I'm eating, of course. I like to put 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter on each half of a mini whole grain bagel, for example. That's only 1 tbsp, but I toast it first. The melting really does make a difference! In fact, I sometimes even think even that amount is too much!

And regarding salads, I am still shocked by how much dressing I used to use compared to now. At most, I use 2 tbsp, and that only tends to happen on HUGE salads. I require significantly less dressing, usually just enough to taste it and moisten the lettuce a bit, and I'm appalled that I used to just pore it on there. I've found that now I can even have the higher fat dressings I love (like the Jalapeno Ranch I had yesterday at my family reunion cookout, yum!) because I don't dump it on my salads, I only use about a tbsp most of the time.

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7/22/13 11:59 A

And over time you may adjust your taste for it- I don't even use 2 T, one is more than enough for me! I put banana or apple slices on it and it is quite satisfying when I want peanut butter.

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7/22/13 10:59 A

I am sure everyone here knows that serving of peanut butter is only 2 tablespoons. Well, I confess that I used to used 3 times that to make a sandwich! Wow, reading labels is life altering :) I am happy to report that I now eat a measured serving. I don't know if this is a common adjustment for people or if I am unique, but just in case, I thought I would post a tip on two ways I have found to enjoy less peanut butter and make it seem like it is "more" than it is.

1. When you eat peanut butter, on whole wheat or whole grain bread of course, toast the bread first. The peanut butter will melt and spread over the surface of the bread. It seems like a lot more is there and I find it to have a decadent feel to it - mmmmmm melted peanut butter! :)

2. When I have a peanut butter sandwich, I place on tablespoon of peanut butter on each slice of bread and eat two half sandwiches instead of one who sandwich. A tablespoon on one piece of bread keeps the ratio of peanut butter to bread higher and I find it doesn't feel like I am being deprived.

I hope this helps to makes your single serving of peanut butter experience more enjoyable too!

Pamala :)

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