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2/8/13 6:51 P

I include peanut butter. my snack this afternoon was peanut butter, apple and rice cakes. the other day i had a grilled peanut butter and apple sandwich for part of my lunch.

one of my favorite sparks recipes is the one for peanut butter oatmeal. it is really good and filling.

like others have said, make sure you measure it. it is easy to overestimate what a tablespoon is.

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SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
2/8/13 5:59 P

Oh yes, eat peanut butter.

If you haven't tried PB2 or Chocolate PB2, try that, too. This is my holy chocolate and peanut butter goodness each day with far less fat.

CLOWNPANTS SparkPoints: (1,355)
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2/8/13 5:47 P

Eat it, but measure it out. I only use a tablespoon at a time. It goes further than you think, but hard to estimate and if I don't actually measure I will go WAY over.

Also, I have had slip ups where I just eat straight from the jar. Whoops.

AKOLL09 SparkPoints: (17,180)
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2/8/13 3:53 P

Agree with everyone, go for it! But since its high calorie, measure carefully. I can eat it straight off the spoon, so I have to be careful :). I eat 1 tablespoon a day, usually on toast and have continued to lose inches! I have learned all food, healthy or not, is ok as long as I watch my portio size.

CHRISTINA791 SparkPoints: (72,326)
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2/8/13 3:45 P

I love my morning peanut butter. If you want to go a little healthier, you can buy a natural peanut butter (no added sugar or oils - just peanuts. It's the kind you have to stir up).

ROBBSMOM30 SparkPoints: (106)
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2/8/13 3:34 P

Thanks everyone!! Im definitely measuring everything so I'll be sure to keep on top of that too! Good to know I can keep it around!!!

SAKENP Posts: 20
2/8/13 3:05 P

It's a great source of protein so definitely keep it in your diet. I LOVE it and have trouble controlling how much I eat. So not I spread some on apples or bananas to keep from eating half a jar at once. Some folks mentioned it below and I agree - measuring is the key.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,787
2/8/13 3:04 P

I measure and track my PB. I have been known to eat the PB right off the measuring spoon if I didn't want to add crackers or bread. Enjoy! but measure and track.... emoticon

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,540
2/8/13 2:59 P

I couldn't imagine life without peanuts and peanut butter. I agree with BunnyKicks though. You should measure it.

2/8/13 2:58 P

Sure you can eat peanut butter. Just make sure you're measuring it and tracking the calories correctly. What you want is to eat nutritious food and track the calories you're eating, not throw out one or two foods as "bad." Peanut butter is calorie-dense, but one or two tablespoons fits into a healthy diet. I eat it often with cereal and bananas in the morning. That dose of protein and healthy fats keeps me from crashing later.

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/8/13 2:49 P

It's a good source of protein... but a little goes a long way!

I would say it is a worthy addition to your menu. But I would highly recommend that you measure it very carefully. It's so easy to go overboard - my eyes will say "oh that looks like about a tablespoon" when in fact it is three...

ROBBSMOM30 SparkPoints: (106)
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2/8/13 2:43 P

I had a question with the Great Peanut BUtter Debate...

I know there are two schools of thought on this...
But in a nut shell (no pun intended)...
I'm working to lose weight on my own - no assisted medications, supplements, etc. I have a VERY unhealthy relationship with food in that I am always concerned about eating too much when in reality I'm learning I'm not losing because I don't eat enough. So I'm quite aware of my issues and what needs fixing...

But with peanut butter... is this healthy to include in my diet? I've heard both "avoid it" and "go for it". I work as a massage therapist and can be on my feet giving deep tissue massages for upwards of 6 hours a day and that doesn't include my workouts in the am. I guess I'm looking to add peanut butter to my snacks just as a boost of protein and to hold me over so I dont cave and eat empty calories.... however I don't want to thwart my attempts at weight loss either.

Any input would be great, thanks all!

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