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WENDYANNE61 Posts: 450
6/19/14 4:02 A

I found breaking down the weight I wanted to lose into 10lb-packages kept me motivated to keep on eating right and working out. I would love to see an average of half a pound weight-loss a week - that happens very rarely now that I am about 10lbs above my weight of desire!
Keep at it and the weight will come off - slowly but surely!

DSTENORE Posts: 87
6/17/14 10:39 A

BTW: If you are not use to working out, your body needs to build up stamina, strength, and muscle first. So until that happens, your workouts might not seem to be working "on the scale" but believe me THEY ARE WORKING "inside your body". Give it 12 weeks, YES! 12 weeks of consistent exercise and diet. Don't expect a miracle in 7 days 'cuz that ain't going to happen!!
You can't expect to eat ice cream after seven days and expect to lose weight. Tha't won't work either. Come On - focus. Don't buy ice cream or chips or whatever calorie laden foods that are weaknesses for you. Just don't have those foods in the house for a month. Four weeks is not that long to Give them up. Then after four weeks, your cravings should be less and less. Instead, buy some fresh strawberries in season now, have them with same 0% Greek Yogurt. Sprinkle with 1T. pumpkin seeds and/or unsalted chopped nuts. Get a Vitamix if you can afford it, freeze banana and strawberries and then make homemade sorbet. White bread, NO. Try some whole grain bread instead (La Brea bakery makes a great tasting one). For 12 weeks, do the SP log in watch your calories and carb/fat/protein ratio. Even if the scale isn't up your body through workouts. After 12 weeks you should have lots of muscle built and stamina improvement. then try HIIT workouts for 30 minutes, 5x a week.

DSTENORE Posts: 87
6/17/14 10:23 A

AS THE FAMOUS "THEY" SAY: Patience is a virtue! Definitely one you need when trying to lose weight. Best to lose slowly, but sometimes it seems the scale takes forever to move. Once you start exercising and altering your foods to healthy, controlled calories - your body is going through a major adjustment. Give it time, don't expect an overnight miracle. It took time to put on the pounds and it will take even more time to drop them. Keep it at 1lb.-2lbs per week, don't try to lose lots at one time.

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
6/15/14 6:49 A

Big changes is a short time is not beneficial unless your BMI is over 30. Slow weight loss is the best way to go. Lifestyle changes is your ultimate goal.

SEAGLASS1215 Posts: 592
6/15/14 6:45 A

Such great advice here, thank you all who posted!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

6/14/14 6:50 P

To reiterate what CHERYLDS said, you can't gain a half a pound on one piece of white bread. Not a half a pound of fat, anyway. I can understand the impatience, but you just have to accept that your body won't change overnight. It can change, but it takes time. If you're seeing very small levels of weight loss now, hang in there, it may speed up. Mine comes and goes.

I find that now that I don't overeat all the time, I actually enjoy my food more than I used to. When I sit down to eat, I'm hungry and I enjoy every morsel. The only advice I can give is to work on acceptance. If you get frustrated and quit trying, you'll never see the results you want.

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6/14/14 6:40 P

Lots of good advice.

JONEC14333 SparkPoints: (51,290)
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6/14/14 6:08 P

Whatever makes the process easier for you, whether it is putting your own groupings into SparkPeople, or following someone else's menu, or buying pre-measured meals, be sure to Have fun!

KODIAK13 SparkPoints: (16,124)
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6/14/14 5:23 P

I'm doing it in two ways, and whether it'll work or not that remains to be seen. One, I'm changing my eating for life. Meaning I'm not saying 'never' but making sure what was once common becomes very uncommon. I love comfort food, love baked goods and high calorie foods like doughnuts and pizza. So what I'm trying to do is redefine my eating. Eat healthy and with much better choices most of the time, so that you can have that pizza or doughnut the time when you just really want it. So far it's working.

Two, I made a promise that I'll stick to this process for a year. I'll run/exercise for a year and I'll fight this fight with my eating habits for a year. That doesn't mean I'm perfect for a year it just means I won't give up and throw in the towel like before.

I know if I stay the course, next year at this time I'll be in better shape than I am now and I'll certainly not be heavier than I was when I started. Every year my weight creeps up so this time I'm not going to just sit back and let it happen. This year I'm going to fight for the opposite trend. I want my weight to be less next year than it is now.

Even if I'm only down 10 lbs in one year that is still 10 lbs LESS than before. I hope for more progress than that but even if it's that slow it'll still be better than being 5 to 10 lbs MORE which is exactly where I'd be if I changed nothing.

Sometimes I think it's important to understand that you've got to find a workable solution. most people cannot manage an 'all or nothing' approach when it comes to losing weight. They last for a little while but then can't stick with it and then eat more of the junk because they never let themselves indulge while trying to lose weight.

On my weight loss journey I'm going to eat cake and cookies and pizza. I'm also going to eat fresh vegetables and fruit and nuts.

I just have to make sure it's a lot less of the former and more of the latter. :)

KDYLOSE Posts: 1,641
6/14/14 2:35 P

I like to think about it like this: in June 2015, you will look back and see that another year has gone by. That year will go by whether you've been Sparking or not. It could go by and find you in the same place. Or, if you've stuck with your program, at the end of those 12 months you will weigh less, feel healthier, and have a sense of accomplishment. So why not just do it?

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JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (317,220)
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6/13/14 10:38 P

start the day out by making a good choice

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (237,916)
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6/13/14 5:57 P

Without patience this process seems impossible.
Focus on the small victories an better choices you make, and how good you feel, rather than just pounds lost.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
6/13/14 5:51 P

Be patient

73SUPER Posts: 320
6/13/14 3:21 P

You HAVE to want it. I you don't want it ..that much.. then it's not going to happen. Sometimes it may take stop and starting several times over before it sticks... or you may still need the proper internal motivation before you put your head down and plow forward. Once you start getting over a hump or two you actually start enjoying the process.. it's true. It's always hardest to initially start...

COLLEENBOB SparkPoints: (25,119)
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6/13/14 3:01 P

Always remember, slow progress is still progress


TRUDIP1 Posts: 379
6/13/14 12:11 P

How do you keep going, day in and day out, and what keeps you motivated when the scale and pants size hardly change? I feel like a hamster running on a wheel getting nowhere but at least the little rodent is burning more calories than I am!

Well, Seaglass, you have received some of the best information around. One thing I have to do is --Look back and see how far I have come----ask myself do I want that again, or do I want to keep going? You know the answer. Look at what you can do now that you could not do before you began...I could hardly walk to my mailbox (500ft) without getting out of breath...But NOW I can walk 5 miles! How long have I been on this trip...about 6 yrs....and it's a one way ticket to health! The trip of a life, the healthiest we can become! I wish you the greatest success -- that of meeting your goals and gaining a healthy life that you love---the scale be hanged! emoticon

6/13/14 8:48 A

What a great thread! I'm glad I came across it this morning after feeling a bit disappointed with no loss this week. I too have been frustrated with how slowly the weight is coming off. I expected it to be like I've read - high numbers to start with expecting it to slow down. I think I expected the 'slow down' part to happen somewhere in the 170 lbs range!!

BUT, if I follow all the advise here I have ACHIEVED the following over the last 4 months:

Drastically reduced my alcohol consumption by 4-5 days a week being alcohol free
Increased my exercise to 5 days a week
Increased my intensity level of the exercise to get my heart rate going up
Added in veggies to food for the first time in I can't remember how long
Lost some inches
Lost 13 lbs

PJJJSAGE Posts: 104
6/12/14 1:35 P

Everyone's been very supportive and given you lots of good advice.

I sense that you're at the beginning of this I'm gonna go just a little in the other direction. Quit complaining. Yeah, it sucks not magically fitting into those skinny jeans when you think you should (personally, my thighs are shaping up---my gut is lagging behind---and thank God I can't see my behind...)

But by complaining, you're only focusing on the negative. If you think all day about the ice cream you can't have, you're only making it worse on yourself. Need a treat? Have some watermelon. Have a fudgsicle. Have a scoop of sherbet.

Hate squeezing in exercise? Break it up into ten minute sessions.

Find ways to say "I can" instead of "I can't". Think of it this way---if your toddler self had said "I can't"'d never have learned to walk.

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JLAMING263 Posts: 4,707
6/12/14 10:13 A

emoticon emoticon

HMBROWN1 Posts: 16,832
6/12/14 10:13 A

Sounds like you are doing all the right things. It will come. Best wishes!

REDHEADLONGLEGS SparkPoints: (16,855)
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6/12/14 7:28 A

There are tons, really tons of information on here for motivation but I wanted to comment on some of the things you said because I was there just a little while ago....
Sacrifice... there is no sacrifice when you eat healthy! You only need food to survive. It isn't a reward or a treat. I agree that there should be joy in what you do chose to eat but healthy choices are the best and they aren't sacrifice. I've been there. It isn't a diet to deny the foods you want, it is a way of living, eating healthy.
I myself have a long way to go but I am doing it one day at a time. I welcome that half pound a week because I will look back at my food log and see what I ate and change accordingly.
If you do all the steps and change when you don't see a pound a week, then do more! Make better habits! Like I said, there are tons of things on here to motivate you and I have been there! GOOD LUCK!!

MOODYKEYS SparkPoints: (26,689)
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6/11/14 9:11 P

totally agree if you are eating good and doing exercise plus you have lowered your portions you will lose. maybe it will take time but it will come off. good luck and keep trucking.

SLIMBOT Posts: 147
6/11/14 8:37 P

There are a lot of great ideas on this thread, so I'll just add a little something from my own experience... I don't know how much you have to lose, but if it's a smaller number, it might take longer for you to start seeing results. I joined Spark to lose between 15 and 20 pounds. I did the math and naively assumed that if I stuck to the calorie guidelines, I'd reach my goal in less than 3 months. How wrong I was! It took me 6 months and I don't think I ever lost a whole 2 pounds in one week. I also had to do a lot of experimenting to figure out my "weight loss calorie sweet spot"-- that is, how many calories I could eat and how much exercise I had to do-- in order to stay sane and still lose. So keep at it, keep experimenting, keep changing it up, and keep the faith! If you persist, it'll happen.

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LJBRANDOK Posts: 183
6/11/14 6:44 P

I focused on monthly rather than daily/weekly goals. I always set low monthly weight loss goals so that they were attainable fostering a sense of success/pride/confidence. Since my thought process for this whole thing was adopting healthy lifestyle choices, I was trying to focus on behavior modification for the long run, not quick but not sustainable weight loss.

KPEDEN74 SparkPoints: (68,950)
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6/11/14 4:01 P

Focus on the positive changes you are making. Eating better, exercise and staying positive are all good for you. Stick with it and the weight will take care of itself.

LEWIS314 SparkPoints: (19,274)
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6/10/14 11:15 P

Hang in there. Remember that the time will pass no matter what. Just do one day and then worry about the next day when that day comes.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,246
6/10/14 2:23 P

Sometimes, all the advice in the world doesn't register anymore........and you need to take a break and regroup. Until you can dig motivation out from within.........and begin again. Others can't give it to you, you can't buy eating disorder is a chronic disease. It's not just the bulimics and anorexics that have an eating disorder.

MIGHTYN1 Posts: 74
6/10/14 9:32 A

it really is in the mind & it's also one day at a time, my daughter is a little overweight & as a role model I help her along, but it's tough.

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
6/10/14 7:25 A

losing weight is a struggle, and its hard to do. I agree, its all in the mind set.
I have 100 pounds to lose. Such a long ways to go. I think how can I do this?
One day at a time. emoticon at least you lost 1/2 pound. Thats always a step in the right direction. emoticon

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (553,127)
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6/10/14 7:18 A

Lisa....SparkPeople encourages the creation of a motivation board as well. I made mine many years ago and it still hangs near my computer as a reminder of what I find important.

LISAN0415 SparkPoints: (9,164)
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6/10/14 4:18 A

I have seen people who have been successful at weight loss or other healthy lifestyle goals give themselves "Incentives" or rewards... Not for how many pounds they lose but for healthy changes or healthy "streaks"

For instance someone that is a huge diet soda drinker may reward themselves with a pedicure after 21 staright days without soda.

or someone that struggles to drink 8 glasses of water a day maybe reward themselves with a new book after 21 or 30 days of 8 glasses a day.

I have also seen really big rewards, like if somoen has 6/7 good eating days for 6 months, they book a trip (if they can afford it)

A friend of mine did weight watchers and she was successful-and it's not that I am pushing for weight watchers, but one thing her leader asked all the members to do was make a "Motivation board"
you can look up ideas for your own board, but she posted photos of herself at a healthy weight, or if someone has been overweight all their lives, they can paste pictures of things they'd like to do when they are a healthier weight- like wear a bathing suit, or take an airplane ride.

a friend of mine also bought a dress in 1 size smaller. she had it right where she could see it everyday, and it motivated her to stay on her plan. She then scheduled a fabulous date night with her hubby at a theater and showed off her new dress.

I wish you all the best! It may seem like a lot of work, but our bodies are worth it- after all, we only get 1!


KOALA_BEAR SparkPoints: (18,475)
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6/9/14 11:58 P

Boy can I relate! but if it was easy, everyone would be thin. So I focus on the fact that I'm not gaining, which I just might do if I ate without restraint. And I am eating for my overall health not just to look better or wear a smaller size.

Patience is a virtue - and sometimes hard to come by! That's why this SP site and the other members are so important. We all need the support sometimes more often and sometimes less. I like hearing from those who have accomplished reaching their goal but that doesn't mean they don't work at keeping the weight off.

When I was skinny I didn't appreciate the effort it took for others to diet but I certainly do now, and admire those who keep at it.

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K_SABLE Posts: 175
6/9/14 9:13 P

There are so many good suggestions and motivational comments and I just wanted to add mine in too. I can relate to wanting see a BIG change right away. I know I would be super motivated and feel awesome about the way I look, BUT I have NEVER had ANYTHING that I truly wanted come into my life the easy way. This is a process that takes consistent dedication, planning, and goal setting. I've had to learn how to set small, attainable goals - like eating at least 2 servings veggies/fruits per day. It was eye opening to me to think back and realize that there were some days where I may not have even eaten any and not even because I don't like them - just bad habits in place then.
Other small goals I've set are to avoid alcoholic beer and wine (found a tasty non-alcoholic alternative with much fewer calories as a treat); eat fish about 2 times per week; workout for at least 10 continuous minutes per day. It's been feeling great to tick the boxes on these goals. I'll be setting new ones soon!
It may not be a glamorous tv-worthy process to do what it takes to be well and fit, but it's worth it. If you just want to drop pounds, there are lots of ways to get that done - quickly -- maybe not very safely in some cases or last long term.
But, if you want to create a lifestyle of healthier habits that naturally creates weight loss - it's gonna be a bit slower. Give your body some credit for carrying you regardless of whatever you've put in it and on it - but also be patient & give your body some time to get acclimated to new changes. It'll catch up!
Like many have already said, the extra weight and bad habits did not show up this morning - they will take significant time to be transformed. emoticon

LWADE1963 Posts: 936
6/9/14 7:05 P

Don't concentrate on end result . Concentrate on how you feel while you are eating right and excercise

KINISUE Posts: 1,156
6/9/14 6:16 P

When the scale doesn't move I check the inches. If the inches are not changing either I look inside myself. I know that sound strange. But I try to remember how I felt about myself when I started this journey. Then I honestly evaluate how I feel about myself right this minute. Excusing the scale and the tape measure just how I feel about me. Do I still feel guilty when I eat out. (Used to be when I ate out, even if I was eating healthy I felt like people were looking at me thinking that it really wouldn't hurt her to skip a meal.) Do I still avoid looking in a mirror. Do I still hide in the house and hope that no one asks me to go someplace with them. Do I still think that my family member or friend regrets asking me to go out with them. Yes you do have to have patience but more than that on a daily basis remind yourself how much you love you and the reasons why you want to lose weight and the small victories you have already have. You will make it we all will!!! emoticon emoticon

KSHEPARDSON SparkPoints: (3,915)
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6/9/14 4:30 P

Routine, that's a really good place to start. We all have one, but need to make them good ones :)

KSHEPARDSON SparkPoints: (3,915)
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Posts: 37
6/9/14 4:30 P

I agree. I think they were meant as a motivator. But in really who loses 12 pounds in one week?

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,246
6/9/14 4:13 P

If there was some magic words that would change everything for you, someone would have patented by now and be a billionaire. The way you are feeling is normal, it's hard to have to swallow healthy food after years of eating what pleases us. All of the common sense advice already given is good and wonderful, but none of it will stand at your side when you make your food choices, or when you go out to eat, go to the grocery store, have to cook meals over and over for others. Would going to a dietitian who sees you often help, one to sit down with you to plan a menu of foods that you enjoy so you don't feel so unsatisfied? It's the comfort and satisfaction we miss, food is a security that we just hate to push away. In the end, it still boils down to us and our gut feelings. It's not that we don't know what to eat, we just aren't getting satisfied. Maybe tapering down instead of cutting certain foods out completely will help you. I think a dietitian would help, a real, live person that sees you.

Good Luck...........

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (64,222)
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6/9/14 3:05 P

I was a skinny child and remained slim and trim until I had children. Pregnancy, working and raising a family left me fat and out of shape. Add injuries and illness and the years went by and the weight kept climbing. I had put myself on the back burner for almost 20 years until I could not take it any more. I want to be healthy, active and look and feel good. I knew this was not going to happen over night and I am determined to do what it takes for the rest of my life. This is a new lifestyle for me, not a quick weight loss program. I workout 6-8 hours a week and track my food every day. I will likely have to do this for the rest of my life, but the rewards are too good for me to slip back into my sedentary, fast food ways. I had to become a different person and there has been some resistance and eye rolling but my family is on board (not that all of them are following in my footsteps) but I did lose a few friends that felt threatened by the new me. I have gained new friends in this journey and have even started back into competitive tennis something I regretted giving up years ago. Life is good and I don't feel like I am sacrificing a thing, rather I have gained more friends, better health and look waaaay better in my clothes. Still have a way to go and though the pounds are coming off slower these days as long as I am still losing (1/2 pound a week is still losing weight!) I keep being motivated.

You can try any number of diets and you will lose some weight, I have done it numerous times. Unless you make this a lifestyle change and one you can live with and enjoy, you will likely gain the weight back and more. We can all lose weight, you've likely done it before, but few of us can keep it off, it takes a radical shift in thinking and developing a whole new way of living.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
6/9/14 3:04 P

Motivation is like a bath. We need it everyday

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (223,311)
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6/9/14 2:19 P

Did you put the weight on overnight? Why do you expect it to come off overnight?

You will see results with time. Start with baby steps. 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week is very realistic.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,587)
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Posts: 27,200
6/9/14 12:00 P


I blame the Biggest Loser and the late nite fitness infomercials for convincing people they can attain miraculous results in 30, 60 or 90 days.

Remember, you're trying to change habits learned over a life time. That's not going to happen overnight, a week, a month or even a year. The fact is, you didn't gain the weight overnight, it's not coming off overnight. That's why Spark People encourages its members to start with simple changes first. Don't try to do everything at once or you will end up frustrated.

Set some simple goals. Example, if you're not eating 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies, set a goal to eat 2-3 servings each day for one week. if you're not drinking 8 glasses of water, set a goal to drink 2-4 glasses each day for one week. if you're not exercising, don't start with an hour a day, set a goal to take a 30 minute walk each day for one week. Once you've achieved these goals, then you set new ones.

And this is how we learn to create healthier habits. I give all new members and anyone who will listen to me one piece of advice and it's this,"Don't look at good health or weight loss with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing you did for yourself today was drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction.

Right now, you're convinced that your taste buds wont change. I can assure you that with TIME and PATIENCE, your outlook will change. That's because we know what is coming. We have been where you are. There was a time I thought I'd never give up Diet Coke. It took several years, but eventually I did stop drinking it. I haven't had a soda in years. And you know what ? I don't miss it.

You know what else ? Even though you may think you eat a lot of food now, with time and patience, your portion sizes will decrease to so that you wont feel deprived.

the problem is that your not giving yourself or your body time to change or adapt. NO ONE ever became a healthy eater overnight. It's impossible. That's why Spark encourages starting with those simple changes. No all or nothing mentality.

You have to have some faith that what you're doing is the right thing because one small change CAN change your life.

Patience, it's a virtue.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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Posts: 3,116
6/9/14 11:35 A

I think of it as a journey where the journey is more important than the destination. What I learn along the journey is going to keep me returning to the right path time and again. Thinking of it as an adventure rather than an uphill road, helps me wanting to learn more about the meaning of a healthy life style.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
6/9/14 10:07 A

Seaglass - you've gotten some great advice already. You have to re-think your current notion of what "success" means (ie 2 pounds a week or whatever). You got to where you are now one step, one day, one choice at a time----and that's how you'll get to where you want to be. This isn't a sprint where you'll cross the finish line and then **POOF** you'll be at your goal weight and then it's over. It's a rest-of-your-life journey, with lots of twists and turns, and even some backtracking along the way. The great thing is, IMO, that you can always pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and then keep on going. Your journey is just that...YOURS.

JLAMING263 Posts: 4,707
6/9/14 9:52 A

concentrate on setting a routine that will set you in the right direction... emoticon

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,806
6/9/14 9:35 A

One, you have to really want this. It's not easy. It took 7 years of experimentation and slumps and bumps and ruts for me to reach my goal. And it had been a 12 year journey. If all you are worried about is a number on the scale, you may have a hard time finding success. So many factors - from sodium to hormones - can affect that number, even if you've lost body fat that week. Instead, keep your goals rounded - have weight, nutrition and fitness goals.

Two, for me, it wasn't about giving up food that I like. I still have foods that I really like. It's just that I'm eating mangoes instead of ice cream, more cauliflower (which I love) instead of mashed potatoes (which I have come to dislike), and so forth. I think turkey is really good, so having that (which I can have more of) instead of a steak really isn't a hardship, and I still eat the occasional steak. And as you get into this, small portions become more satisfying as your body gets used to them. And frankly, one 'scoop' of ice cream (1/2 c. serving) and one regular slice of white bread will not undo your diet - it's several breadsticks at your favorite restaurant on top of pasta and cheesy sauce. It's a 4 serving bowl of ice cream. If you want ice cream, work it into your plan. Easiest way to do that? Eat more veggies.

Three, I like the challenge. I'm a cook and baker, so I've tried new things and such to find things that I like that are healthy. I also try to keep costs down. I've eaten things - and really liked them - that I thought that I would never like.

Four, I focus on what my body can do now. I ran 11 miles this weekend without stopping. I wouldn't be able to do that at 175lbs (which was my comfort weight) or 260 (my estimated highest weight). Carrying groceries to my second story condo is easier. An old back injury is in check and an old knee injury is okay (though it still grumbles about the runs).

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,458
6/9/14 7:52 A

1st..change the mindset that it is a lot of hard's a lifestyle change. You need to see this as training your tastes to select those healthier options. Once you realize that the better choices Do taste good, you will make a habit of sticking with those better options.
2nd a small indulgence of under 200 calories (like a slice of bread or 1 serving of ice cream) is not going to undo your effort...if it's a treat within your calorie limit. Be your own monitor...if something is a trigger food for you ... avoid it and go with a better choice...fruit?
3rd even if it's only one pound a week...if the lessons learned keep you healthy .. 6 months from now it will be 20+ pounds less. And if you don't think that means anything...try picking up a 20 pound bag of rice next time you go shopping.

If you adjust your attitude to seeing this as a positive change in your life...and a new permanent way of are more likely to succeed in, not only taking the weight off but Keeping it off...and that's the biggest part of the challenge

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
6/9/14 7:36 A

part of it is deciding that you don't want to lose weight you want to lose weight and keep it off. losing weight quickly, those big numbers you want, is typically an indicator of the weight coming right back on. find a where are they now for the biggest loser contestants and you can see the long term results of quick loss - it comes right back on and brings a few friends. if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you do that by changing the small things. it doesn't show up quickly on the scale, but when you take the time to change each little habit, you're more likely to keep doing that in the long term, which in turn tends to mean that you don't put the weight on or not as quickly because you're still doing a lot of those little things.
you also shouldn't be giving up your favorite foods imo. if you love pizza, have it, but have it with a salad. love nuts? fine, but have them with a baked apple or pear as a topping, not as a snack by themselves. if you love pancakes, have pancakes. but don't have a six inch stack, have one or two cake with a veggie omelet. pair the foods you love with other foods that make them balanced. remember all the cereal commercials that show cereal as a part of a balanced breakfast? the trick was that the breakfast without the cereal was basically as balanced as it was with. find foods that complement the foods that you love. but at the same time, everything you eat likely isn't your favorite food. don't look at it for each meal so that you can have a grand slam for breakfast because it's your favorite food, then a starbucks drink for a snack because it's your favorite, then pizza for lunch because it's your favorite, then lays for an afternoon snack because they are your favorite, and a bloomin' onion at outback for dinner because that's your favorite too. pit them against each other so that you're really indulging in your favorite food. would you rather have the grand slam or the starbucks? the starbucks? then have a pancake with a sausage and veggie omelet at home for breakfast. pizza or lays? the chips? then you could have a slice or two of pizza with a salad, or if you hate salad, what about vegetable soup? then you have the lays or the starbucks or the onion. pick your favorite and choose to skip the others til the next time when they win the day. and do that. choose to skip something today. it sounds silly, but choosing something makes it a little easier to do that phrasing it as depriving yourself of.
also, pinpoint what you really love. if you love alfredo sauce more than the pasta, have alrfredo sauce, but over broccoli or zucchini. pasta is about 200 cals a cup. broccoli and zucchini are about 50 cals a cup. if the alfredo sauce is what you really love, then you can save 150 cals per cup by having it over vegetables and you're getting the part you really like best. if you love the pasta best, have the pasta. 200 cals a cup isn't unreasonable. but don't coat in a high calorie sauce. marinara sauces are pretty low cal, but you could also do about 1/4 tsp of olive oil with chopped up fresh herbs, which has about ten calories. if you love a mix, use vegetables to get more volume and replace some of the higher cal items. one of my favorite ways to have mac and cheese is to use about an ounce of dry pasta, half a zucchini [sliced in the same shape as the pasta and added after the water is drained so that it warms but isn't mushy], a half cup of black beans and salsa in addition to the cheese sauce [cheese and milk]. it's a high volume of food, it has a lot of flavor [it kinda tastes like a really good version of the queso salsa, but on pasta], and it has quite a bit of more nutritional value than plain mac. broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, yellow squash, squash, peppers, onions, mushrooms, all of those low cal vegetables are great ways to add bulk to dishes you already love and reduce the calories. you don't want to start using a half cup of pasta and a cup of veg, but you can work your way up there start by using all the pasta you usually do, then adding 1/4 cup of veg. if you got the right veg combo and having 1/4 cup doesn't bother you the first five times, bump it up to half a cup for next five or so times you make it. if you're still not bothered, bump it up to 2/3 or 3/4 cup veg and reduce the amount of pasta you're using, perhaps by 1/8. keep slowly tweaking the ratio as you get used to it.
another thing to look for is new recipes. everyone who eats chicken seems to love the slow cooker salsa chicken in the recipe section. it's low cal and tasty and it doesn't feel like you're denying yourself anything. those are the kinds of recipes you need to find. instead of having baked chicken with steamed cauliflower and a plain baked potato, try having roasted chicken with chinese five spice oven fries and cauliflower baked with chinese five spice. or shred the roasted chicken with some cabbage or broccoli slaw, add some five spice, maybe some mushrooms or water chesnuts and have that in a wrap for something like an asian flavored taco. cauliflower might be boring by itself, but add lentils and other vegetables and some curry powder for a tasty meal. bored with salad? recreate the tropical salad from a restaurant [coconut shrimp, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, mango, and papaya with a citrus dressing] instead of having the standard [iceburg, carrot, cucumber, tomato and onion].

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Count small successes as well as bigger ones. If you are sleeping better, eating better, drinking more water, able to sustain longer periods of exercise, etc....these are reasons to celebrate. When I first started, I would give myself a sticker for every day I met one of these goals. It can help to see the stickers add up on a calendar. Being patient is tough. However, it took time to create the body you are now trying to re-create. Good luck!

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It's so hard to be patient with weight loss. I want to see a big change, quickly, so it will keep me motivated. All I see is a lot of sacrifice (giving up favorite foods, or reducing my portion sizes of them which is less than satisfying, making time to exercise when I'd rather relax). For all the hard work, there is very little success - sorry, a half pound loss after a week long struggle is just sad, considering the amount of effort involved. And all it takes is one small indulgence - a piece of white bread, a scoop of ice cream - to undo it all, so I can't consider that half pound loss a victory when it comes right back.

How do you keep going, day in and day out, and what keeps you motivated when the scale and pants size hardly change? I feel like a hamster running on a wheel getting nowhere but at least the little rodent is burning more calories than I am!

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