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12/29/13 9:42 P

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Having been through a painful round of PFPS last year, I'm 100% with Unident's answer!!

Skip the "knee supports" unless they have been fitted to you by someone who actually knows how they should fit! Otherwise, a complete waste (I tried the one my Doc's nurse put on me for a relief at all....) And until you focus on exercises which target the weakness allowing the kneecap to move out of alignment, it won't get better!

Instead....ask for a referral to a good Physical Therapist. Mine showed me how to tape the knee (which was heavenly instant relief by the way !) AND what exercises to strengthen and rebalance my out of whack knees; AND what exercises to avoid until they are better. Problem solved. only have one set of knees...take care of them!
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12/29/13 9:08 P

I am not stopping Body Pump. I can still do normal activities, like walking and climbing stairs. It is not a constant pain...just noticeable when I do certain things. If things do not improve I will talk to my doctor about seeing a specialist.

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12/29/13 8:34 P

So ... you're not going to stop or adapt the thing that's caused it, you're just going to provide outside support to the ligament, leading to longer term greater damage?

Supports do NOT help. Do not do this.

Supports provide the support your own ligaments should be doing. This is fine short term while an injury heals, and until the ligaments are doing their job normally again. But should not be used longer term as a replacement for good knee function.

Talk to your doctor about what caused it and how to avoid that, and build up the knees so that you can enjoy your favourite sports without pain.

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12/29/13 6:21 P

Or, in layman's terms, sore knees.

I started doing Body Pump about six months ago. Since then the tops of my knee caps have been bothering me ever since whenever I squat down to pick something up off the floor or get something out of the bottom kitchen cabinet. They can also be sore when I'm standing up from a chair.

I finally saw the doctor earlier this week and after some twisting and turning she determined my knees are in good shape (no crunching or crackling) and that it's probably stress on the ligaments.

Since I am NOT going to stop Body Pump I used some of my Amazon gift card money to order a couple of knee braces.

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