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5/28/14 9:58 A

I had people over for Memorial Day, and made hummus and some Greek yogurt dill dip. I served it with veggies and nut thins, and everyone raved about it. There was also fruit available, and I made deviled eggs.

JOSIEBON Posts: 244
5/28/14 5:37 A

I do a layered taco salad for a large crowd. My salad has a small amount of spiced beef along with tons of beans and veggies. I put taco chips and dressing on the side so people can control how much of the less healthy food they want on their plate.

5/27/14 9:15 P

These are great suggestions.

I love it when I go to a party and there's fresh fruit. It's expensive to buy the cut-up trays from the grocery stores and the quality can be iffy, so if you can plan ahead and cut up your own, it will be tasty and not too fattening.

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5/27/14 2:05 P

chili is another good one - you can make it with lean ground beef in a crock pot so it can sit out. Then, like a taco bar - all the fixin's with it. You can stay healthy and skip cheese and chips while others can load it up.

This is my go-to meal when having a bunch of friends over. it's easy to make ahead of time and casual.

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5/27/14 1:05 P

Deviled Eggs - Really cheap to make and they always seem to go first at parties. There are lots of lighter recipes on the SP Recipe site.

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5/27/14 9:56 A

turkey/spinach meatballs
garlic chicken wings or strips
diy veggie tray
mini quiche
tuna salad on cucumber

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5/27/14 8:58 A

Amazing ideas! Thanks everyone =)
I ditched my Dominos idea lol All your suggestions are much more appealing

5/27/14 8:53 A

I think a taco bar is easy and not expensive. Beans, rice, a meat or two, and all the toppings. People watching what they each can opt doe not tortilla or shell and everyone gets what they like. You can even do chips and nacho cheese for those who like it. You can put the cheese in a crockpot.

You can do the same with a baked potato bar or if you can round up a couple crockpots you can do a big salad, pasta and a red sauce and a white sauce for the pasta.

I like things where everything can be out and the host cane enjoy their company instead of spending time in the kitchen.

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5/27/14 8:39 A

Fruit salad or regular salad. You can even make your own spicy chicken dip. Just get some whole chickens (because they're usually cheaper), cook them, shred the meat, at spices, maybe some blue cheese and buffalo sauce. Voila~ Don't forget the celery sticks!

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5/27/14 8:19 A

what about flatbreads as an appetizer instead of pizza? you could do steak and arugula, spinach and lentil, tomato with mozzarella and basil, roasted vegetable with balsamic, buffalo chicken, black bean and salsa, pesto, peppers, mushroom, garlic and herb, carameilized onion, puttanesca, eggplant, really just about anything you could put on a pizza. that doesn't help you for your main course, but it does reduce some of the worst parts of pizza.
you could also do stuffed mushrooms [and/or eggplant/zucchini/peppers], wings, or little shot glasses or small cups of soup [perhaps broccoli cheese or chili]. perhaps a top your own baked potato bar if your guest numbers and house set up would accommodate it.

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5/27/14 8:16 A

The good thing is that by planning a head of time, you've got time to shop sales for ingredients and ideas. One thing I like to do for a party (especially a summer one) is a cold pasta-type salad with a whole grain pasta or something like orzo or quinoa with a vinaigrette dressing. Another thing would be to do veggies (and meat since it doesn't have to be expensive cuts) kabob style either on a grill or in a broiler pan. Fresh fruit salad for something sweet, maybe.

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5/27/14 8:15 A

Wow, tons of things you could do.

Just right now off the top of my head - meatballs in sauce, rolls on the side for meatball sandwiches, spinach dip bread bowl, 7 layer dip, crostini w/ mozzy cheese, tomato and fresh basil, sliders.

Here are some meat type appetizers:

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5/27/14 7:52 A

Good Morning,
I am having a party at my place in about 2 weeks, and am thinking of food ideas. At first I was going to do Dominos - Pizza, Wings, Drinks... Not really the most healthy choices. I know if I order a bunch of pizza I personally will probably go overboard, but I also want my guests to enjoy what I serve. I was thinking about a salad, veggie platter... and... Idk what to serve thats not just 'healthy'. I dont want this to be a dinner dinner... but more of a laid back party with a bunch of appatizers. Any healthy ideas that also wont break my budget?

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