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11/27/10 9:34 A

I go to an abs class 2x week on my lunch break and do a 30 min cardio workout on another lunch break. I take my 2 1/2 yo daughter in the jogging stroller when it is nice enough, with the promise that we will stop at a park when we get done running or roller blading. I take advantage of the child care at our gym 2-3 nights per week to go to spinning & yoga. I just tried a weights/resistance routine (that I found in a parenting magazine) while we watched a movie together, will definitely do that again! We also do little things, like skipping instead of walking and "crazy dancing" to her music. As a single mom, exercise is the main thing that I do for me, so I make it a priority to fit it in.

JPRICEJR Posts: 28
11/24/10 9:27 A

My kids get up for school at different times so between leaving and getting the next ready, I get my workout in. When they don't have school, I just start when I get up and they know enough to let me be. I may not get in as many minutes on those days, but I try to pack in a good workout.

ESPERANZA80 Posts: 118
11/24/10 6:29 A

I'll throw in my two cents here. So far, I make it work by bringing others along with me. My hubby gets "invited" to the walk and helps with carrying our daughter. Or, my daughter and god daughter come along in the wagon.

I've also taken up short walks on my lunch breaks, walking to the grocery store with kids in stroller, not ever parking in front of a store but way at the back of the parking lot, putting on silly kid music during ST and mix it with playtime, and just last night I tried a short yoga video with my almost 2 yo daughter before her bedtime. Mmmm. Moderate success on that one.

Basically I just keep on trying new things.

WDEMENT Posts: 59
11/23/10 11:50 P

I get up at 5:30 and get it done first thing.

My kids are 12, 9, 6, and 2 and I homeschool them. There is no other way! LOL

11/23/10 10:13 P

I get up at 5 :)

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (201,777)
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11/23/10 10:07 P

Get up at 4 am to get it done before anyone else is awake.

ESPERANZA80 Posts: 118
11/23/10 12:42 P

Screaming kids. Messy house. Dinner needs cooking. You know the challenges we face! BUT SO MANY OF US GET THE JOB DONE! And I love that about Sparkers. When I first joined there was a message thread about this topic,and it was like an inspiration explosion for me. I just can't find it now and I'm looking for your stories about how you make exercise a part of your day

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