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11/15/11 1:33 P

Thank you for the ideas! emoticon

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11/15/11 11:43 A

This is a very natural stage and usually happens between ages two and four, it is universal so far as I can tell. I've found with my own kids that it helps to get an older sib to sit with you and model happy, sharing behavior. Every time she resists sharing I ask the question, "Are you using it right now? I thought you were using that one." Once the idea of even trade is established it becomes a game and my three year old starts wanting to play. For a time it may take daily, or more often, repetitions of the game to show how sharing and co-operative play works, but she'll get there in the end.

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11/14/11 3:07 P

I am struggling in the not wanting to share stage. My daughter who is 3, thinks her siblings and her friends are going to keep what they play with. I am finding myself very frustrated with this. The funny thing is, no one has taken anything from her to bring this thought on. I don't know if this will help. But if you find the answer let me know! emoticon

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11/10/11 11:41 A

Thanks TMR,
I don't have my own kids and because of my education I know enough about the development to know what should be happening. It's always nice to know what parents know and want to know before giving them information (I don't want to seem condescending or patronizing to them-I just want to give them good information).

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11/8/11 9:26 A

I think talking about the characteristics of play at each developmental stage and how the nature of the childs play changes over time. ie: how early on they play near other kids with very little interaction and then progress at a later developmental stage to actually playing with other children and interacting.

I was always looking for information on what types of toys or activities would be good for my daughters age.

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11/6/11 1:31 A

Hi everyone,
I'm working on a presentation project designed for parents about children's play. Is there anything that you would like to know about your children's play? I'm looking to tailor my presentation towards what parents would actually like to know. I'm doing a presentation to a mom's group, and would like to focus on things that are useful and don't condescend to anyone.
I am a infant/toddler teacher working on finishing up a degree. This project is a part of my finishing my degree.

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