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11/5/11 5:09 P

Hi ladies, sorry I have been absent. I feel bad as I started this topic and have been gone a while. Thank you all for your replies. My son has been very bad lately which is why I haven't been on much and then we got hit with the storm of the century here in CT and had no power for almsot a week. It has been rough for my son with no power. He gets bored, and without structure he gets manic. It's been bad and he has been more violent than usual.

We took him off Rispderal only to realize he got much worse, so now he's back on that and we started Lithium finally. I pray it helps because the hospital will be next.

I have been eating the Halloween candy that was not handed out since we had no Halloween here (well postponed til tomorrow night) but I need to stop. Stress eating is just my biggest obstacle.

Let's help each other and of course, I should have called this thread "children with bipolar" rather than teens, so of course all parents are welcome to come here for support...

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11/3/11 6:55 P

I am praying for you! I don't think most people understand the stress that living/supporting our children can cause. Has anyone here tried a support group of some sort? I visited an emotions anonymous group with my daughter one time. While the people in the group seemed genuinely helped with the support they found there, it wasn't the right fit for us.
I just came back from being away for 2 days, and, although my daughter isn't here right now, I can already feel myself becoming more anxious. Not a good thing. I keep recounting all the blessings, and I do have many, but sometimes, I do get worn out. Back to eating well, and enjoying the moment. Blessings to you all!

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11/2/11 10:04 A

My son has joined a social group which he can have an far so good...he seems more calm and able to work out some is his emotions. It has taken off some of the stress I feel trying to be super mom. Everyone pray for me as I'm praying for all of you.

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10/19/11 7:56 P

The Seasons are especially not good with my son...with a journal of his little mood changes..I prepare myself for the long haul and we try different things to do like having the doctor increase or start another medicine in addition what he take and also we are doing the high voltage lights which is slowly helping with his mood. I prepare myself by doing extra cardio and increasing vitamins because it is very very draining for both of us...Keep Strong

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10/19/11 3:58 P

Hi everyone
This is just what I needed. JJ is 17 just diagnosed with bi-polar. When he was diagnose it got me thinking about the symtoms more so I went in and I also was diagnosed, I have had a feeling of that for some time as my family doctor put me on a mood stabilizer a year or so ago along with my anti-depressant.
JJ had been diagnosed with ADHD many years ago, but he hated taking his meds it was always a fight, but now it is almost like he likes a different diagnoses. He takes his meds, but life is still so rough. He is always in trouble here at home.
I could write for days but for now good to meet all of you.

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10/17/11 5:55 P

Oh, I certainly understand about making the right choices for yourself!!!! When DD was hospitalized after a recent suicide attempt, I could eat nothing. Now, that we are in the daily grind of dealing with the depression, I eat lots and lots of ice cream!!! Making up for those few lost pounds, I suppose (and then some, I'm sure!).

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10/17/11 4:35 P


My DS is 10 and, although not formally diagnosed, suffers from what I believe is a mood disorder -- lots of ups and downs, consisting mostly of anxiety and depression. I am going to join in this new support group, even though my child isn't a teenager, because I can relate to many of the larger themes discussed here. And because I sometimes feel very alone in this struggle and I can see very clearly how my own emotions around my DS's life affect my ability and desire to make healthy choices.


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10/16/11 6:17 P

I'm feeling a little worn down this weekend. But, as my daughter's counselor has said, every emotion has a life cycle, meaning it had a beginning, and it will have an end. Blessings to all of you!

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10/12/11 3:32 P

Lizapo, thanks. It helps to hear from others in my shoes. I do agree with the meds. He's either tired, drugged out or angry or anxious. Never really content or happy it seems.

Doc decided against the lithium for now and we are sticking with what we are doing. Crossing fingers.

Tonight I'm getting back to exercise class and I can't wait. It always helps me deal with stress and I've been ill but I'm finally cleared to return. Yeah!!!

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10/10/11 5:47 A

Linda, I know its every tough to see a child you brought into this world having a hard time..I think my son may be borderline bipolar along with the austim.For my son the medicine either make him doped up or angry.or depressed..we are still trying to find a middle ground. My hopes and dreams for him to have a happy normal life is still there but not as much because each day is a challenge and a new developement. I'm very strong in my belief and know GOD don't put more on you than what you can bare. Hang in there. Things will get better. On the hard days I take 5minutes and get on the treadmill and run as fast as I can crying along the helps to get the stress and frustration out. Take care

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10/9/11 8:26 P

Wow, I didn't think anyone would respond and I did not get the notifications so I'm sorry for not being back here sooner to read all your posts.

First thank you all so much for coming here and sharing your stories. It does make me feel so not alone.

My name is Linda. I am comfortable sharing that with you and if you want to share your names that is great as well, but if not I do understand. I just think it makes it nicer to know each other by name since we are sharing pretty personal stories and such.

My son has been bad lately. We see his dr. tomorrow and I feel it may finally be time to start the Lithium. He's been on Trileptal, Klonipin and Risperdal for about a year. But lately he's been severely depressed and has had a very bad manic episode. It breaks my heart. I've been sick for 2 months myself with ulcers and it's been hard to deal with both. The stress is not helping me to heal I'm sure.

I found out recently he's turned to pot once in a while and it broke my heart. I know he's self medicating but this is not the answer. He's frustrated the meds don't help him.

I'm so glad to read all your stories and I hope we can come here and comfort each other, share advice and inspire each other to also take care of ourselves first and foremost so that we can better cope and take care of the others who need us.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Even if our group is small, that's fine too. It's always so important to have a support group don't you think?

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10/3/11 4:41 A

Kind of a tough weekend. Daughter is getting through a break up with a guy that was pretty much her fiance. Of course she only sees herself as the cause of the problem, and it caused her to spiral down pretty quickly. She seemed to really get a positive lift from church service on Sat evening, though, and we plan to continue going (hopefully!). How about all of you? How was your weekend?

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10/1/11 12:12 P

Both my husband's sons suffer from depression. The oldest is in college. Currently he is spiraling into a deep depression. He just a car wreck. Luckily no one was injured, but he blames everyone else for his problems. The other stepson is 17 with Asberger's and other learning disabilities as well as a growth problem (7'2"; 330lbs). My husband gives into them both. They use him and treat him horribly. My problem is the anger I feel towards both of them for the way they treat him. I also resent the way my husband lacks backbone. I keep telling him he is not doing either one any favors by not letting them deal with their own problems. I know I do not have the feelings of guilt that he is punishing himself with but this situation is really straining our marriage.

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10/1/11 6:55 A

My daughter (25 yr) is living with us and suffers with recently diagnosed bipolar II. I always thought she was just a typical moody teenager type that suffered with depression and anxiety. I am still trying to learn the difference. Anyway, she was hospitalized a couple of months ago, and is now trying to get back to creating a future for herself. It is difficult for her and for me at times, too! I recently joined a gym closer to home so that she could participate as it seems that exercise is supposed to be one of the great things you can do to help manage this. It is just hard trying to her to go some times. But I keep trying.

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10/1/11 5:42 A

I have a son a 17yr old with autism and know it is very hard. I devote 15minutes every morning just to mediate and get up every morning at 3am to exercise. It help me get thru the day of working and caring for him. I've turned my basement into a gym on those days I need to be close to home.

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9/29/11 2:16 P

My kids do not have any of this disorders ...I do i am bipolar :) and im telling you the teen years are the worst , then it gets better i got it almost under control all the time , i get my up and downs still ...achieving things is a great way to keep my spirits up :)

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9/14/11 6:05 P

I wanted to start a support group here for anyone who is struggling with a teenager who has Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety or Depression.

My 15 year old son suffers from Bipolar Disorder and I've noticed when he's in a depressed stage it's so hard for me to get motivated. I've skipped all my workout classes this week because I'm feeling so down and helpless in regard to my son.

So it got me thinking a support group would be great. I'm sure there are other moms out there trying to have a healthy lifestyle but as caregivers of children with emotional problems it sometimes makes it difficult to keep ourselves moving, eating healthy and just making ourselves a priority.

I'm hoping there are other moms out there who would benefit from coming here to discuss problems, vent, cry, get mad, get sad... whatever you need. Then if we get it off our chests, maybe it will help us all to take care of ourselves a little more as well.

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