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4/22/13 3:26 P

Every person is different, with a body that reacts differently to certain types of input (a/k/a food). Add in personal preferences (a/k/a likes and dislikes). Some people do just fine eating grains while others are out-and-out allergic to them. Some people do fine eating meat while others simply prefer a vegetarian lifestyle.

I'm in my mid-50s. I am less than 15 pounds overweight, closer to 10. I eat whole grains regularly with no problem. I eat meat, but try to limit it to 3 times weekly, sticking with leaner cuts. I always eat 5-9 fruits and veggies daily. I feel good, exercise regularly, more strenuously than most and am above-average in fitness and strength for my age.

If I were not feeling good or if I had health issues, including reactions to whole grains, I would look further. Frankly, why would I when I'm doing so well? I try to live by moderation in all things. I also use the 80/20 rules, which more often is 90/10. Life is good ... why would I put myself through so much restriction if I didn't need to and what I'm doing is working fine for me. I've been doing this for a long time so it appears I can do this for life without much hassle.

Each to his or her own, but I don't want to change a thing ...

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4/22/13 2:15 P

Whole 30 is a bit too restrictive for me personally. We try to follow the Primal eating plan. It's a less strict form of Paleo. I do feel amazing when I stick to it. When I don't I feel like crap. Honestly, at first I thought the whole idea of Paleo was ridiculous. We have been conditioned to think whole grains are the best food source ever. I had a hard time accepting that may not be the truth. It really wasn't until I found Primal that it all clicked. If you are interested in learning about it the website is This way of life isn't for everyone. For me and my family it makes sense, but everyone is different.

4/22/13 1:37 P

I'm at about 2.5 years on a type of paleo diet(/habit of eating) kind of close to the whole 30 plan and my weight goals on this plan are to gain weight as I had already got down to a nice cut physique in time for the summer season last year. As my taste buds already adapted to this habit of eating I couldn't imagine going back to any other type of eating style at this point.

Three months ago my girlfriend was having some unidentifiable health problems and on a whim I suggested the whole 30 plan to her. She was starting to feel better within 2 weeks and after the 30 days she felt good enough to stick with a less strict version of that diet going forward. She lost some extra weight she had on as a result and she's having to go buy smaller pants next weekend.

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4/22/13 1:41 A

ALIB-(sorry can't remember your alias to type it!) - thanks for the insight...

LAX4LIFE92 - when you can post after day 600 that you are still happy with your diet, I may get interested.

There is absolutely NO POINT in following a "diet" that you can not keep for really horrifies me that so many people have changed a positive word into a negative one.

All the best...(and BTW, I'm still skeptical you are not a scammer trying to sell this book, to be frank!)....

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4/21/13 10:11 P

I know it seems very restrictive, and trust me, it is, but the next thing you are supposed to do is "reintroduction". You take back foods into your diet one at a time and evaluate what is does to your body and judge if you think it is worth it.

As far as calories, yes it's on the lower end, but according to SP, I am getting enough for my height and weight. I generally eat anywhere from 1200 to1700 on this diet, which I don't think is too low. And I always eat until I am full. I also make sure I get enough protein because I work out a lot (3-6 times a week).

In case anybody is wondering about my progress, this is the end of day 6.

I felt amazingly good today, and really happy and energetic. I even had a moderate workout at the gym with my friend and didn't feel to drained afterwards. As soon as I took off my jacket she said "Wow! You look so good!" It's so wonderful to hear someone say that. My self esteem is getting much higher, even though I never considered myself to have low self esteem.

Today's Meals
Breakfast - 1 fried egg, a whole orange, and a cup of tea, and a glass of lemon water
Lunch - 6 oz round steak friend in olive oil and seasoned, a stalk of celery and half an avocado
Dinner - Roasted and seasoned cauliflower with garlic cloves, a tomato, and a turkey burger
Various snack items - Ice tea, brazil nuts, almonds, an apple, and green grapes

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4/21/13 12:15 P

I hope you keep coming back for support and sharing. I may look into that book. Welcome.

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4/21/13 10:40 A

The OP's post is fairly common on here.

At the beginning of a diet, the original poster's are determined to stick to a very low cal and restrictive plan. In this instance, the author can't be bothered to provide substitutions.

They convince themselves that they can stick with it for the rest of their entire life.
The statistics say differently.

All we can do is say that "we look forward to see they're progress." She is very young and although she might not be able to stick to it for life, it's good to see that she is also reading other resources.

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4/21/13 1:39 A

I'm highly sceptical about your rationale for posting here; that book is related to the diet you are promoting and you've only posted 3 times on this site...

What you're promoting is incredibly restrictive and the amount of calories you're consuming appears very low to me...

LAX4LIFE92 Posts: 5
4/21/13 1:28 A

I actually just checked out the book from the library today. It's called "It Starts With Food". I have been reading it all day!

It explains the psychology behind habitual eating and why we do what we do. It really scientific,which personally I like. And there lots of people who have said that is has helped with acne, adhd, diabetes, poor sleeping, and so many other things.

I'm glad the library had it because there are some delicious looking recipes I would like to try.

This is what I ate today

Breakfast- 2 eggs scrambled with olive oil, fresh salsa, and 5 brazil nuts
Lunch- a sauce-less, bun-less hamburger
Dinner- steak lettuce wraps (with cilantro, red pepper, tomato, avocado and onion)
And I snacked on apple slices, strawberries, graps and raw sunflower seeds.

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4/19/13 8:27 A

I'm going to have to check into this. Sounds interesting.

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4/19/13 8:07 A

Glad it's working for you.

Yes, you are correct - it's not a diet; it's a lifestyle, and one with the goal of getting you healthy.

I'm just finishing something similar - the 21-Day Sugar Detox.
It's quite similar to what you've said, although there are a few grains, etc., permitted in limited quantities on level one.

I was finding that I was relying way too much on fruits, to the exclusion of other healthy options (not that fruits are unhealthy; but balance in everything is essential). I've learned a lot in these 19 days (as I said; nearly done). I suspect I won't go back to eating exactly as I was prior to beginning.

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4/19/13 7:04 A

I seriously could not give up sugar for the rest. of. my. entire. life!


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4/18/13 11:45 P

I look forward to seeing your progress. :)

LAX4LIFE92 Posts: 5
4/18/13 9:58 P

Hey all!

My name is Abbi and I just wanted to tell you about what I am doing. It's called Whole30. Basically it's Paleo eating (no grains, dairy), only it's a bit more strict. No corn, potatoes, sweeteners of any kind and you are supposed to avoid high fat nuts.

Let me tell you, as far as "diets" go, it's amazing. I don't feel like I am on a diet. I always feel full and satisfied. I do think about food a lot, but it's not things like "oh, I wish I could have a doughnut", it's things like, "hmmm what Delicious meal should I have next." The Whole30 cleanse is only supposed to go for 30 days, but I can see myself adopting this as my lifestyle.

Stay strong! And let me know if you have tried this! I would love to hear some results.

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