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REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
5/17/14 1:27 A

I also don't like the packaging of the "diet," but its pretty much a whole foods diet - no sugar, no processed foods, plus no grains, dairy, or legumes. I'd suggest reading the a book about it (they really advocate an 80/20 thing). It is not strictly low carb, but if you need to lose weight, you might want to restrict some carbohydrates. Some people just have certain things sparingly. Being "clean" for a little while might be a good way to help get rid of cravings, like Atkins induction does.

If you're doing a Whole 30, again, read a book. There are also loads of recipes. Even if you don't go full Paleo and would like to cut some of the grains, sugar, etc. in your diet (or are looking for inventive ways to use fruit in your cooking), there are some great options. You definitely have to plan meals, though.

There are also a lot of great blogs/sites:

There's also a Paleo Diet team.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/16/14 10:39 P

If asked, I would say I do Atkins, but that is only because he wrote the book I follow. The concept is low carb, high fat, and trying to get most of your carbs from low glycemic fruits and veggies. Paleo seems to be almost the same, but I think every guy makes a small twist, so they can sell books. Even Atkins was copying a diet that had been around for 100 years.

There were many societies that ate low carb, because that was what they liked or had. They didn't know it was a " diet ". It was just the food they ate.

Low carb is just the realization that many of the " foods " we now consume aren't safe to eat. So they stripped out most carbs, which is where the food manufacturers started creating, and changing foods. This is because of the 50-65% suggestion, and the idea that fat was bad. It isn't that carbs are bad, but that their is more money in 50-65% of your diet than in 20-30 %. So they took good carbs, and made them unhealthy, and then created carby foods that are also unhealthy.

If you decide to do low carb, my suggestion is pick a plan, eliminate the carbs they suggest, but then realize that most low carb plans want you to start adding back in more carbs within a few weeks. So on Atkins, you would do 2 weeks at 20 NET carbs, and after 2 weeks, move up to 25 grams, and after 4 weeks, move up to 30. NET carbs subtracts the fiber, so this may be as much as 45-50 grams. So, if you go up 10 grams a month, you get to 50 grams by 3 months, and 80 grams by 6 months. That's 80 NET grams, and if you are consuming some beans, nuts, fruits, and veggies, you will probably be over 100 grams a day, maybe as high as 120.

The reason so many people talk about 30-50 grams, is that they are talking about NET grams, and that 50, might be 70 grams, with 10-15 servings of vegetables. Most of these people have a health issue that they believe is helped by eating this low in carbs, or they have just started.

A healthy individual, without a weight issue, should focus more on not eating certain foods, and before diving into low carb, which I admit is not easy if you are eating 250 grams right now, should eliminate obvious foods, like ice cream, pop, Pop Tarts, and Hot Pockets.

Many times, doing this is enough, and low carb is not necessary. I love low carb, but it isn't for everybody, and it would be easier for people to understand, if they just stuck to the basic idea of the diet.. eating better carb choices, and limiting the overall carb consumption, instead of having 20 different low carb plans.

I have eaten low carb for 5 years now, and the differences between all the plans is beyond me. I think low carb goes from 20-120 grams a day. You just are at a different stage at 120, than when you started at 20. The same diet, but you figured out that maybe peas, corn,and potatoes are fine, but you can't eat pasta, bread, or cereal.

If you eat just fruit, and veggies, getting to 120 grams a day will be incredibly hard to do. Even if you eat a sweet potato, you will have to eat at least 10 servings of veggies, and 1 fruit.

If your focus is on eating healthier carbs, you may find that dropping to 200 grams a day is enough. Especially if you are eating 300 grams. Instead of demonizing carbs, we should be promoting the best carbs. The problem isn't a banana, it is Hot Pockets. Just think about every piece of food you eat, and ask yourself if there is a healthier option, and most people become healthier, whether they eat 20 grams a day, or 320 grams a day.

You may still find you need to limit total consumption of carbs to lose weight, but first, worry about the carbs you currently eat. I see people who are afraid to eat a banana, corn,or a slice of whole wheat bread, but still drink beer, pop, and eat sweets. Get rid of the beer, pop, and sweets, and maybe you can continue eating the corn, banana, and bread ( maybe not the ).

As a diabetic, I find I have to stay below 50 grams, and can't eat cereal, bread, sugar, pasta, or potatoes, but I handle peas, and sometimes corn, without any issues. I also have no problem with kidney beans, or lima beans, which are moderate carb, and avoided by many people on a low carb diet. If I can stay at a decent weight though, why not eat something that I like?

The bottom line is that some people do well at very low carb, some at very high carb, and most of us lie in between. Your protein should stay in the 15-30 % range, and you either up carbs, and cut fat, or up fat, and cut carbs. This should be done based on how you respond to the different macronutrients, not on whether someone else lost a bunch of weight on a low carb diet. Just because Uncle Bob lost 100 lbs. on Atkins, doesn't mean you should run out and try a low carb diet.

I admit I have an agenda here. I find that many people hear about quick weight loss, and lack of hunger, and run out and cut down to 20-40 grams a day. Usually within a month, they get bored with it, or sick of it, and quit. Then they say it doesn't work.

This bad for low carb as an option, which for some people is the only thing that will work for them, so I find it bad for that reason. The #2 reason, is I just hate to see people fail in general, mostly because in their excitement, they never took the time to learn how to do the diet properly 6 months down the road, or 5 years down the road. They learned how to start the diet, and never lose more than 10-20 lbs. They do this with every diet they try.

So whether you plan on doing a low carb plan, or vegan, or the SP plan.. learn it first. There is no hurry. You took decades to get where you are, and it may take years to lose it. So spend a few weeks learning what to eat, and more importantly why. Also why you DON'T eat certain carbs, or fats on the plan you hope to follow. The best diet is one you stick to and succeed on, not the one you get excited about, and last 3 weeks on.

I would support anyone who decided Paleo was a plan for them, but would hope that they did research before doing so. If you can't understand why you are cutting a carb, or adding fat, then how do you know it will work?

It is sometimes annoying to hear people trash low carb, who have no idea what the diet is about, but there are just as many supporters, who don't know why it works either. They just got lucky, and it worked. Maybe support from others, or they copied someone else.

Learn what low carb is, and what it will do, and then make a decision, after you look at some sample menus, carb levels, and how soon you can add more carbs in, and what kinds. After doing this, you may just decide that you couldn't do that for more than a month, and so why even start? Pick a plan you can stay on.

If you do decide to do low carb, there are several good SP teams that you can join for help, beyond the basics. Whether you decide to do South Beach at 120 grams, or Atkins, starting at 20, and building to 120, most low carbers will bend over backwards to help you.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,332)
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5/16/14 7:32 P

I encourage Paleo to anyone.

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5/16/14 1:29 P

I follow it, though not like religion - yesterday I had a corn tortilla, oh my! I've noticed that when I'm eating paleo, I have more energy and my allergies aren't nearly as problematic as usual (pretty important for a singer.) I don't think it's necessarily for everyone, but it has suited me very well.

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5/15/14 4:12 P

"Broscience". That is AMAZING, and that is such a good term to describe that diet.

MARTHA324 Posts: 6,254
5/15/14 3:56 P

No interest in anything that has the word "diet" in it or something that eliminate whole food groups. I aim to eat real food, lots of plants and less of it. I commit to move every day.
Works for me.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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5/15/14 3:42 P

Paleo is all hype and their whole reasoning is flawed

That said, the concepts of nothing processed, more protein, and fewer carbs than what most Americans are eating right now is what needs to happen. I just hate that they market it in such a broscience way. There's no magical plus to eating foods that only existed X number of years ago. That just makes no sense.

ELP06C Posts: 812
5/15/14 12:01 P

I've been doing Paleo on and off for about 2 years now. I love it and I would recommend it to just about anyone trying to get healthy. It's really helped me overcome my blood sugar problems, and I just feel more healthy overall than I ever have before. Once you get used to the new lifestyle and go without carbs and sugars for a couple months, you really don't miss them at all anymore. I never crave bread anymore, and even if I do have some- it really doesn't taste as good as I once thought it did. I have much more energy throughout the whole day, and I don't experience the mid-day drowsiness anymore. I also don't get sick as much as I used to and my seasonal allergies are much more mild.
If you're going to try it, I would recommend going hard-core for about 3 months to really clear out your system and get rid of the cravings. Then, you will really feel the benefits. If you quit too soon, you'll be in a mid-detox phase and you won't see any results.

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5/15/14 9:38 A

I did it and it's atkins minus any beans. The 30 day reset is super strict and I felt it set me up for failure. There are a lot of sites that will help you with ideas. If you Google paleo recipes it will all come up. I wish you luck with it, I like a more balanced plan.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
5/15/14 9:18 A

I've never done it, sorry - but I did look at paleo/primal eating way back when - there are a ton of websites, blogs, etc. about it.

Also, look for the Teams here. Go to the community button above - Teams, and type in Paleo in the search bar.

CJOHNSON-2 SparkPoints: (10,611)
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5/15/14 8:01 A

Has anyone tried the Paleo Diet for 30 days. Any tips or pointers you would recommend?

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