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TAMPATINK67 Posts: 3,800
1/18/12 9:24 P

I've been Paleo for about 5 months now and without the grains and starchy veggies, I'm finding it easy to stay within calorie range.

I've adjusted my expectations for the end of day food report and feel its been a balanced day if I'm getting 1/3, 1/3, 1/3.

I love the Spark tools and community and have found support on the site regardless of eating style selected...

HMKITTEN Posts: 458
1/18/12 3:01 P

Actually, since there are no refined foods and very few grains it is not difficult to stay within the calorie range. This diet relies heavily on meat, yes, but also on fish, vegetables and fruits. I am NOT a nutritionist, but it should not be a problem to stay within the calorie and nutrient ranges while on the paleo diet. It may be that you will need to focus more on leaner cuts of meat (grass pastured meats tend to be leaner anyway), fish, and veggies rather than the more calorie-dense foods.

Good luck on whatever foods you choose!

1/18/12 2:12 P

Has this been addressed yet? I'm wondering how calorie/fat etc. goals should be changed if one decides to go "Paleo". I'm assuming that there's no way that 1200-1400 cals. per day will be doable since there will be more meats and even oils each day. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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