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DISCDOG Posts: 2,668
11/17/09 7:53 A

If my DOMS is bad, I do take advil. But I've read a few places (here included) that it's generally not recommended.

My job is physically demanding. I need the Advil.

SPEEDYDOG Posts: 2,993
11/17/09 12:00 A

Dear Katersue,

You are experiencing what is called Delay Onset of Muscles Soreness ("DOMS"). The exact cause of DOMS is not well understood. One school of thought attributes DOMS to lactic acid build up during exercise. Some think DOMs is caused by fluid build up due to micro-tears in the muscles caused by exercise. Yet another theory attributes DOMS to the body's repair of damaged muscle fibers.

As you exercise you are tearing muscle fibers. Your body responds by repairing the torn muscle fibers. The body also strengthens the muscle fibers to make them more resistant to future damage.

DOMS is most severe when you first start and exercise program. The only cure for DOMS is to rest for 3+ days. Taking an anti-inflammatory pain killer such as Advil can help with the discomfort.

Thanks, Bruce

BRIT83 Posts: 687
11/16/09 12:53 P

Best way to help sore muscles is to get moving to get rid of the lactic acid that builds up and makes you sore. Going for a brisk walk or run, stretching, etc are all good ways to start alleviating that pain.

And your muscles still being sore is a sign that you need to give it another day. 30 ds is tough when you get started and it's worthwhile to listen to your body.

KATERSUE Posts: 291
11/16/09 12:49 P

I am really sore after doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred for the first time. I did it Saturday and rested Sunday. I am itching for more, but my quads are KILLING. If I'm still a little sore tomorrow, is it an OK idea to take Advil or Tylenol to help with the pain and then work out anyway?

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