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12/27/12 8:54 P

I will start with two comments, you are eating too little and working out too much. Your caloric intake is borderline starvation and far less than you should be consuming based on your posted workout durations.FIDO only goes so far when it comes to "working through the pain" and you have gone beyond that point.

I have nothing at all against Richard Simmons , however if you can do his workouts for 90 to 120 minutes a day 7 days a week you are trying to exchange duration for intensity which is not the best option. Even in SF we did not workout for that duration during PT which was bodyweight calisthenics and a run. We also did not attempt to workout 7 days a week. The research has demonstrated that shorter low volume high intensity workouts are the best option. .

My suggestions, suggestions only because you are not one of my soldiers and I am retired
are to recalculate your recommended daily caloric intake to get it to a proper and reasonable level and reassess the quantity of your workouts to recalibrate them to lower volume, shorter duration, higher intensity ones.

Since my health care training is as a chiropractic physician and not as a podiatrist I have no real information as to what you mean by idiopathic toe walking nor what the surgery recommendations were to correct it. If you can clarify it for me I will try to help. I think that the edema and pain are a result of overwork.

As an aside I suggest you check out the team F.I.T. Females in Training to find a support group and even some training suggestions.

12/27/12 4:27 P

My last surgery was in January 2012. I've been cleared to do everything, but my ankles still swell like crazy!

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What exercises has your doctor cleared you to do? He/she would be the best source of advice as he/she is most familiar with your medical situation. You may want to see if stationary cycling or water exercises meet his/her approval.

Coach Nancy

12/27/12 4:21 P

I recently let my contract expire with the Army...It's not that I really WANTED to leave my job, but I eventually wouldn't have been able to dodge weigh-ins anymore.. and I can't run very well (another qualification for being employed as a soldier).

I'm an idiopathic toe-walker... The worst my podiatrist has ever seen. When I underwent a couple of surgeries to try to correct it late last year and early this year, we knew that it probably wouldn't improve much (if at all).

And it didn't... Only know I tow-walk and have arthritis in both of my feet and ankles.

I started working out again in November and dieting on December 1st. I've seen a 10 pound weight loss so far, and I'm glad. I don't ever want my weight to affect something important in my life ever again. I've been working out hard. I keep the soldier mentality of working through the pain in my feet and ankles (which lately have been persistently swollen).

I don't want to do easier workouts, but I don't necessarily want all this pain either. I was given a U-Comfy foot massager for Christmas which is helping a bit, but these workouts are getting crazy hard to complete. I mean.. I complete them, but it hurts!

Does anyone have suggestions for a hard workout that low impact? I could really use some help.

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