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5/1/13 9:26 P

I have stopped packing lunches. They were eating them, and didn't like carrying containers. So I came home for lunch, and usually eat leftovers. My daughter eats at the school salad bar. My son eats the grilled entree for the day and my baby eats whatever horrid bad for you food the school choices to serve.

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4/23/13 10:00 A

For myself, I have a three-part container that I fill with a protein and two veggies. For the protein, I usually have some sort of legume and brown rice combo, deviled eggs, or fish. If I have no time at all, I'll just open a can of chickpeas and season with salt and pepper. The veggies are usually dinner leftovers or again -- a can of string beans or beets or peas. I pack fresh veggies separately to snack on -- celery, snap peas, kohlrabi, carrots, peppers. I also bring myself a few apples, oranges, pears, bananas in the beginning of the week.

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4/23/13 9:57 A

My kids' school doesn't allow any meat or nut products and they can't heat anything up, so our options are really limited. The base of their meal is usually a whole wheat cream cheese sandwich, though we sometimes switch it up by making it jelly or muenster cheese. Once in a while, I'll put in noodles and cheese, which they like cold, or tuna salad and crackers, or leftover quesadillas.

I try to add to that a fruit, a veggie, and a protein. The protein is usually a hard boiled egg, with a cheese stick if the sandwich was not cheese. Once in a while for a special treat I put in a yogurt sleeve. The veggie depends on the kid, but it's usually one or more of: baby carrots, grape tomatoes, celery sticks, cucumber salad, frozen peas, frozen corn (I put it in frozen), or snap peas. The fruit is most often apple slices or orange segments, but depending on what we have in the house (and which child) it can be one or more of: melon chunks, berries, kiwi (cut in half with a spoon to scoop it out), pears, or grapes.

I used to get so frustrated when I'd pack all these things and my kids would come home starving having eaten only 1/2 or 1/3 of their lunch. I talked to them about it and realized they just didn't have time to open all of the containers. After waffling for almost a year I splurged and bought PlanetBox lunch boxes and I am SO happy I did. It was a major gift to myself -- I can pack much faster, the kids eat almost everything, and I can pack more interestingly. If I have a little extra time I can make a face on their sandwich or cut the egg up in funny shapes or stick three M&Ms in the little center box and really make their day. And only one container to wash per child each evening. I used to have such a hard time finding lids for little containers and washing them all -- and when I didn't have time I was severely limited in what I could pack because after all, who wants pear slices that got mashed from being banged against the sandwich box? And how do you pack sushi in a baggie (cucumber sushi is a favorite veggie/starch).

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4/22/13 12:51 P

pack all my meals. today is cereal for breakfast and lunch topped with fresh fruit(banana, strawberries). dinner is a salad and yogurt topped with blackberries. snacks are 1/2 avocado and 1/2 tomato then a boiled egg and string cheese emoticon

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4/12/13 1:38 P

i would pack a sandwich, apple, and chips or celery

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4/11/13 9:59 P

My 7 year old likes waffles. We heat them in the toaster and then put in a baggie. So they are cold by the time he gets to eat, but he doesn't seem to mind.

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4/9/13 5:30 P

My daughter usually gets a sandwich (tuna, egg salad or ham- she won't eat PB&J) or a lunchable, goldfish, a banana or pineapple and a cookie or snack cake of some kind.

My husband gets celery with peanut butter, apples, pineapple or banana, sliced cucumbers, meat rolls (sliced lunchmeat with mustard rolled up), goldfish and a snack cake or cookie.

I usually get a Lean Cuisine type meal, applesauce, strawberries or sliced apple and maybe a couple graham crackers if I'm craving sweets.

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4/8/13 3:57 P

I don't have any kids, but when I was a kid, my lunch was always:

a sandwich (PB&J or Bolonga)
half an apple
ziplock bag of pretzels
a cookie

Easy to make I guess.

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4/6/13 10:34 A

my husband packs his own lunch the kids eat at school. but for myself I pack about 2 fruits and 2 veggies and a meat for when I work. sometimes I add a sugar free pudding or a greek yogurt to go with it

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3/24/13 11:02 P

Leftovers aren't an option at my child's school because they don't allow use of microwave or anything. I have tried different thermos' and none have kept the food hot enough, long enough. I usually try to use a whole grain bread with little mayo a healthy meat and some veg. Then some fresh choices of fruit or carrots or broccoli. Maybe a sleeve of yogurt frozen to be the right consistency by lunch and a bottle of water with crystal's healthier than school choices... emoticon

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3/14/13 11:48 P

for three of my children I make hot lunches here at home (they are homeschooled this year) for the other three that attend a brick and mortar school (well till the end of this year, then will be homeschooled next year) I pack a sandwich, piece of fruit, lowfat yogurt, skim string cheese, bottle of water.

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3/14/13 12:06 P

Dh gets leftovers fairly often in his lunches so it varies. When it isn't leftovers, it is a sandwich. Usually I will pack some fresh fruit or vegetable and something like trail mix or a granola bar that he can snack on.

Today: ham & cheese sandwich, broccoli, homemade granola, and yogurt

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3/14/13 1:23 A

A veggie sandwich, yoghurt (and an orange or some celery sticks for a snack) for an 8 hour shift. If I'm doing overtime, I'll bring some almonds too.

3/13/13 2:38 P

What kinds of lunches do you pack for you family?

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