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9/3/12 8:17 P

I eat leftovers. If I don't have leftovers then I eat lean deli sandwiches with mustard or I I have bought the morningstar chicken patties. I always bring greek yogurt, fruit, and sometimes crackers or pretzels.

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9/3/12 7:35 P

This is a tough one, but as long as you have a good protein and veggies or fruit, you should be ok. I make a sandwich w pita bread, hummus and any veggies or cheese or meats I have.

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9/3/12 7:28 P

Have what ever left overs you may have on hand, and make you're own frozen dinner.

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9/3/12 6:23 P

I post in my blog things that I put in my kids' lunches. They are in elementary school, but most of the ideas are still good for adults. They love wraps. I make them with whole wheat tortillas, hummus, turkey or chicken, cheese, and spinach or I make black bean wraps. I usually make them bento boxes, which are a bunch of different foods that are separated. I just make sure I include some kind of lean protein and veggies and/or fruit. One thing they have loved so far is meatless meatballs. You could also make turkey meatballs. Either way they are good to eat cold as long as they're pre-cooked. They also love veggies like carrots, celery, and cherry tomatoes with a little ranch dip.

Also, I'm starting a new job this week, and I'll have to take a lunch. I'll mostly be bringing a large salad with some kind of protein (either tuna, shrimp, or a hard boiled egg). I might also bring a snack, like some fruit.

9/3/12 6:09 P

Thanks for the suggestions, going shopping now so hopefully I can get a weeks worth of lunch and avoid the microwaved food.

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9/3/12 6:07 P

make veggie wraps, tuna wraps... remember the more veggies you put in the more filling it will be and less calories... lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers have hardly any calories in them just have to watch the dressings you use.
In a pinch bring some oatmeal and put some chia on it , keeps u full longer.... so much you can make chicken salad, egg salad just becareful what your putting in, nice salads and plenty of fruits... all filling with hardly any calories... good luck!

9/3/12 5:59 P

I am a college student and I am sort of at a loss in ideas for what to pack for my lunch everyday. So far I have been eating Lean Cuisines but those get old quick. Any good suggestions? emoticon

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