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3/9/14 8:10 A

Protein rich foods powders absorb in the blood stream faster causing you to be hungry a lot faster. Only use powders after a workout until I can get home for next meal. Now you can put nutrition in powder I use almond butter kale spinach or sweet potato. This will make it more nutritious and stay to keep blood sugar regulated longer.

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3/9/14 1:31 A

I prefer protein rich foods. I know a lot of people who have used the protein powders and had problems because of them. I know that there are good and bad but I don't like taking risks that may hurt me.

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3/9/14 12:58 A

One of the advantageous characteristics of egg whites as a protein source is that they can be integrated into a lot of recipes to up the protein content without dramatically altering the taste. Greek yogurt also has this capability.

3/8/14 7:50 P

Here is one little trick that helps rack up my protein numbers for the day. When I'm having a greek yogurt I will put in some protein powder and that gives me an amazing jump in my daily protein goal. Also, I keep nuts on hand, tuna in the pantry, and my fridge is always stocked with hardboiled eggs. But the powder in the greek yogurt gives me the best boost!

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3/7/14 7:18 P

Hi THRIFTEE1 - to make your tracker visible to us, you will need to go to your SparkPage and click on "Edit My SparkPage" at the top right side. A the top right of choices that appear under the heading of "More Options" - ensure that the box for :"Share My Food Tracker", and, "Share My Fitness Tracker" are checked. Make sure that you save the changes before you leave.

Good luck,

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3/7/14 2:21 P

I noticed your tracker still is private. Do you eat any meat?

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3/7/14 12:03 P

I add soy protein or whey protein to my fruit smoothies now. What made the biggest difference to me was not coming up with that idea (it's an idea employed by a lot of people who want more 'bang for the buck' with protein); it was getting a Ninja blender for Christmas. I had been living with a monster food processor for years and I loved it. It was big and roomy and took up a lot of counter space. The Ninja takes up hardly any space. There are other brands of the same kind of item. It's really whatever is convenient and a good price for you.

There's a GNC near my house that has various protein powders. I buy the unflavored. However, I look online to see if there's a better price for a similar product. Amazon is the place I start.

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3/6/14 8:55 P

Same here. I started using a clean protein drink, to help get more protein.

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3/6/14 7:25 P

I eat meat to make my protein goal and add a protein bar, homemade or store bought if I want one.

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3/6/14 7:11 P

I tried RAW Organic protein powder.. I couldnt get past the chalky texture.

I love Stonyfield Organic Greek yogurt with chocolate, Hummus and I are in a love affair, mixed nuts, peanut butter, eggs, cheese - but I do try to limit that because its so high in calories and I can eat my days worth of calories in cheese lol

Chicken, fish, I tend to roll up turkey breast deli meat and eat that as a snack sometimes.
Lentils, There are a lot of great sources out there. (: Ya just gotta get creatve and find what you like

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3/6/14 6:23 P

I get tons of protein on a vegan diet. All from food. No protein powder needed.

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3/6/14 5:24 P

I don't eat fish either, and I won't eat Greek yogurt. Although I do like the regular kind. I don't care for eggs, and I'm not much of a milk-drinker (I even eat my cereal dry). Sort of limits my options a bit.... but I like chicken and lean pork. Occasionally some red meat too. And what's not to like, about bacon? There's cheese. Like that. Nuts and peanut butter. Beans and lentils. There are vegetables with protein too, and I like a lot of vegetables. I think the thing is, when we're "picky eaters" to focus in on the stuff that we DO like, and find ways to incorporate enough of those things every day, to meet our nutritional needs. It's entirely possible-- I get enough protein every day and don't eat the things I don't like.

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3/6/14 5:02 P

You all have given really great suggestions. I am kind of a picky eater which is probably why I have trouble. I am trying to train myself to incorporate yogurt into my diet...I really just don't care of the taste. I also don't eat fish....I know I know like I said I'm steps for me. I didn't know if anyone had any luck with those protein powders I tried one and I can't stand that chalky taste.

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3/6/14 5:00 P

Hi Becky,

How do I make my nutrition track public? Is my fitness tracker public as well? I just haven't figured everything out yet there is so much. My protein range is 60-120 and I usually hit 40-62 g of protein.

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3/6/14 9:59 A

Most of us do not need that much protein, so a couple 4 oz. servings of meat can be 40 grams. Try fish, and chicken breast if worried about calories, or fat. Have a HB egg ( 6 g protein - 70 cals ) for a snack with some berries. Eat some veggies, and some cereal ( Rasin Bran has 4 g per cup ), and pasta ( 7 g per 1/2 cup ), and you get enough protein.

At 20 % you only need 90 grams of protein on an 1800 calorie diet, and you can go as low as 45 grams, and still be in SP range. Maybe aim for 15-20 %, and just try to hit it consistently.

Do you really want to eat powdered food? If you are old enough to remember powdered milk, compare it to real milk, and you will understand that the original is always better than powders.

Here's some high protein foods. Note grams of protein to calories ratio.

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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
3/6/14 9:43 A

The only thing I'd add to what's already been said... in my personal experience, it's easier and cheaper to up the protein I eat, by looking at meat, low-fat dairy, maybe eggs, nuts & nut butter-- than buying powders and bars. The lists of ingredients on a lot of those bars & powders can be pretty long, including a lot of ingredients that I haven't got a clue what they are.

3/5/14 7:28 P

What is your daily SP protein range?
What is your typical daily intake of protein?

You have been given some great protein ideas.

Would you like us to give tips based on your current food selections? Let me know if you need the steps to make your tracker public.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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3/5/14 5:24 P

I went to have a peek at your Nutrition Tracker to see where it could be tweaked, but unfortunately you don't share it. You will get more support if you open it for others to see.

Protein rich foods:
Lean red meat
Skinless Chicken
Fish (canned or fresh/frozen)
Dried Split Peas
Fresh/Frozen Peas
Chick Peas
Cottage Cheese
Egg - particularly egg white
Milk Alternatives but check the labels because NOT ALL are a good source of protein
Make a smoothie using Greek Yoghurt and milk powder and some milk.

Some fruit and veges are a source of protein

If you do baking, try adding milk powder as well as milk to the mix. Just reduce the flour slightly.

Below is link on how to meet your protein needs without meat:

Most people don't need protein bars or protein powders. By making a few tweaks to your diet you should easily be able to meet the needs and exceed the minimum. If you eat bread, take a good look at the Nutrition Label. Not all bread is equal. Some has a lot higher protein than others, and a lot higher fibre than others, and a lot lower sodium than others, etc. etc. Choose the better bread and that can help. Two slices of one of my favourite breads gets me 12g - add cottage cheese and some lean unprocessed meat to that and it is a considerable chunk of the minimum requirement.


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3/5/14 5:22 P

I find seafood, egg whites, and greek yogurt seem to be easiest to digest and/or include for many people.

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3/5/14 4:38 P

Hi Everyone,

It seems my BIGGEST struggle is making or exceeding my protein goal. I was thinking about trying different protein powders or bars. What do you eat that you really enjoy that helps you meet your protein goal? Thanks for the help!!!! emoticon

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