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7/19/13 10:37 P

That's sounds completely unreasonable and there is no way someone can make those statements! Of course you could benefit from seeing a trainer! However the fact that he made you feel so pressured and the statements regarding not doing it on your own, I would be hesitant to even continue with that gym!

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7/19/13 1:45 P

$5,000 for 6 months? That seems a little steep to me. A person's well being is important but $5,000 sounds like a lot. Are there other trainers at the gym? Do they all charge the same amount or does the gym have a set fee?

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7/19/13 11:13 A

I think you should do a program like Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer (Its free on It will get you introduced to strength training. Honestly I would not listen to him. Trainers have to make money and some are just not very tactful. You can do it without his help. Just keep going!

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7/17/13 7:39 P

OK I love working with trainers, but only when I approach them. Anytime I am approached and then pushed, I am not very nice LOL

Take a week or 2 to get comfortable in your new gym....congratulations by the way on your new membership....while you do your own thing, look around and see which trainer appeals to you. Are they doing novel exercises, are they correcting form, are they personable and someone you'd like to help guide you IF you choose to hire one at all. By checking things out you will feel good about choosing who you really want to work with.

In the beginning you will do well because it is a new experience. Download free programs from the Internet and take that and a pen and follow that at first....once you plateau, if oyu do, then look for the extra push :)

Let us know how you are doing,

7/17/13 6:50 P

Put on you ugly hair, channel the Trump monster and fire the clown. You do not need his misplaced and worthless "advice". While I am a trainer I am also a teacher, I see my ultimate goal is to work myself out of a job with each client so that when I am not around they will have the knowledge to create their own programmes.

When I charge for training I charge $25 and hour but in addition I write free programmes for people here on Spark people who contact me through one of my teams.

7/17/13 7:18 A

Renee4614, I've been exactly where you were, and I agree that you don't need/want such pressure from the very first day.

Go in, do what you need to do, smile politely and walk out. It' their job to sell; it's your right to say no thank you.

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7/17/13 6:34 A

I just had a personal training session at the Wellness Centre here, and it cost me $45. She had me fill out forms about my exercising background, health concerns, goals (immediate and future), where I thought I would like to start, etc. I felt it was a good way to get to know something about me first. Then she took me through my paces on the BOSU ball, free weights, Jacob's Ladder, step-climber, whatever she could think of that would help me get to my goals. She also provided me with advice on what to do the days I couldn't make it to the centre. She told me how many sets and reps I should aim for, and when to increase the weights. I had a great experience and was almost 2 hours for that $45.00.

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7/17/13 5:05 A


Many gyms pressure their personal trainers to make sales quotas each month. There was one gym that I applied to for a job that required their personal trainers to have 30 PT hours per week in order to maintain full time status. That's an awful lot of client training sessions to get in a down turned economy.

I'm afraid this personal trainer was going for the hard sell. Trying to convince you that you couldn't lose weight on your own. Well, that's not true. You really CAN achieve your goals without personal training. Now, if you really would like to work with a personal trainer, there are plenty out there who will not over charge you for a session. Ask around the gym. Talk to people and find out who the really good trainers are.

And don't let them scam you into believing that you need to pay extra because you're diabetic. That's a croc. This guy was trying to scare you into buying something you couldn't afford. And that is disreputable.

There really are plenty of good trainers who won't charge you an excessive amount of money. But you have to do your homework. The better informed you are, the less likely you'll get taken.

We're all trying to make a buck, but I dislike those who try to take advantage of people. This guy sounds like one of them. Ask around the gym. Talk to other members. If you'd really like to work with a trainer, find out who the good ones are. Talk to that person and ask them what services they provide. Let them know you're on a budget.

You don't need a trainer to become fit. BUT, a good trainer could help you attain your goals. It's nice, but not necessary.

One thing I would recommend if you can't afford a trainer is to take a group exercise weight training class. check the class schedule to see what is offered. Taking a class will give you FREE access to an instructor. During class, you'll learn proper form with the weights. At the end of class, you can always talk to the teacher.

I always talk to my student. I tell them to feel free to ask me questions at the beginning or end of class.

Sorry, you got the hard sell. But there really are lots of great trainers out there who will not give you the sales pitch.

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7/17/13 4:33 A

"No thanks, I'll do my own workout"

Then walk away.

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7/17/13 12:25 A


I have been a member at my current gym for almost 15 years...when I first joined, there were very few personal trainers around, and the gym instructors used to provide programmes and advice free of charge.

Since that time, everything has changed...I have been approached by several trainers in the past 2 years trying to get me to become their clients with various strategies - "you need to set new goals", "you are doing that exercise wrong", "you need to train with someone to get more motivated"..etc...etc...

It does my head in!

The gym instructors - who aren't trying to get new clients - consistently tell me I have good form and they are impressed with my consistency and fact, I've been told that other members have been inspired by me to lift heavier weights!

So far, I remain unconvinced that I need a personal trainer and see little point in spending money for these people to "tweak" my programme, when overall, I'm doing well...

Personal training has become a "must have" for many people now...from what I observe every morning at my gym, it seems totally nuts...most of these people have been seeing a trainer for months and I can see little difference in their fitness and overall appearance...and motivation for most doesn't appear to have improved; if they are not with their trainer, they don't come to the gym because they've been programmed to work out with a's like they can't do it on their own...

The one that cracks me up the most are these groups of women who sign up for this 6 week programme with a Personal Trainer at great additional cost....they appear to be paying extra for the exact Circuit programme I do with a gym instructor at NO EXTRA COST...

Bonkers...totally bonkers....!!

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7/16/13 11:50 P

Talk about a hard sell. I'm a personal trainer and I really loathe people like that who give the industry a bad rep. Do not feel obligated or pressured at all. Make it clear you aren't interested and if you continue to be bothered, complain to management. You paid to belong to a gym, not be subjected to scare tactics or be made to feel incompetent.

Here's a link to find trainers in your area:
The credentials are verified and you can learn a bit about each one and see reviews. Since the gym has trainers, you probably couldn't have your trainer help you there but someone could still work with you and design programs for you.

Granted, I am not exactly impartial, but a good trainer will save you lots of time and frustration and keep you from stumbling around on your own. They also will help your create a well-rounded program and guidance to remain injury free.

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7/16/13 8:57 P

I'm a personal trainer and my rates are no where near that!! Holy mackerel!! For 8 sessions I only charge $240 a month. That equates to $1440 for the whole six month contract. This guy is trying to burn you in your wallet. Surely there is another trainer in the area that won't cost you a kidney.

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7/16/13 8:47 P

Find another trainer ASAP. And by 5000, did you mean US$5,000? If so, that's way too expensive. Most individual training sessions are under US$100. My gym charges $120-$140 for 3 sessions, which have to be used within 6 months.

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7/16/13 8:29 P

Honestly that trainer sounds like a walking scam. While you can undeniably benefit from a trainer, most facilities will let you purchase individual sessions. I would recommend purchasing two or three so that you get the hang of things and feel comfortable with the equipment, then save your money and put it toward the monthly membership fee!

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7/16/13 7:45 P

I would NOT agree to work with someone like that! I would request another trainer. If that not an option I would either select another gym or go it alone at the gym. But privately see another personal trainer outside the gym to give you a program and follow you monthly outside your gym.

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7/16/13 7:39 P

Today was my first day at the gym ...i came to the decision to join the gym which in the past has been a big issue for me but part of the "brand new me " focus is doing new things and getting out of my comfort zone .......when i signed up for the gym i didnt even do a walk thru because i didnt want to talk my self out of it i had researched it on line and was pretty satisfied ...........The gym seems to be great but my one problem is before i met with the personal trainer i was so motivated and after i met with him i was completely put off .....he made it seem like the only way that I'm going to be able to loose weight and get healthy is if i let him train me cost for 6 months 5000.00 .{he did explain that diabetes will cost much more than that} ..i know for the most part i can do cardio and strength training and get results but he made me feel so helpless i was just wondering if any one else has had this experience? in the end i opted to see the trainer once a month and not be billed into something that i dont want to do at this point emoticon

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