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9/9/13 7:34 P

STOP beating yourself up.
Let's look at this mathematically...
Of the 1000 extra calories....500 calories would put you at weight maintenance for the day. So you really only consumed an extra 500 calories. divide this by 7 days (in a week) and you are at about 70 calories a day. If you eat at the lower to middle end of your calorie range for the rest of the week---you will still be within weight loss range.


9/9/13 6:19 P

Hey LifeIsGood--

You totally CAN do this. One bad day, bad week, bad month doesn't do you in. You can still stop right now, sit up, and say "okay, I feel like butt, however I am still going to plan and make my meals for tomorrow". That's what I'm doing. Right now I am sitting here thinking "I don't want to cook, I'm tired, I don't feel well." but I am going to anyway, because I know this will make me feel better in the long run.

Just keep your head up, you can do this!

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9/9/13 6:05 P

I feel like I am doing okay - I have felt a little off over the past week or so due to trying to get regulated on a new antidepressant - between that and pmsing I allowed myself a "cheat" day yesterday - and gave into my cravings - skinny cow ice cream, low fat nachos, etc. and went almost 1000 over my upper calorie count - which has caused me to be depressed - along with having cramps - etc. I guess I am having a pity party? :) I did exercise this morning finally - I pushed myself - it has been hard to do more exercise outside of what I get at work ( I am a nurse and am on my feet most of the time) but I am still being down on myself - I know its due to antidepressant regulation too - and that will come with time - but I need to know what I can do now to keep from going over my calories and stay motivated. I am trying to dig deep - but I feel a bit depleted and am just coming here for suggestions and support. I appreciate it!


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