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5/31/11 6:52 P

I agree with D. Becky. This is a resource, not a complete answer. We do have a "Living Binge Free Team" But a lot of us had to start from square one and take responsibility ourselves. No one is making you eat this food. Start with small changes, don't buy food you binge on, only bring fruits & veggies for snacks and switch to more water than any other drink. This is a start but you have to make up YOUR mind not to do it.

5/31/11 6:24 P

This site can not provide the ongoing and intense therapy that you require. We do have members who can related to your situation. They can be very supportive, BUT they can not provide the treatment you need. You say you have consulted therapy. I am not sure what that means. You need to be in active therapy with a counselor who is trained in the treatment of eating disorders...and you need to be sharing your current eating habits with your counselor.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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5/31/11 5:39 P

It has been more than six months now that I have constant binges. Each time the capacity of my body to ingest food increases and I eat absurd amounts of food. Literally it seems impossible that someone can eat the amount of food I am eating. I try to exercise four times a week but I keep gaining weight steadily and don't know if I will be able to stop. I cannot eat a piece of chocolate without finishing the whole bar. The day I eat bread I eat more than 10 additionally more and more food, eveything I can find. I've gone above and beyond to try to stop it, my family has been very supportive, I have consulted therapy and some weeks are better than others but now I have daily binges and really hurt myself eating so much, -my stomach hurts, I may develop diabetes but I still eat abnormally. Please I need suggestions, any help you can give me. I am not happy the way I am and I am sick of suffering, I just want to enjoy life and be happy. Heelp please!

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