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so delicious makes a good yogurt with coconut milk. For cheese I like daiya, but it might have soy... For sandwiches instead of cheese I use hummus, for ricotta I use a mixture of tofu, lemon juice and spices, for Parmesan, nutritional yeast. I doubt it tastes the same but I like them. Search for recipes and cookbooks. Good luck.

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1/16/13 3:16 P

I talked with my doctor, a wic nutritionist and wic breastfeeding counselor. I was advised to go on a strict 100% dairy free diet. They also told me the same thing I read on, that most babies who are sensitive to cows milk protein are usually sensitive to soy products, goats milk and sheep's milk. So I need to be careful with the soy, and keep and eye on her. They told me to print out the "Hidden dairy" cheat sheet off of Kellymom as well. So I have to make huge changes now. I will miss my cheeses and yogurt so much...that's really my biggest sacrifice in all of it. It will be rough at first but I will have to figure it out, I am not just going to quit breastfeeding and I obviously don't want to see my baby girl in pain, so dairy free it is......

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If you are set on cutting dairy out of your deal then remember many items contain milk so you will have to watch a LOT of foods, such a bread, pasta, and the like, milk, yogurt and the like are not just the items that need to be watched. You might look at some of the Vegan options or sites that might help you find alternatives or info on what foods contain dairy that should be avoided.

but yes seeing a doc about the matter and then if needed a nutritionist would be your best and safest bet.

1/15/13 7:10 P

There are numerous dairy substitutes:
Milks: soy, almond, rice, hemp, etc
You can get cheese and yogurt made from soy.

I am glad you are seeing the doctor.
Based on what the doctor says, you may want to ask for a referral to see a Registered Dietitian. This will help in planning meals, food substitutions and meeting nutritional needs for you, the 5 year old and the infant.

SP Dietitian Becky

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I plan on taking her to the doctor tomorrow, I am looking for advice on snack and dairy free idea's for now. I am not going to continue to eat dairy until I find out what is going on. I am just really stressing about staying on track and keeping my baby out of harms way. I rely on dairy for a lot of my food intake.

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I do sympathize (it's scary when your baby has trouble!) but you really need to talk to your doctor/pediatrician at once. They'll be able to guide you, and give you a referral to a registered dietician who can help you if there is a diagnosis. DO NOT attempt to self-diagnose your child! We can't really provide you with advice here on medical issues.

With that said, you're not alone, there's lots of dairy-free folks here! Just talk to your doctor first.

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1/15/13 6:31 P

You really need to talk with your doctor about this. He/she would know best what to tell you.

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I eat dairy on a regular basis and just recently we have found my 5 year old son has an issue with it. We have eliminated most dairy out of his diet and he has not been sick since, compared to the every week occurrences before hand. Now my breastfed baby is throwing up after feedings and has been getting diarrhea with mucus and flecks of blood in it. With the food tracker I have noticed on days where I eat more dairy, are the days she is having these issues. I just looked it up and it says it could be an intolerance to cows milk proteins and that I will need to cut it out for 2 to 3 weeks to verify that it's the cause of her symptoms.

What the heck am I going to do with no dairy! It says it is not a problem with the lactose, it is the actual protein so I won't even be able to eat lactose free stuff! That means no yogurt, cheese, ect. I am done for. :(

I don't want this to get me down, any other dairy free people out there that can help??

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