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4/5/13 5:13 P

P90X uses Muscle Confusion to build lean mass. Increasing your lean mass helps you burn more calories. Through cardio and functional activities like Kenpo and yoga, you'll burn calories but also increase flexibility and performance. It's a really well rounded program that has helped a lot of people lose weight and get in really good shape.

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2/5/13 3:03 P

Jen is right, but to actually answer your question, the way P90X works even the strength training exercises have an aerobic aspect to them. The way each program is designed is to elevate the heart rate and keep it there for 45 minutes while doing Strength Training and building muscle mass.

So, even on the days you don't do "cardio" you are actually working up a sweat.

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2/5/13 1:34 P

It doesn't matter what exercise you do, really, for weight loss. Weight loss is 80% nutriton. If your diet sucks, you won't lose weight. As for cardio v. strength training, while you burn more ccalories while doing cardio, ST burns calories after the workout, plus it helps you to preserve muscle mass while losing weight, so they are equally important.

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2/5/13 12:35 P

Maybe a stupid question, but does P90x help you lose weight? I'm not sure how it would, as we only seem to do 2 nights of cardio.
Any thoughts on this?

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